Persian shield cuttings. I'll be planting 4 of them in part shade. Gardenia offers beautiful flowers with a lovely scent; Persian shield dresses it up by adding a splash of purple leaves. This unusual plant displays carmine highlights on shimmering copper-purple to metallic blue leaves. Exotic and Intense. PLEASE HELP. It can be planted in perennial beds or used effectively in larger container gardens. Those are beautiful trees. I like the Chartreuse colored Hostas paired with Blackish Purple of the Black Magic elephantsears.I added some Blue Paradise Phlox also.I am hoping to take cuttings from the Persian Shieldand start some plants in another area, which recieves more shade. The plants must prefer similar conditions to what the Persian Shield preferably humidity, temperature, and heat. Suggested uses. You might be better served investing in some wood folding tray tables and forego the standard dining set up to enable you to have more seating. Strobilanthes. Sympathy extended with suggestions: Skip the coffee table -- that would just be a knee knocker in such a small space. I have a friend I turned on to Persian Shield. Because of its colorful foliage, it pairs nicely with silver plants like artemisia or chartreuse plants like 'Margarita' ornamental sweet potato. [[( Invest in a round drop leaf table dining table you can set against a wall when not in use; Invest in chairs that are comfortable enough and yet sized to do double duty as both dining table and casual seating. See more ideas about Plants, Companion planting, Tropical garden. Like many tropical plants, Persian shield is designed to live in the partial shade found under the canopy of trees and vines. These tropical plants may bloom year-round when grown outdoors in a frost-free climate or greenhouse, but will otherwise bloom from May until January if overwintered indoors. The plant flowers in winter with small violet flowers., I have a few houseplants and I love them. What a shocker -- will have to issue sunglasses to visitors! His abstract designs and native plantings changed the face of landscape architecture. You can see those at: I grew my Persian Shield with Dichondra 'Silver Falls' underneath it and the silver from the Dichondra and purple from the PS was beautiful together. Part sun. Is that striped lime green Canna Pretoria? Mulch well. Avoid filling the garden border/burying the natural foot and trunk of the tree with soil much above the roots as it is unhealthy for most woodland trees. Zone. One of my favorite combos is persian shield, Pretoria canna and fiery red coleous. I have combined this with coleus and sweet potato vines in shades of green, red and purple for an absolutely dazzling container. Not all Persian shield plants bloom, and, if they do, it's usually in fall or winter. And the plan was to tie it in with a solid lamp like the base Tom Dixon in rubbed brass shade. For more information on Persian shield, contact your county Extension office. Coleus grows from 12 to 18 inches tall. It seems like the purple of the heliotrope flower would be a perfect match for the color in the Persian Shield leaves. 36-48" (91-122 cm) Habit. … Another great idea is to grow them among red or purple flowers or foliage that will enhance the colors of the Persian Shield. The beautiful leaves of the Persian shield plant (botanical name strobilanthes dyerianus) offers vibrant color far longer than a flowering plant. Container Gardening Garden Plants Plant Combinations Corn Plant Trees To … It may even overwinter some years in cooler climates.