By contrast, businesses most often concentrate on shorter term financial results. A strategic plan articulates a shared vision, mission and values. If your strategic planning is not aligned with your company vision, it will fail. The scope of strategic management is greater than the strategic planning, in the sense that the latter is one of the important components of the former, that encompasses drafting strategies, to stand in the competition and is helpful for the survival, growth, and expansion of the company. A strategic plan formalizes the school district’s mission, vision, values, goals, and objectives. The emergence of strategic planning in higher education coincided with the difficulties experienced in all of education in the 1970s and 1980s, as enrollments began to fluctuate, student demographics started to change, and funding became inconsistent. Here are some of the many questions you will be asking yourself: The final step in the Strategic Cycle is to connect your data and lessons learned into the next Strategic Cycle by adding your results and materials to the Information stage. Programme for Government; Corporate and business planning; The Strategic Planning and Policy Development Forum; Forum Work Streams Unfortunately, in reality there are numerous ways how planning can – and does – become more of a burden than an aid. One of the biggest inefficiencies in companies across the world and in every industry is the lack of knowledge sharing at the start of a project from people who have completed similar projects or processes in the past. Sure, it is possible to fly a plane without using a radar, if the pilot is good and the weather is always sunny. When organizing your information into clear choices, you should reflect back on the strategic objectives you set at the start of the strategic planning process. Next we will look at the components individually and further expand on what sub-activities could be occurring at each stage in the cycle. It is a projection into environmental threats and opportunities and an effort to match them with organisational strengths and weaknesses. Read more strategic insights from our annual report The State of Technology in Education. Overview One of the key functions of school councils is to contribute to the development of the broad vision and direction for the school as part of the school strategic planning process. strategic planning is a disciplined, research-based method of inquiry that allows school districts to create their own futures through rigorous organization assessment and long-range planning, followed by operational execution. Effective strategic planning is the lynchpin for successful management of educational institutions in our rapidlychanging world. Well, before you can line up your menu of choices, you will first need to add to your information your assumptions for what YOU predict will happen. Get all stakeholders on the same page. A strategic plan is a 3-4 page document that tells people what the school wants to achieve in the future and how it plans to get there. What challenges are you facing as an organization? Meeting society’s needs is less meaningful than providing free education to school children of a specific community. Strategic planning is crucial for schools today to keep pace in a changing world. For small businesses and startups, trend analysis is like looking both ways before crossing the street. Strategic planning involves studying the market conditions, researching about the next moves of the competitors, coming up with the innovative product ideas, and keeping the customers happy and … Strategic planning is concerned with the vision, mission, and the process of setting goals, deciding on actions to achieve those goals and mobilizing the resources needed. The most important goals for schools in are: What other new products are potential substitutes to your product? Strategic planning is a process for positioning yourself in the future. It will also influence the culture within an organization and how it interacts with customers and the media. In general, strategic planning is a process of setting long-term overarching goals, and then defining a clear and structured path to reach them. It is a course of action that is designed to reach smaller goals thus leading to the main aim of the company. Our actions lead to new information which we use to plan our next set of choices and begin the Strategic Cycle all over again. Educational planning is both visionary and pragmatic, engaging a wide range of actors in defining education’s future and mobilizing resources to reach its goals. Strategic planning is the process of reflecting on past performance, If you’re interested in Lean Startup, see our post on Defining Your Problem Statement in Ed-Tech. However, with our tips in mind you will be able to build a teaching plan on your own and ensure that you achieve your education objectives. This makes information sharing much easier among your own team. This business solution provides the same opportunities to plan and execute your strategies and even more. What actions can you take to fix the situation if results are far behind expectations? International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP). Cancel. It is sadly quite common for there to be no objectives, or poorly defined objectives, for teams engaged in strategic planning processes. According to our annual research of 1,600 educators in the UK, The State of Technology in Education, the most important strategic goals for leadership teams are relatively common. The first step for starting any type of focused strategic planning initiative is to gather information. The application of strategic planning in business is a result of difficult managerial decisions that comprise good and less desirable courses of action. It may seem strange to start off the information gathering process with company vision. Once a teacher develops a repertoire of