In the mood for something sweet? Parmesan Pretzel Bites: Sorry, Auntie Annie’s, we love your pretzel bites, but we’re … $3.99 Chocolate Espresso Sugar. Bake according to … Beat thoroughly with a hand mixer for about 3-4 … With the variety of toppings and dips, you can mix and match to make your pretzel one delicious and unique snack. Add bacon to your pretzel. Place in the preheated oven and bake for about 8-10 minutes, turning the pan midway for even browning. While mustard is a popular pretzel dip, consider kicking it up with an Italian honey-mustard dip (Italian dressing, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, honey). / Brush the pretzels with egg and then sprinkle a generous portion of either salt or sugar. $3.99 Raspberry Lime Sugar. For the topping, heat up the butter and milk until the butter is melted (I did this in the microwave for 30 seconds), and brush onto the pretzels. All Gifts; Holiday Gift Boxes; Thanks A Bundle Gift Box Collection; ... Sweet Toppings French Toast Sugar. Whole Wheat Pretzel Bites with Sweet and Savory Toppings. A Sweet & Salty Treat . 4 Dips That Make Soft Pretzels Even More Delicious, Set the mustard aside, and try these dip recipes the next time you’re enjoying a soft pretzel, How to Make Baked Potatoes Perfectly Every Time. If you love spicy foods, consider baking cheese and jalapeno peppers on the pretzel. Course, crunchy salt is a classic topping for pretzels that provides the savory flavor we all love, complemented by that signature crunch. Pretzels. Keep reading to find out what dips you should be using besides mustard. For the Chipotle Dip recipe, click here. Or does it? Instead of dipping … Top your homemade soft pretzels with one of these delicious sweet or savory Pretzel Dipping Sauces for the perfect party appetizer. These pretzels are definitely best when served fresh from the oven. Feeling extra special? “Wash” the pretzel with butter or a little water, and sprinkle sunflower, pumpkin, poppy, or sesame seeds on the pretzel. This basic streusel topping can be used to top numerous baked goods such as pies, cakes, muffins, and sweet breads. Thick coils will take longer.) “Wash” the pretzel with butter or a little water, and sprinkle sunflower, pumpkin, poppy, or sesame seeds on the pretzel. Sourdough Pretzels. These cinnamon and sugar pretzels fit that description exactly. Popular TEA Holiday Recipes: Smoked Turkey ~ Try a different kind of turkey this year for the family's holiday dinner. You could even try a mixture of all four seeds! Then place them in a re-sealable plastic bag and break them into smaller pieces using the back of your hand or a mixing bowl. While mustard is a popular pretzel dip, consider kicking it up with an Italian honey-mustard dip (Italian dressing, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, honey). Pretzels, whether it’s the hard and crunchy snacks, or the delicate and warm pretzels are a delicious snack that can change in flavor simply by adding a topping and/or a dip. Soft pretzels and spicy mustard go hand-in-hand. There were so many delicious toppings for the gluten-free soft pretzels to become sweet little morsels. Dough 2.5 all purpose flour 1 teaspoon salt 1 tsp sugar 2 tsp instant quick rise yeast 1 cup warm water -110 degrees F Honey-Kissed Pretzel Crusted Pork Tenderloin Pork pretzels, garlic, butter, black pepper, Dijon mustard, salt, honey and 10 more Pan-Seared Chops with Pear and Soy-Ginger Glaze Pork salt, flour, dried thyme, cornstarch, rice vinegar, fresh ginger root and 8 more After the pretzels are cooled, drizzle the vanilla glaze and sprinkle them with sliced almonds. … Transfer the pretzels to baking sheets covered with parchment paper. So here are some more details of our “The Works” pretzel station. Ingredients 13 pretzel rods, crushed 1 cup chopped pecans 1 cup fresh cranberries 1 cup packed light brown sugar 1 cup melted butter, divided 1 (32 ounce) can sweet potatoes, drained 1 (5 … Before baking, sprinkle the pretzels with a mixture of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, caraway seeds, kosher salt, and garlic powder. For added flavor, top your pretzel with a blend of cheese or a mix of seasoning. Dip your pretzels in this dip, and you’ll never go back to plain mustard again. Let’s start with something simple, shall we? A healthful rendition of the favorite food court option in malls across the country, children get to knead their pretzel dough, roll it into a 14-inch rope and then cut it into 1-inch pieces. With some sourdough pretzel nuggets and common ingredients virtually anyone has in their pantry, you can make this tasty treat. Pretzel sticks: Since the peanuts are unsalted, using salted pretzel sticks balances the sweet and salty flavor. You can start out with a mustard base and add in cheese, bacon, and herbs to create a whole new dip. Sourdough Pretzels are homemade pretzels made with your sourdough starter and sprinkled with your choice of sweet or savory toppings. All Sauces & Toppings; Sauces; Savory Toppings; Sweet Toppings; Gifts . Chocolate Drizzle. Meanwhile, arrange racks in upper and lower thirds of oven; preheat to 375°. Comments Off on Upgrade Your Pretzels With Toppings & Dips THE DAILY MEAL ® IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF TRIBUNE PUBLISHING. (If you rolled the dough very thin, they will bake much faster. Sprinkle with sugar if desired and bake in preheated oven for about 15 to 20 minutes or until slightly browned. Or go for something fruity, such as the Ruby Red dip (cranberry, Temporary Opening of Showroom for Holiday Tin Orders, Factory Super Sale & Open House on March 28 & 29, Factory Super Sale and Open House on March 7 & 8. Their plates were covered in ooey, gooey dripping chocolate and topped with marshmallows and cotton candy bits. We are happy to take orders and provide curbside service. We’re moving beyond mustard, and trying out other dip recipes that will also work well with the soft pretzels you love. You can also try out a dip with chipotle peppers and Greek yogurt, or even sun-dried tomatoes. 