Knocker rigs are one of the simplest and most effective  bottom fishing rigs out there. The bottom weighted arm is typically 10” to 12” tall while the shorter leader arm is ~4” to 6” long and are placed at an ~90 degree angle from each other(, There are also mini versions of bottom bouncers available as well that come in 1/4 oz. Sometimes you can make an educated guess by the way the fish is fighting (or lack of fight), and it’s a real buzz when a prized species surfaces. This keeps my lines away from each other and avoids tangles. This rig lets you get right to the bottom and places your flies just above, it the feeding zone. Used primarily to catch walleye, the bottom bouncer rig is highly productive on crappie, catfish, white bass, black bass and other pan- and sportfish that dwell near bottom. Attach your line to the bottom bouncer of your choice using an improved clinch knot. Bouncer Smith and Mark Sosin discussing Bouncer's preffered bottom fishing setup. You can also use just a hook and leech. Article by Artur Jarosz. Once the rig hits the water the pin comes out * There are a lot of different rotten bottom clips available, but for simplicity’s sake I stick to the DIY rotten bottom pin in this article. Check out this video put together by the IGFA and featuring Cpt. STEPS TO USE A BOTTOM BOUNCER. I) Bottom bouncer pulling a spoon harness (blade replaced with a spoon, like a Little Cleo) with a nightcrawler. The speed should be set so that the weight of the bottom bouncer will set the rig in the desired zone and depth while the line from the bouncer to the rod tip runs at a 45-degree angle. It's a weighted L-shaped piece of wire with either a worm harness, live bait rig or spinner attached to the non- weighted end through the means of a snap or similar device. This bottom rig has a number 2 silver blade and a green squid hoochie skirt. There are two main problems with these attachment sites. Pre-made stainless steel Bottom Bouncer forms complete with a No.7 snap swivel attached. There is a delicate balance you need to strike because if you add too much weight, the lure won’t bounce at all, but if you add too little, it won’t make it to the bottom of the river. Although slightly different in application, there are also the pencil style bottom bouncer weights.   These are basically single arm bouncers comprised of only the weighted arm (Figure 1-4, and 1-5).   These are actually slip-weights in that they are attached to the main line using a sliding clamp or quick change clevice.  This allows the main line to slide through the weight and provides little resistance when a fish strikes.    See the section on Slip-Weight Rigs for more information.  It’s also worth mentioning a slightly different design of pencil weight that consists of a solid piece of stainless steel (Figure 1-6).  I believe these are referred to as “chugging irons”, but the one depicted was recently brought to market by Northland Fishing Tackle.  The supposed benefit of these solid steel weights is increased sensitivity, reduced water resistance and increased strength. What is a bottom-bouncer rig is? C) Bottom bouncer pulling an in-line spinner. boat speed, line diameter and bouncer weight.   The faster the boat is moving, the larger the weight you will need to reach target depth.   Using thinner diameter line, such as a superline, also eliminates drag and gets you down deeper. A chicken rig is one of the most effective rigs for catching small bottom fish since it allows you to fish multiple hooks at once. I think this is why the other designs were implemented. Packaged per 25. Buy Your Fishing Line Brand Direct Online Now! It is also helpful to know how to make a bottom bouncer rig to keep your bait in the right position. - Tie main line from rod to the loop in the L-bend of bottom bouncer. When using this rig make sure to let your line out slowly to prevent tangles. These obviously lack the leader arm and are typically attached to the main line using a sliding clasp, such as a quick change clevice. Use a Tri-Swivel. Basic Rigs for Artificial Bait. A half of a nightcrawler is threaded onto the hook and the rig is slowly trolled either using a fixed weight or a bottom-bouncer. When you fish longer leaders you will definitely get more hits. The bottom-walker trolling setup is without a doubt one of the most popular and effective rigs used to target walleye. to 1.5 oz. This type of bottom fishing rig works well for: We Help Millions Of Anglers Spend More Time Fishing. 3 Way Bottom Bouncer with Leech Example. bottom bouncer when fishing in 10 feet of water and a 2 oz. D) Bottom bouncer pulling a crawler harness and nightcrawler. A 1-4 ounce weight should be clipped onto the swivel. So, I highly recommend the R-bend type of bottom bouncer. To set up a drift fishing rig, tie a swivel on the end of your mainline and then add a … Bottom bouncers are very versatile and can be used to trolll almost any natural or artificial bait set up in depths from 10 to 50 feet. You could get snagged by dragging it this way depending on the lake bottom. When you fish longer leaders you will definitely get more hits. weights (Figure 1-2) for fishing shallower and/or lighter baits; as well as a style that molds the weight at the bottom of the bouncer creating a stream-lined foot (Figure 1-3).  Some even have removable weights so you can adjust the weight as needed.   It’s important to understand the relationship between target depth. So, on occasion your main line swivel will end up at the end of the leader arm or near the weight. G) Bottom bouncer pulling a Victor spoon with a nightcrawler. Please select from account profile menu below. K) Bottom bouncer pulling a Slow Death rig with half a nightcrawler. It is our mission to help millions of anglers spend more time fishing and that starts with YOU! M) Another trolling rig that uses a clip-on weight to get the rig down deep. We hope that you enjoyed this article on the Magazine. Use the wire dia. E) Bottom bouncer pulling an Idaho spinner and a live minnow. There is also a bottom bouncer made of solid stainless steel (7). A key one is the design of the site where your main line attaches between the two arms. Hint: If you require "mini" bottom bouncers simply use one of our handy 0.040" stainless steel spinnerbait forms and the BTM-5-A mold and cast your own mini bottom bouncers. There are also mini versions of bottom bouncers available as well that come in 1/4 oz. How Long Should I Make My Bottom Fishing Rig? Bottom Fishing Rigs Best Fishing Rods Fishing Knots Ice Fishing Fishing Reels Fishing Tackle Fishing Lures Fishing Stuff Walleye Rigs. Edit some articles today. You want to be as close to the bottom as possible without touching the bottom. This is where the weight of the bottom bouncer utilized will vary. 3 or 5 Original Floater Rapala . to 1.5 oz. However, they also come in smaller “mini” versions (2) or with the weight molded as a foot of the bouncer (3). The bouncer will create slack line with the grab and release of the bottom. F) Bottom bouncer pulling a Junebug spinner and a live leech. The weight can be clipped directly on the sinker snap when jigging. Similar to bottom bouncer, the pencil weights come a smaller 6″ height (4) and the more standard 10″ to 12″ height or you can make your own with pencil lead (5). weights (. ledger rig) has accounted for more snapper, flathead, nannygai, morwong, pearl perch and a host of other tasty species than any other method of fishing out there. All three of us like to run heavy bottom bouncers. This video posted by Cpt. It’s on these days that going to a more subtle “spinner presentation” can make the difference between catching a few and catching a limit. With a bottom bouncer and spinner rig, I can slowly troll along watching the sonar for fish and also noting any changes in bottom composition that tend to concentrate fish.