You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. thanks. Females are slightly heavier than males and are perched with a wider stance. A nest box is an essential component in lovebird breeding. Switch to Threaded Mode. However, you can place it according to your wish. Can I remove the two that haven’t hatched? I'm sorry. 0 0. Will the lovebird accept this egg? Recently, we purchased a big cage. I hope very happy Eid for you & your family and friends. It's okay if one bird has laid all the eggs. When attempting to calculate future hatch dates, always count forward from the day that you notice the hen begins to sit on the eggs. She keeps going in the nest box and spends a long time inside but I’m not sure she’s using the things I’ve put in the cage for nesting. She may lay more eggs. Lovebirds require nesting materials to make their nests. Is her bottom area bulged? What if she knows that the eggs are fertilize or not . Yes, Lvoebirds are notorious for setting up homosexual … Then you can clean the nest box. Of course, without a mate, the eggs laid will be infertile. Males feed females a lot when they're pregant. Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on December 04, 2019: Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on November 07, 2019: Is it ok to stay at the bottom of her cage without a nest? My question for you is I had 2 hatchlings from two different clutches. Their mother feeds them a regurgitated formula that includes vital enzymes to aid their initial development. What can I do to help her get the food she needs? Egg laying can start anytime from 5 months to over 10 years of age. Question: What happens if I touch a lovebirds' egg? Tips to prevent pet parrots from laying eggs. Question: I have 2 pairs in the same cage. I do the same when I see the female not sitting on her eggs or if they haven't hatched. Were they ever fertile (Two female lovebirds will setup house, mate and lay eggs together. Answer: It takes around six months for the chick to attain full feather growth. They have a realistic shape, weight, color and feel. A couple of weeks later we opened their cover to find an Egg in the bottom of the cage! If you think she is egg-bound, please place her in a shallow vessel filled with lukewarm water. If there is no male present, there's no chance those eggs would be fertile. It may sound cruel, but if need be you might have to have her sleep without a tent. Question: I have kept my birds indoors. Sometimes, they don't incubate the eggs as they know they are empty or the birds might think they are spoilt. If not, it's okay. How can I put her in warm water? You answered me about breeding Budgie but the mother bird Rose (Lovebird) don"t feed babies after hatching and then died. Which brings me to an important point — hens will lay eggs without the presence of a male. Answer: To prevent hatching, the couple must be separated, but I'm against that. Question: My birds laid some eggs and they have hatched. It is more common in small birds such as canaries, finches, parakeets, budgies, lovebirds, and cockatiels, but the most common reason for egg binding is … Please make sure she's eating nutritious food like apple, corn, banana and spinach leaves. Answer: No, the paired lovebirds won't have any problem while mating. After that, the breeders take the babies out of the nest and place them in a brooder for hand-feeding. I'm hoping you could guide me on proper feeding of my birds. Question: My African Lutino lovebird laid four eggs, but they are not hatching after 30 days. NOTE: This is a popular science project and quite accurate, but not recommended for breeders, as any significant temperature change the egg is exposed to is likely to hurt the developing chick. Till now she has laid 12 eggs in total, but there aren't any chicks hatched. Erma. I have a love bird that we think is a girl because she is making a “nest” on the bottom of her cage. A chronic egg layer is a hen whose laying is prolonged, excessive or out of season for her species. Please include 2-3 drops of multivitamins in the drinking water. Maybe, they will have chicks later on. I give them a good seed they eat and she and he eat egg shell all the time. Even without a nest or a male, lovebirds sometimes produce eggs. There may be exceptions too. The incubation period can vary between 21 and 23 days for love birds, which is fairly long for such small birds. Love Birds Eggs. I am not encouraging mating but wish I could they are beautiful. It is very saddening yes, I had always wished to see what color would be inherited by their chicks. For the best answers, search on this site Hi Sakura! Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on March 04, 2019: @Vindya Hi! Two female Lovebirds can lay up to 10 infertile eggs. My African female chick has layed 5 eggs and has a bulge near anus .Also seen with heavy breathing.Already giving tetracyclin antibiotics since a day.Still i am seeing heavy breathing.Could someone help with any information? I have faced the same. Answer: The hatched eggs will have chicks in them. To be sure of fertilization I put 2 eggs at Rosiecolis and the eggs hatched but mother Rose don't feed the offspring till die. Your bird is likely to pass large droppings which may wet the cage floor, making it colder. I’ve spoken to you in the past how are you? I have a peach faced lovebird who is making a nest in her cage. Hi Sakina i wanted to ask you that why are my love birds breaking their own eggs even after they are sitting on it for 1-2 days after they are laid and today i saw liquid in my birds pot in which she laid an egg, so can i know what that liquid actually is? My lovebirds mated for the first time 10 days ago and then mated for two more days after that. Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on June 06, 2019: Happy Eid to you too, Ahmed. I thought I had two males housed together and thought I had one female in another cage. I'm a newbie in keeping lovebirds as pets. See who tears it in shreds and places it in their back first. Lovebirds not laying eggs. Egg binding is not uncommon in birds and may be resolved easily if treated early. We didn't know that they had laid the eggs until like the 12th day. You may not post replies. You may not post attachments. Answer: Yes, they can. No! I was just getting ready to ask that 7 eggs in a week seems like a lot if you only have one female. They need males in times of hatching and when chicks are born. She sat on all of them for a while, but her brooding wasn't continuous. I'm afraid to experience the same :( I don't allow her to bite/chew materials that may cause her to make nest. Question: I have a pair of lovebirds that have laid five eggs. Either sprinkle it over their food bowl or give it separately. Adult females generally lay small clutches of three to six eggs. This can be fatal to your bird. Thanks so much for your help your birds are beautiful. Is your bird eating well? You will know she has stopped laying eggs when she doesn't lay any. Hi there guys, My 8 month old lovebird has laid 5 eggs and is spending most of her time sitting in the nest she fashioned with paper! Since females get hormonal after laying eggs, they tend to be aggressive and protective of the eggs. So now I have one with no mate. lovebird-chronic egg laying-help (eggs, lovebirds, cockatiels, parrots) User Name: Remember Me: Password : Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! My female lovebird used to do the same. They all remained unhatched. My pets love to sit inside the box together, for warmth. Why are many of the eggs not hatching? Please introduce a nest box to her. If your bird doesn't abandon the eggs by then, you can remove the nest while she's eating. Answer: Unhatched eggs are common. What do you think of the answers? It is her first time I understand that but all I read says 6 days. Birds do so depending on their behavior and whether the eggs are fertile or not. Close • Posted by just now. The mother lovebird will take care of the feeding. Lovebirds usually live in holes in trees, rocks or shrubs in the wild. This is in the case of my bird Lulu. Please guide. Egg binding in birds is a common but possibly life threatening condition in which a bird is having a hard time laying an egg. If you have two birds and they both lay eggs, that means they're both female. 0 0. Question: Is it bad to take my lovebird's eggs if I'm not able to take care of more babies? You can replace the freshly hatched eggs with dummy eggs. I got them by chance. If not, keep laying her in lukewarm water (twice a day). the second one is Phoebe who turned out to be a boy is three months old. Female display nesting behavior--they love shredding paper, leaves and whatever they think might make a nest. The thing is, I'm afraid of egg binding. So, the next time you let your lovebirds out, give them a sheet of paper each. Question: If you don’t have a nesting box then will a lovebird just lay her eggs on the bars of her cage? By allowing your bird to stay up late, you are mimicking the long days of spring/summer, making your bird think it is time to breed. Please reply soon, the coronavirus is really bad here, so I can’t get her a vet. 3. But one of tgem laid 8 egg s but none of them hatched. Egg-Laying is normal and safe in birds most of the time. Egg Laying. :) It's okay if she doesn't the materials, at times they find their own material (threads, ropes, etc) and bring them inside the nest. Answer: Your bird might be younger than one year of age, might not be mated well, or may be infertile. It solves weakness and strengthens your bird. She has built a nest and is keeping eggs warm. Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on August 08, 2019: @Bird Lover Hi! Dry the spinach leaves in the sun and crush them. If not, you have to hold her and place her in water. Is she dead? Question: Can I check my lovebirds' eggs? Question: I thought we were not supposed to touch the eggs of a lovebird or she will kick them out the nest? Hi Kate! What to Do When Your Pet Bird Lays an Egg, 9 Cute Baby Bird Photos That Will Melt Your Heart. Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on September 08, 2019: Either the birds know the eggs arr infertile or maybe they think they are contaminated. Will there be any problem for the paired ones to mate? Lovebirds are a small type of parrot that are green in the wild but have many color mutations in varieties that are bred as pets. A female lovebird will lay an egg with or without a mate when she is around 9-12 months of age. I think the male understands that. Hi! But in the past, I had a pair of lovebirds with TEN eggs in their nesting box, and they were indeed a compatible pair, as proven by the chicks that hatched. Should I stop her from making the nest to prevent her from laying eggs? Hi everybody, My female lovebird, Melon, started laying eggs for the first time about 1 month ago. The two females might fight over one male. I just noticed there are three more baby birds in the nest. In my opinion, placing the nest box inside is better. What does this mean? She did not have a mate up until then so these eggs are not going to hatch. It doesn't matter how many eggs she lays at a time. Rearrange any perches, bowls, and toys in the cage. i have two lovebirds for a while i wasnt sure what sex they were but it seems they have produced an egg. Thus, in general, female parrots can lay an egg nearly every other day! This is caused by uterine exhaustion secondary to chronic egg laying and or nutritional deficits such as calcium, vitamin E and selenium deficiencies. Is the weather in Dubai suitable for lovebirds? Question: A friend of mine has a pair of peach faced lovebirds with eggs. My female has just laid her first successful clutch and she's been incubating them for a week now and recently she's been spending time out of nest coming out to eat, play or get more paper for her nest. Your lovebirds lay eggs that don't hatch... You say "lovebirds." 1 decade ago. Sometimes lovebirds will not lay eggs. If even they don't, it is okay. Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on October 24, 2019: Give her time. If red veins are visible (posterior 10 days of laying), it means a chick is growing inside. Do you find him/her scratching a lot? They doze off too inside it sometimes; as the temperature here is cold. Question: Can I put 2 females and 1 male lovebird in a single cage with 2 nest boxes? Answer: It's common in lovebirds to lay infertile eggs. Only one egg is produced at a time and she will lay it and then another one will be laid after alternate days. Answer: You can hand-feed the chick once it is three weeks old. The older chicks are still alive. Your bird is likely to pass the egg in water. Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on January 29, 2020: @Tabatha Hi! She has mated. This situation definitely leaves the breeder with a problem - to stop them from 'overdoing it' in the future in order to ensure their continued good health . We bought a canary nest assuming it to be a lovebird nest before. As long as farmer Brown keeps the rooster out of the hen house the eggs will never develop into a little baby chickens. My love birds pair had been laying eggs around six months 30-40 eggs till now..none of them were fertile eggs and iam providing them high nutritional feeding.but it doesn't giving results. If your female bird is not eating, feed the male with the calcium supply mentioned above. Answer: If she has laid an egg seven days later, it means she and the male lovebird have mated again. Most of the time not all of the eggs will hatch as humidity problems seem to dry them out. Love Birds Laying Eggs. My female lovebird throws her eggs out. The nest box can be placed outside the cage, attaching it to the cage wall. about to lay eggs; how do we deal with this. Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on September 14, 2019: @Sam Hi! Having a mate is a strong stimulus for … Boil 4-5 spinach leaves and an egg. Why is it so? The female will probably lay the eggs after a week if the mating is successful. (P.S. I have never had a nest box in their cage and I was told they would not lay eggs unless they had one. Humidity levels should be maintained at 65 percent or above with ideal breeding temps at 70-75 degrees. Answer: It can mean that your lovebird needs more nutrition. Question: My lovebird has only laid 2 eggs. The next day her egg would be passed, and she would be normal and active again. Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on March 21, 2020: Hi Keerthi! I have two Peach Faced Lovebirds whom have been part of our family for 18 months. i checked on her n found out that the area below her stomach is swollen n the area from the eggs are released also seems swollen. The hen will lay on average 3-5 eggs … love birds laying eggs first time, what age do lovebirds lay eggs, when australian small parrots gave eggs. The incubation period is between 21-23 days, after which the chicks are hatched. now i dont know if its fertile since this is the first time they have ever laid eggs but im just wondering if it would be a problem to move the egg? She is tired and aggressive because she will be laying the eggs. My other love bird's empty egg got stuck and I had to to go vet. Please don't worry. Have they been fighting by any chance? Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on February 09, 2019: @peaches-jingles I think this arrangement is fine. She then broods over the eggs, usually after laying the whole clutch. Interestingly, we had no idea that she was pregnant! aoa i my fisher pair mating and how many days female lay eggs after mating. Continual production of eggs that do not hatch will also lower her calcium levels and she could die from the deficiency. Lulu had laid 4 eggs continuously every alternate day. Question: How many eggs will a lovebird lay in a day? Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on January 06, 2020: Even if nesting is stopped, she may lay the eggs. Sadly though, it seems she's lost her bond to me. The problem is that the female is very aggressive and fight the male and made a pig scratch on his beak. 1. She will lay them every alternate day. Cause I'm worried. While the female tucks them in her wings and tail, the male tries to do so, though remains unsuccessful. That means more than one does it, right? Can I put the egg back? Let the lovebird do what is comfortable to her. Question: After the first egg hatches, could I take it out of the nest box and hand-feed the chick? Females display nesting behavior and males feed the females. The hatching period is 21-25 days. This is most common with cockatiels but can occur in other species. Answer: This is a common issue in lovebirds. Answer: Yes, the color of the chicks will be most likely the same as the parents, unless they have recessive genes. The bird's mother is like liquid and more in quantity whn compared with previous... is it normal..? This is first time she has laid eggs. That will keep them warm. Can you please tell me why has this happened? how much time a day does the female sit on the eggs. is it okay to put the nest box in ground because one of my female love bird has damage wing since I found it.if not please suggest me with an idea. Give them time, they will get back together. Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on March 28, 2020: Please wait for a few more days. Eggs are laid 3-7 days after mating normally one every other day. Answer: Yes, as long as the birds are okay with it. We can't do anything other than wait. Females get aggressive when they are nesting. Ok, so I have a pair of lovebirds, about 10 months old. Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on March 25, 2020: Is she laying the eggs every alternate days? Then after a gap of 7-10 days, she had laid 5 more eggs. Question: My lovebird has laid 7 eggs. :) I'm so glad to hear that! Email this Page. Put your bird to bed early, maybe as early as 5 or 6:00 p.m. A long day length is one of the most important environmental cues triggering egg laying in birds. You can hold her and feel her breathing (the chest area moves). Your bird is pregnant, that's why she has the bulge near her bottom and has heavy breathing. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. my question: can I breed Budge at other bird nest .. thanks Dear Sakina. The pet owner had mistakenly given a round nest made out of steel, which was actually meant for canaries. In order for your vet to make an … Egg binding occurs when the female bird is unable to expel the egg from her body. Any suggestions? How do I keep them from hatching more eggs? If you previously thought your lovebird was a male, and it lays eggs, then you were wrong. Hi! They may hatch after 25 days too. She laid another one on August 9th, but on the cage floor. Female lovebirds usually lay their first egg 7-10 days after copulation, with an additional egg being produced at intervals of 1-2 days thereafter. It is easier to handle them then. Why did it die? 2. Paper and stuff to make a nest, mandatory. Answer: Egg laying may get delayed if the lovebird is tired or feeling weak. Sometimes, lovebirds have swollen abdomens even if they don't lay eggs or after a time when they have laid eggs continuously (it happened to one of my female lovebirds). If the eggs are warm, one can assess the stage of development by placing the eggs into a pail of water. Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on August 04, 2019: I'm sorry to hear this. While egg laying can occur in any breed, it is most common in cockatiels, lovebirds, budgies, canaries, and finches. There's nothing to worry about. This can be due to poor nutrition, improper mating, or the gender of the lovebirds could be male. Answer: Do you mean to say that the female lovebird is not sitting on the egg? Feed the bird dried bread if her poop is loose. You … Hi, may I know whether can I clean my lovebird nest box after the female just lay egg? Lovebirds are a small type of parrot that are green in the wild but have many color mutations in varieties that are bred as pets. Give her time. Of course, eggs … Hi guys! I wasn't confirm that either its a pair or not. By allowing your bird to stay up late, you are mimicking the long days of spring/summer, making your bird think it is time to breed. Question: Does the mother bird always have to sit on the egg? Sometimes making birds feel a little uncomfortable will make their bodies recognize that it is not an ideal time to lay eggs. Their mother feeds them a regurgitated formula that includes vital enzymes to aid their initial development. Any bird will develop its eggs regardless of whether they are fertilized because the entire egg, sans the shell, is made before fertilization occurs. Let her get used to it and then transfer her eggs inside it with a spoon. Question: My lovebird laid her first egg last week which fell from the perch and cracked. Not been good at all. Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet. This type of bird is often found down on the bottom of the cage and straining. Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on April 08, 2020: It is okay. Both males and females make long strips of whatever material is available, carrying them in the nest box. When it is not, or if the egg is oversized, birds can have problems laying, become “egg-bound” and require veterinary intervention to lay the egg. Your bird will happily sit … Then it's sure that a first molt is going on. Source(s): Answer: No, the male and female lovebirds shouldn't be separated. If you'd like you can go through it. Whatever you do, protect your hand because a lovebird bite can cause considerable amount of pain! I had several lovebirds over the years, and one in college we would let out of the cage for awhile each day, and she went straight for newspaper, shredded it, stuck the shreds under her wing, and barrelled in the kitchen silverware drawer (which was open) and built a nest like a bald eagle, eggs and all. Answer: No, she won't be. :) Oh no... that's sad to hear. What affect does it have on the love bird when i take them awat? Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on August 05, 2020: It's better if she has a companion. You need to let her be part of the process in a natural way. Question: Why are my lovebird's eggs not fertilized? Question: My female lovebird has laid only one egg. If you have a female bird, nature requires her to lay an egg now and then, but it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to see a baby bird or that the egg will hatch. Yesterday I had kept the male isolated and tried letting it in together.. but the female was too scared to go in while the male was around. Female is sitting on the eggs but not continuously. So I had to keep him seperately again. I have two budgies and my female budgie laid 4 eggs and 20 days are over but the eggs aren't hatching. He wanted to get back to its nest.. just now I let the female to be with the male in a separate cage and they both are all cuddly. Question: My lovebird's egg is out of the nest box. Hey, I have a male and female lovebird. The major cause was infertility and the second was a lack of calcium in their diet. Give plenty of rest without any disturbance. Let the eggs be there with her for at least 21-23 days and see what happens. Make sure you count the days, so that you can approximately calculate the hatching date. Each clutch usually contains between three and seven eggs. If 21-25 days pass and the egg doesn't hatch or she doesn't sit on it, please throw it. There are a lot of videos on the net, which will help you. You can place the nest box wherever you want, according to your pet's comfort level. Question: My budgie laid an egg for the first time on August 7th in the nest box. Usually, a hen (female lovebird) lays a clutch of 4-6 eggs, in a gap of 1-2 days. Only female birds can lay eggs, that's a fact. Answer: The eggs might be infertile and she knows it. Dont like that what should i do.x. How should I know she stopped laying eggs? With store bought eggs the mommy chicken develops an egg and the egg never gets the daddy's sperm therefore it can not develop. Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on October 03, 2019: They must be having low calcium in the blood. @peaches-jingles This is worrying me too. Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on December 11, 2019: @birdlover1114 I'm so sorry to hear this. In my case, Lulu gave an egg exactly a week later, on October 6th, 2016. So nesting box not required. Is this normal why so long to build a nest. Lovebirds are a beautiful species and their reproduction and egg-laying process a wonder of nature. :) I'm sure your bird must like you as well. On average, lovebirds incubate their eggs for about 23 days. Once lovebird chicks hatch, they should be left alone and should not be hand-fed for the first few days. Once lovebird chicks hatch, they should be left alone and should not be hand-fed for the first few days. Question: My birds have mated over month ago, but no eggs were laid. Hi, I have a tamed male since birth and he's 5 years old now. Love birds and other birds may destroy their nest and eggs if they feel threatened or don’t have privacy. Answer: There is no way to increase the hatching rate. During this time, the lovebirds will mate repeatedly. The mourning dove (Zenaida macroura) is a member of the dove family, Columbidae.The bird is also known as the American mourning dove, the rain dove, and colloquially as the turtle dove, and was once known as the Carolina pigeon and Carolina turtledove. Feed them baby lovebird formula, which will be available in a local pet store. If you suspect your pet is sick, call your vet immediately. Take some egg yolk and egg-white too. She stayed like this for one day. Question: My lovebird is laying eggs and her feathers from the belly have fallen. 10 things you can do at home to stop your bird from laying eggs. However, there can be exceptions (Mumu has mastered the ability of shredding paper and tucking it in his tail)! Birds mate many times, but only successful matings result in egg laying. At first, I had figured that after a certain amount of time she would give up on these eggs hatching, but that doesn't appear to be the case. After a pair has bonded and are in breeding condition they will mate. Lulu, my female lovebird laid an egg on 6th October 2016. This was done to check if Lulu sits on her eggs or not. Question: What can we do so that lovebirds mate? What should I do? She did not have a mate up until then so these eggs are not going to hatch. Please get her a male as soon as possible. They have started mating, and since then the female has laid one egg a day for the last 5 days....the only problem is I don't have a nest box (I don't plan on breeding, but if they happen to have babies, then I don't mind either) I put a bowl in there and some cloth and paper towels, but she doesn't lay the eggs in it. User account menu • Egg Laying. Sometimes, mother lovebirds know if the eggs are empty and they stop sitting on them. Infertility may be caused in a lovebird hen, leaving the eggs empty/without chicks. Later on, she feeds the chick what she eats. 4 years ago. Once she stops laying and loses interest in the eggs, then you may remove them. Put your bird to bed early, by 5 or 6:00 p.m. A long day length is one of the most important environmental cues triggering egg laying in birds. Yes, Lvoebirds are notorious for setting up homosexual pairs when there are not enough of the other sex around!) The female has laid a total of three eggs so far. I bought a pair of lotinos about an year ago. Question: My lovebird laid an egg with no yolk. She'll take short breaks to eat and drink water. The last two have been a lot smaller than the first four. This is one opening (also called the vent) that serves as the bodily exit for their digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems. I also have a green cheek conure who is her friend. A vet must be consulted immediately when this occurs. Question: Can lovebirds survive in a bird colony and lay eggs? I have two lovebirds, one male one female. Hey!! It's not compulsory to cover the cage but if it's done, the birds will not be disturbed with light/noise etc. Place the bird in a bowl of warm water. If you only have two, and they both lay eggs, incubating will be a waste of time. Once the first egg is laid, a new egg will follow every other day until the clutch is complete, typically at four to six eggs. Question: If we cannot touch the eggs, how can we tell if they are going to be born? This can happen due to the strain of keeping and laying eggs.