I was... We recently created a faux fireplace mantel surround for our bedroom. And here you go a basically free fire pit. If you’re using a gas grill, wrap the coals in foil and poke tiny holes to allow steam to escape. I too have an old weber grill that I was trying to sell. Thanks for this idea! As you will see it didn’t work well. Strike a few matches and put them through the vents on the chimney starter. This was much easier and faster. Remove the bolt that secures each of the three legs to the underside of the Weber grill, using a screwdriver. There is a minor difference between seasoning a gas and charcoal grill. Pour gravel or ornamental rock around the outside perimeter of the Weber grill to fill in the gap between the grip and surrounding dirt. Fill it with charcoal to the top. Remove the two screws holding the handle to the side of the grill. I grew up going to a cabin that had a firepit. Only Weber charcoal grills are suitable for this project. Using a charcoal barbecue grill as a smoker is a simple process. Builders of outdoor fireplaces also recommend a drainage gravel underneath the grill so that the pit doesn't collect water and a sufficient perimeter ring to preclude fires from sparks or falling logs. 25 lb. How to Prep the Grill. This … Fig.1 Lift out the cooking grid, spread out the coals and put the preheated pots on the coals. Charcoal grills pose a greater fire risk on wooden surfaces because of the risk of blowing embers. Contact Grills. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. For example, a Weber grill 25 inches in diameter and 18 inches deep, without the dome lid, would require a hole 26 inches in diameter and 19 inches deep. We used 12 curved landscaping pavers. Many models have a lid attached by a hinge. The Weber Smokey Joe grill may come with legs attached. Plus, it just look awesome. Cover the fire pit with the Weber dome when not in use to prevent an accident. Take your grill or smoker to the next level with CHAR-PiT Universal Charcoal Grill Tray. As the coals gradually begin to smolder, preheat the pots on the cooking grid above them. The diameter of the grill is 22 1/2”. Take off and set aside the dome, cooking grate and charcoal grate for your Weber grill. People can use what they have as well! Looks like I'm about to have a fire pit! The plan was to take a charcoal grill a friend had given us, remove the legs, embed it in the ground in the strip of yard behind our apartment, and use it as a makeshift fire pit. In an amazingly beneficial coincidence, the Weber grill is perfectly sized to slip right into the inner circle of the pit and just enough lip remains above the surface of the pit … You can place balled-up newspaper on the charcoal grate and set the chimney starter on top of the newspaper. I have three burners so if I light the right burner and set it to medium my … This was a good family project with combined materials on thsibvery hot, 4 th of July day! If you’re using a gas grill light one side of the grill’s burners while leaving the other side off. It was the heart of the activities. When a gas-grill burner ceases to operate effectively, a purpose beyond the scrap pile remains for this outdoor cooking classic: convert it into a charcoal grill, which many grilling purists prefer because of the rich, smoky flavors imparted to meat by charcoal. Just like you spend time preparing your meat with marinades and rubs, take … After deciding on your fuel type, you’ll need to consider … Being off work over these past months, I really needed to find something to occupy my time. Foil Cover In The Grill. Prepare the Footing. These are called contact grills. Does your pit allow for enough air movement through the vent openings on the bottom of the Web kettle? For example, a Weber grill 25 inches in diameter and 18 inches deep, without the dome lid, would require a hole 26 inches in diameter and 19 inches deep. Lay the package of wood chips directly on the unlit cooking grate, and then fire … A good one can be had for less than $200. I'm starting the new month with a lot of new energy and I'm starting to bring a happy vibe into the... Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page. Charcoal Grill Forge: Become a Blacksmith on the Cheap: To me, backsmiths are freakin' badasses. If my son had asked if I had these pavers, it could have been a totally free project. But your charcoal grill also has vents near the bottom of the basin. The finished grill looks awesome, and it should hold enough charcoal to handle any meal you throw at it. The fire pit will be formed by stacking the tree rings like so. Preheat the grill for 30 minutes. The first type of fire pit to consider is a fire pit that is sunken into the ground. Add Charcoal to Your Fire Pit Cooking on a commercial charcoal grill such as one of the Meadow Creek BBQ Series Chicken Cookers will require approximately 3/4 lb. Wreaths are such a perfect way to get into the spirit of the season. Preheat and Heat the Grill. Security of the stones gives this a much needed safety feature. In about 10 to 15 minutes, you should see the charcoal burning. Select Your Fire Pit Burner Ignition Type. The city won't let us have open fires outside, so I bought this metal lath from Home Depot for $9 and made a cage. Any type of food that can be cooked on a propane or charcoal grill can also be cooked over a fire pit. So you take your BBQ home and you take the legs off of it and set it down in your pit. When we moved into our house, off the kitchen dining area was a small bump out into the garage. In the former, you don’t need to preheat the grill. Place the chimney right side up into the charcoal grill. You only need to connect the charcoal burner to the tripod. Step 3 Whether you've made your own barbecue or have an old one sitting around in the garage, if you've tired of the charcoal scene, you can save money on a new gas grill by converting your old one instead. ... Weber grill that was fine but the base was rusted and my son didn’t want to trash it so he decided to turn it into a fire pit.