knowledge and lesson ideas, writing annual curriculum and lesson plans becomes a hurdle. The strategic planning is an analytical activity because it is related to the thinking. In recent years, there has been significant experimentation with strategic planning and the need for strategic planning when creating a new business. Strategic planning activity uses management by plans, whereas strategic management process uses management by results. The Officeof National Marine Sanctuaries National Education Strategic Plan is meant to be a visionary document which capitalizes on the current momentum for change and sets an over-arching structure from which to create successful implementation plans on a site, regional and national level. At first, teachers were trying to apply models that proved useful in business. Strategic planning became prominent in corporations during the 1960s and remains an important aspect of strategic management. You just don’t want to be hit by a car. Information forms the basis for our choices. Good luck! Now that you have gathered your information and made your assumptions, it is time for the fun part of strategic planning. Contrast these two definitions of strategy. Moreover, Nicky Morgan, the education secretary, suggested in an interview that “teachers were spending too much time marking or writing up lesson plans instead of focusing on teaching”. Strategic Planning in an Educational Development Centre: Motivation, Management, and Messiness . And if it succeeds, the project manager should be promoted to your next CEO. Strategic planning is an ongoing process. In general, the information you want to gather about your competitors are: Understanding your total market size and your segment in the market is very important information for figuring out the size of the total strategic opportunity. A classic text on strategic planning in a business context, Higher education is no different. Similar to how a game of chess only has three sets of objects (a board, white pieces, and black pieces). Provides a focus. Instead, they are often left to sink or swim with individual planning. They often feel ineffective and unsupported, and say they lack guidance and materials. Thus, … Especially if you are planning to do detailed market and industry analysis as part of your strategic planning, you do not want to start from the beginning every time. This article is intended to provide some great examples of strategic plans to help make the creation of your plan a bit more insightful. In general, small markets have weaker competitors and are easier to dominate. Scenario planning or scenario thinking is a strategic planning tool used to make flexible long-term plans. Social inequalities. Overview One of the key functions of school councils is to contribute to the development of the broad vision and direction for the school as part of the school strategic planning process. Many experienced leaders in education admit that without community support most teaching plans are prone to failure. Now that you have collected your information, what comes next? Strategic planning is important to an organization because it provides a sense of direction and outlines measurable goals. In general, strategic planning is a process of setting long-term overarching goals, and then defining a clear and structured path to reach them. Does the market like your product, or was it a mismatch. It makes the objectives operational and provides right direction to organisational activities. Secondly, strategic planning in teaching includes, and relies heavily, on community engagement – parents, students, and other constituents. Strategic Planning Stages. But every passenger who has ever flown on a plane will tell you that they prefer the pilots have a radar for when it gets dark and the weather gets stormy. The development and execution of strategic plans is a well-thought-out plan performed in three critical steps: strategic planning in education 1. What are schools’ top goals? A strategic plan in the education sector is the physical product of the strategic planning process and embodies the guiding orientations on how to manage an education system within a larger national development perspective, which is evolving by nature and often involves constraints. The value of your lessons learned from completing a full Strategic Cycle can drastically improve the accuracy of later strategic planning initiatives. It is a method for learning about the future by understanding the nature and impact of the most uncertain and important driving forces affecting our world. Simon P. Albon, Isabeau Iqbal, and Marion L. Pearson University of British Columbia . Strategic Planning in Distance Education Introduction Strategic planning is popular in the business sector and there are many publications that detail the process in different ways, software to assist with data analysis, and companies that act as consultants in the process. Part of the strategic planning … New information is fed into the Strategic Cycle continuously, which impacts the choices available and the actions that are taken. The nature of these goals and restrictions suggest that strategic planning in education is, and must be, different than the process used in the business sector. Strategic planning is conceivably one of the most important aspects of teaching. And much like a game of chess, there are competitors present who are always trying to take our market share, or make sure that we don’t get to take theirs. What is the materials supply situation like? 1 This Unit is a slightly shortened and adapted version of two documents: IIEP. If the resource size exceeds 10MB it will not be sent as an attachment. Effective strategic planning is the lynchpin for successful management of educational institutions in our rapidlychanging world. The greater the understanding of the strategic objectives, the greater the focus the team will have throughout the process. Most