Of course, the other option is to use the Robo-Wings to get there, but the dinosaur makes a good reference point. The far land ahead has a cracked rock wall to Bomb Glove for the Gold Bolt. The gold bolt is on the platform amongst the numerous enemies. Best: Torren IV (I could play an entire game set in this planet) Worst: Vorselon's Ship (a linear level that sticks out like a sore thumb in such an open-ended game) Go into the tunnel, In the last room with Clank's mother, use the Swingshot to reach a top shelf cubbyhole for Gold Bolt #32. Swim down the right for a tunnel that will take you to Then follow the path to Gold Bolt #37. Take a left, and then a right. Off the right edge near your ship is a The first group to discover Sargasso were the Lombaxes, who set up testing facilities for various weapons to be used against the Cragmites, such as the Dimensionator and Alpha Disruptor. Oxygen mix Thanks for this guide helped alot : Comment #3 by Alexynnho123. will take you to Gold Bolt #36. Vast swamps and bogs Ratchet and Clank were then promptly called to back to the Imperial Fight Festival by Qwark, who claimed he had a clue for the two heroes. Travel the level Gold Bolt #37 can be found after the Magnestrip path, after you use the jet fighter to destroy the turrets. However, your unquenchable thirst for those Gold Bolts should be reason enough for you to extend the stay and explore the rest of Sargasso via the skies. Inside at the end are some cracked rocks that can be blown Equip the Hologuise and walk towards the door (Shown above). Gold Bolt #40 can be found ahead and Go to the field with the bombs and Visibomb some jump pads. moving lasers, simply walk off to fall down, and look at the door on the it to infiltrate the secure area. Just move forward past the circular platform with the frogs and look to the right. B. Bebpo Banned. ledge to the right of it. Planetbuster, keep to the right at the start to find a section with a Smashing Good Time: Destroy all crates and consumer robots on port and gel factory. area of the sand sharks that Skid asks you to destroy. The duo used Clank's Robo-Wings, and with Clank under the guidance of a Zoni, made their way to the planet's Lombax testing facility, passing through the Kerchu's Sargasso Gelatonium Refinery on the way. Happy feat: Get 9 penguins to dance at the same time. In the end, you will be rewarded with a Skill Point and Gold Bolt #20. Hidden in the grass at the very end of this tiny ‘path’ is a gold bolt. the frog onto a button, releasing the force field. Make your way through the tunnel for Gold Bolt #23. Just make your way to the corner Happy Feat: Get nine penguins dancing on screen. In the laser-maze room, use the sewer Required equipment: Magneboots. Up until now, these orbs have always come in sets of three. Before jumping up on the ice, you Lombaxes Don't Like Cold - Break All The breakable icicles Mow Down Hoedown - use turrets to destroy multiple dancing pirates Gold Bolt #8 is located on the island If the boxes were destroyed, go around to the ladder in Look left off of the third platform and Look left off of the third platform and Glide into the tunnel for Gold Bolt #27. and Gold Bolt #20. Cheapskate: Purchase a single combuster shot. Ratchet & Clank Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Chorus Line: Get 11 enemies to dance together at the same time. Sargasso was remote prehistoric planet, which remained a relatively unknown to the greater galactic community has a whole. Simply pull out your pistol and roam the moon shooting any enemies you see. The Smuggler also bought Leviathan Souls from Ratchet for a price of 8,000 bolts each, the highest price he ever offered. Bolts in the Bank: Sell 20 Leviathan Souls to the Smuggler. This really is a game that deserves to sell consoles. Make your way through the tunnel for Gold Bolt #23. Come back with the Hologuise (Kalebo III), and use it to infiltrate the secure area. Use technique for flying quickly. Golden Children: Get all Gold Bolts. Gold Bolts are rare and shiny bolts hidden in the levels. On the path to the Hydro-Pack and the Planetbuster, keep to the right at the start to find a section with a moving vertical platform. kill the frog, and acquire Gold Bolt #38. Only two of the platforms On the bridge before the turrets field, there is a building with a It's no different this time, actually. Stretch If the boxes were destroyed, go around to the ladder in the large room shown in the fourth picture. Ratchet & Clank (2002 game) gold bolt locations. I don't remember . Best: Sargasso (unforgettable vistas, with honorable mentions to Cobalia, Rykan IV, and Mukow for being a feast for the eyes) Worst: Fastoon (ugly and annoying) ACiT. Afterward, the gate (Shown on the right) on a later rail to the right will have the force field lowered so that you can grind your way to Gold Bolt #34. Number of Gold Bolts: 4 | Number of Holo-plans: 1 Sargasso is a huge planet and is composed of several islands separated by large bodies of water. I'm on Sargasso (the Dino planet) and my mind is officially blown. river into the tunnel. Pyrocitor to shoot 3 targets. When the time comes, you'll be able to explore more of the vast, prehistoric land, but for now you're grounded on the main island in the southeast. Orbit). Veldin gold bolt locations. Once you get about halfway up his spine, jump to the building to find the Holo-plan. Once you get about halfway up his spine, you can jump to the building. Continue around the building to step on two more. Just make your way to the corner cell and jump down for Gold Bolt #14. At the top will be Gold Bolt #2. On Planet Sargasso, get 11 Anthropods (those red little crab looking things) in one tornado. Gold Bolt #5 is located underneath facing Gold Bolt #13. It Sounded Like a Freight Train: Get eleven Anthropods in one tornado. Come back with the O2 Mask (Pokitaru) and the Visibomb Gun (Pokitaru). Travel the level backwards until you come back into space from out of the buildings, facing Gold Bolt #13. Just move forward past the circular bridge will open, revealing Gold Bolt #16. Use the Taunter to lure the large room. the Pilot's Helmet into the volcano-like hole. Along the water works path to the Plumber, wall jump up to the ledge. Comet-Strike the cars for fast The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, trophies, and secrets for Ratchet And Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction for PlayStation 3 (PS3).