5 tablespoons unsalted butter, divided (2 tablespoons for the dough; 3 tablespoons for brushing on finished Preheat oven to 350 degrees and spray a 2 quart baking dish with cooking spray. For a “pizza pretzel,” bake the pretzel with cheese and pepperonis on top. Saving children.® The box features a variety of our gourmet soft pretzels and our first ever sweet pretzel flavor, Raspberry Lime Sugar. One of our favorite Super Bowl appetizers are fresh and warm soft pretzels with a fun selection of dipping sauces. Brush the baked pretzel with melted butter, then sprinkle cinnamon and sugar, or drizzle on melted chocolate. Sweet and Salty Pretzel Crunch. For another delicious recipe using your starter, try my Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls!. Or go for something fruity, such as the Ruby Red dip (cranberry). Brush the baked pretzel with melted butter, then sprinkle cinnamon and sugar, or drizzle on melted chocolate. Your pretzel dip possibilities are endless! Pretzel toppings are just half the fun when it comes to flavors, because you can also create a delicious dip. Combine sweet potatoes, sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla, and salt. Pretzel toppings are just half the fun when it comes to flavors, because you can also create a delicious dip. For the Sweet Bacon Cheese Dip recipe, click here. ets flavor, consider adding seeds to your pretzel. Combine Kellogg’s® Frosted Mini-Wheats®, pretzels, toasted salted pecans, milk and caramel ice cream topping. ; Sweet Potato Rolls ~ Don't forget to save a little of the cooked sweet potatoes for these rolls, made extra yummy with a special topping! Yes, you can have just one – but you might not want to! A warm soft pretzel being dipped in tangy mustard — it doesn’t get much better than that. Temporary Opening of Showroom for Holiday Tin Orders. Made in partnership with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital®, our St. Jude Gift of Hope Box is a sweet and delicious way to support the lifesaving mission of St. Jude: Finding cures. A streusel creates a sweet and crumbly texture that elevates simple recipes. If you are not in the mood or don’t have time to make soft pretzels … If you want an additional kick of almond flavor, you can add a tiny bit of almond extract to the glaze. You might say this is a basic topping, … This sun-dried tomato dip is perfect for a classier soft pretzel! / Bake 7 to 11 minutes, or until golden brown. Instead of dipping your soft pretzels in plain mustard make a mustard cheese dip using Cheddar cheese. Our sweet & salty treats are a perfect snack – but without the guilt. Upgrade Your Pretzels With Toppings & Dips, on Upgrade Your Pretzels With Toppings & Dips. Mar 15, 2017 For the Mustard and Cheese Dip recipe, click here. Of course the kids had to try every single topping. Our baked pretzels are made in heaven. Mustard and Cheese Dip. ; Homemade Cranberry Sauce ~ Here's another recipe that's always on the holiday table, but made in a savory/sweet way. Choose which pretzel toppings you want; sweet or salty. Salted Caramel Pretzel Sweet Potato Casserole – 12 Tomatoes Please join our email list to receive our news and special deals! The Rods are dipped in milk chocolate and then rolled in delicious select toppings including crushed candy coated chocolates, toffee, and rainbow sprinkles. You have to try our irresistibly sweet and salty chocolate covered pretzel rods! These sweet nuggets are perfect for gift-gifting, parties, tailgating or just an everyday snack. Combine yogurt with salsa and chipotle peppers for a simple dip that will go perfectly with pretzels. I have to giggle and I often joke with my husband because where we live right now there are literally like 4 or 5 ice cream shops on the same road. The mixture of salty pretzel, sweet chocolate, and toppings is sure to satisfy all cravings! Beat egg white and 2 … The recipe, in it’s most simple form, contains very few ingredients: flour, sugar, and butter. crfrank. If you want to change it up, but still have crunch and cialis 20mg tablets flavor, consider adding seeds to your pretzel. Guten Appetit! Learn More FourSeam Soft Pretzel Buns; Sauces & Toppings . In the mood for something sweet? We serve hot, buttery, soft, and fluffy pretzels that comes with lots of flavours to choose from such as, original salted, savoury pretzels, asiago spinach, truffle cheese, cinnamon sugar, vanilla bean, chocolate … Some other unique savory dips include the cilantro pesto (garlic, cilantro, olive oil, sesame oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper), or horseradish cream cheese and celery (cream cheese, milk, horseradish, salt, pepper, celery), or spinach artichoke (creamed spinach, marinated artichoke hearts, shredded cheddar, lemon juice). You could even try a mixture of all four seeds! This sweet and salty caramel pretzel sundae is the perfect pick-me-up for any day. To make sure a little crunchy-salty goodness gets into every bite, opt for thin pretzel sticks. Hours 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM  Our  showroom will be open ... Due to Covid, our showroom is temporarily closed. For the Sun-Dried Tomato Dip recipe, click here. Dip each pretzel into the baking soda mixture and place on the prepared baking sheets. Can’t decide between sweet and savory? Pretzel Day was a day marked off on most employees‘ calendars, both warehouse workers and office employees alike, and everyone lined up and waited patiently for their delicious hot pretzels. While given all this time to kill, the veteran move was obviously to map out the toppings you’ll get. Soft pretzels are one of … Put a twist on your classic dip recipe with Chobani Greek yogurt. In a shallow dish, whisk together the sugar and cinnamon. GG’s Pretzels creates gourmet chocolate and caramel dipped pretzel rods in a variety of flavors and with a variety of toppings. Why not choose both? This dip is a combination of mustard, Cheddar cheese, mayo, and, of course, crisp bacon.