companies have their vision and mission prominently displayed on their websites, internal literature, and spoken about in company meetings. School districts of all sizes use strategic planning to achieve the broad goals of improving student outcomes and responding to changing demographics while staying within the funding box they are given. Recognizing these differences, educators became early adopters of bl… Allocation of resources and attempts to meet the goals is facilitated through clear specifications in strategic planning. Gender; Social & economic inequalities; Inclusive education; Learning outcomes. Updated on Feb. 07, 2020:  We’ve stopped support of Roadmap Planner but the Roadmap feature is now available in our new goal-oriented platform – Goals by KeepSolid. Strategic planning in universities is frequently positioned as vital for clarifying future directions, It’s important to avoid different understanding of the strategy and its applications. For bigger companies, or for large strategic initiatives, trend analysis will need to be much more detailed because the stakes are so much higher. School leaders need guidance to engage in rational planning processes that lead to improved student results. Strategic planning is a fundamental component of organizational management and decision making in public, private, and nonprofit organizations. Strategic planning is based on extensive environmental scanning. A strategic plan formalizes the school district’s mission, vision, values, goals, and … Some activities that you will experience in this stage include: The final step in the Strategic Cycle is to examine your results against the assumptions you made earlier. Strategy is often thought of as being more of an art than a science. Here are some tips on how to make the most of the evaluative process Planning is an important aspect of strategic thinking and management. Seeing how important of a teaching tool strategic planning is, it would seem odd if anyone was unhappy with it, right? Final difference is in the way shared governance works in education. School leaders should embrace the importance of strategy by developing plans that are focused and brief and that provide consistent monitoring and evaluation. Strategic planning; Education system management; Thematic priorities. Following, we will look at some of the most important pieces of information you should consider gathering when you kick off your strategic planning. education / Productivity / Roadmap Planner /, Your email address will not be published / Required fields are marked *. Strategic Management Pitfalls: Are You on the Right Course? If strategic planning in higher education is designed carefully, it creates a space for collaborative implementation and becomes the glue that holds the internationalisation process together. They are the beliefs you have that will … Strategic Planning in Education Cristopher C. Midea Reporter 2. 2)Engages the community and stakeholders. In other words, it can act to strengthen the culture and enable the university to … As they come in, you will be able to quickly decide if your strategy is working correctly, or if it is time to make a pivot. On the contrary, strategic management is an action-oriented activity. Strategic planning is the art of creating specific business strategies, implementing them, and evaluating the results of executing the plan, in regard to a company’s overall long-term goals or desires. Having a system for identifying and profiling your competitors is a strategy in and of itself. However, dominating a small market doesn’t make sense if the costs of dominating it are far more than the revenue you can take from it. So a strategic plan focused on academic innovation instead of mere financial sustainability has more chances to find support from educational leaders and schools. The U.S. Department of Education’s Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years (FY) 2018–22 provides a bold framework for implementing President Trump’s education agenda to help our students succeed and strengthen America’s global competitiveness. It may also extend to control mechanisms for guiding the implementation of the strategy. This enables all stakeholders to … In its simplest form, strategy consists of only three things: Information, Choices, and Actions. Results need to be aggressively watched. It is a method for learning about the future by understanding the nature and impact of the most uncertain and important driving forces affecting our world. Strategic planning is a disciplined process for making key decisions and agreeing on actions that will shape and guide what an organisation is, what it does, and why it does it. When initially analyzing your choices, you do not need to be constrained by limitations of resources or capabilities. In many ways, strategic planning is one of the most artistic and creative activities an entrepreneur or corporate manager can do. Your email address will not be published. In turn, our choices form the basis of our actions. For example, if a topic proves to be impenetrable for students, you will have to spend more time than expected explaining it. involvement. They prevent the strategic planning process from drifting off course. Market Segmentation is another type of science and is outside our general strategy discussion. Foreword Building on Ghana's achievements in expanding education, the Education Strategic Plan sets out the vision and policies for realising the ambition of transforming Ghana into a ‘learning nation'. The history of strategic planning in education is surprisingly young. It is at this moment that strategic planning processes that did NOT set clear objectives start their march to failure, because they never defined what success looks like. Elements of Effective Strategic Planning. Bizarrely, seasoned teachers have a completely opposite problem with strategic planning – they claim there’s too much of it. So why is strategic planning critical in education? This is where you start doing all the hard work and implementing your choices. Cook (2004), on the other hand, suggests that School leaders must decide whether the strategic planning process is a tool to improve student achievement (actions that add value) or an end in itself. Strategic Planning Definition: Strategic Planning can be understood as a systematic long-range planning activity, that an organization uses to fix priorities, strengthen operations, ascertain objectives and focus on the resources required and are to be allocated in order to pursue the strategy and attain the objectives. One of the biggest agents of change in strategic planning has come from the Lean Startup movement. First, let’s go in short about what is strategic vision and strategic roadmap, and why both teachers and students definitely need them in education. For your main competitor profiles, it is helpful to create a consistent template that you can use for all competitors. Youth; Quality of education; Teacher management; Governance and accountability. Cite 1 Recommendation Educational planning models is a topic from the subject Educational Planning (EdM 405) for the degree Master of Arts in Educational Management, planning process model, bell's strategic planning model, kaufman's strategic planning model, franco planning model Check out Goals by KeepSolid and stay tuned for its updates! It should fail. The scope of the plan can be two, three, five, or even ten years.Managers at every level will turn to the strategic plan to guide their decisions. Strategic Planning in an Educational Development Centre: Motivation, Management, and Messiness . For smaller businesses, or startups, the general trend analysis is enough. These three artistic elements are: The total Strategic Cycle is illustrated below: We have identified the main components and flow for the Strategic Cycle, and have an understanding of how they fit together. 3. 2009. As a result of your strategic planning process, you have probably identified a huge number of tasks and resources you will need to execute your strategy. Within each element of the Plan, the Ministry has endeavored to integrate the objectives of the National Strategy for Human Resource Development (2016-2025), Jordan Vision 2025 and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Strategic planning is the process of reflecting on past performance, In business, it is the same. An organization with a plan in hand and a strategy in mind and place accomplishes its goals and objectives before its contemporaries in the market gaining a competitive edge and advantage. However, in education it’s important to build consensus and ensure involvement across various departments, schools, and faculties. There is no reason that strategic planning processes, or projects should start from scratch every time. Strategic planning involves the identification of actions to be taken. An effective, future-focused strategic plan can be instrumental in your school, inspiring and uniting the community, keeping focus on what matters, and preparing teachers and students alike to be change agents in a … About strategic planning. Here are three of many reasons: 1)Provides a focus. It is so much more efficient than numerous spreadsheets and notebooks scattered around the offices. You now have all the information you need to make your choices. It helps in analysing and adjusting the organisation’s efforts as a whole, according to the changing business environment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. EMAILING: Strategic Planning in Education – 3 Keys to Success Send to multiple email addresses by separating each address with a comma. Objectives also unify all team members understanding of what they are trying to accomplish with their strategic planning. Turns out both rawheel and experienced teachers have grown to hate this handy tool, albeit for completely different reasons. Strategy is a framework of plans or methods that help and organization to achievement of the main objective. It is a mean to see the big picture as opposed to tactical planning that targets short-term tasks. Strategic planning is an ongoing process. The three core components of strategy, Information, Choices, and Actions, are interlocked and feed into each other in a cycle. From the aforementioned problems and the nature of strategic planning in teaching, we derive a number of recommendations on how to do it right. Kotter (2007) suggests that education is hardly unique in failing to transform strategy into action, concluding that more than 70 percent of business strategic plans are never implemented. The goal of accreditation is for an institution to prove that it provides a quality education, making it one of the most important processes in higher education. In teaching, it’s like building an annual curriculum versus a lesson plan. This enables stakeholders to voice and agree on the same priorities and focus on the same path to improvement. There are many merits to the Lean Startup approach, but for this article we will focus on more traditional strategic planning. However, over time came the realization that those models had to be modified to suit the teaching needs and philosophies. planning and practices reflect Department guidelines and community expectations. Confirming alignment with your company Vision and Mission should take 5 minutes or less. What is the national or global economic situation? Get school community support and engage with them frequently. Strategic planning guides educational development by giving a common vision and shared priorities. See examples from schools across the country. There are many reasons to profile your competitors. The Education Strategic Plan 2018-2030 puts Ghana on the road towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals and represents a deliberate reorientation towards this aim, as it replaces the previous ESP 2010-2020.