what did the engineers think it was going to be used for? Sorry to hear about the issues with your appliances. Thank you for visiting EmotorPro! in 30 sec. We saved to buy the ones we have now for a year! in 30 sec. i am joey monton. GE offers a full range of reliable high performance rotating machines and parts for highly demanding industrial applications in the range of one horsepower and up. Get the support and service you need. This is Megan from GE. I brought a $2, 000.00 GE refrigerator. Course Hero - Revoked my tutor account snf forfeited the rest of my payment. Want to get in touch? i had a very bad service experience today and want to share it with you. I also experience a problem with the water dispenser in my GE refrigerator. They said we have to check, and finally they came up with a Burnt Magnetic Coil. The tech then draws out a diagram on a piece of paper showing me how the oven's temperature fluctuates. Reviews For General Motors Customer Service (6) Worst customer service ever. I will no longer purchase GE appliance and hope to communicate their poor customer service to all who will listen. On 1/3/2009 I opened the freezer to get some ice. I don't know how we are going to afford to purchase brand new appliances again. Three months ago, I asked you to fix my water/ice on the door. I to have had a washer for 18 months and the curcuit board went out. I checked it twice or thrice and came to know that there is a permanent leakage of water inside the machine Send them the evidence if you must by fax and tell them you will make good on your threat. to bait the customer into laborious, jaw flapping education that the customer never asks for AND is not even given a choice to be educated (for a fee) or not educated. It was the most expensive blender on the shelf($70). they fixed the machine and charged me 40 TL. GE Industrial Motors a Wolong Company manufactures electric motors from NEMA low voltage to medium voltage and DC motors. It is necessary to get down on the floor, reach way back into the base of the freezer and sweep out the cubes for disposal - then you face the job of trying to get up off the floor - not easy for an 85 year old. Cavalry Grounds. All rights reserved. smell of gas and heat ventelation out back of oven). Customer Service, FAQ & Product Information Customer Assistance, Technical Support, and Online Help Please Contact Us for further assistance or use our Branch Locator to … When you mention to them about the damage that is being caused to the wall, they say we they have insurance to cover that. ttf604332q, explosion/arcing, 16 years' experience in successful complaint resolution, Each complaint is handled individually by highly qualified experts, Last but not least, all our services are absolutely free. We can Hi! The best part is that our brand new GE dishwasher, which is less than 2 years old decided to die right before Thanksgiving!!! All I have to say is stay away from GE Appliance and spend your money on an LG. Upon receiving the part they came back and installed it but the Microwave was still not working correctly, at that point they discovered that now the transformer was kind of broken because they saw little smoke coming out during the test. Sorry to hear about the issues you've had with your refrigerator. (What about the items around it that got so hot they could start on fire? The supply line is defective due to a manufacturing error at the GE plant, defective tubing, or using a tubing incorrect for the application. It is dusty and dirty and people naturally sweat when doing physical labor, that normally causes fingerprints to linger. Besides, I would never pay for someone to come to my home to tell me the ins and outs of any appliance; all that info. It sends a lot of water through the front door during I believe GE trains its techs. Contact GE Power today. will not repair and a manufacturing defect, calling on sunday & wouldn't let me tell her new number. This process has to be done 2 or 3 times per week. it was stuck and i think it was my fault. Send me something that WORKS!!! General Motors is home to Buick, Cadillac, GMC and Chevrolet. Mansha Brothers Dr. Shazia Lone I am a working mom with two kids and I don't have the time to be running to the store to exchange your products. Webought a matching waser and dryer from Sears in Lincoln, Maine. I had a Dr. appointment on the 2nd floor of the medical building on Little Mack... Dear careem . Find the evidence that this has also happened to others who own this model of GE oven. Thank you, a GE representative will contact you shortly, Learn more about our supplier tools and services. At this point I figure if nothing is wrong with my oven maybe I should have its internal temparature checked to make sure its holding its heat. I had to get the step down this time. (by the way, the retail price of ge disposer gfc501 is approximately 500 turkish liras. The water and ice started coming out of the door by itself about 6 months ago. Based on 130 years of experience in building motors and generators, ABB provides services that maximize performance, uptime and efficiency throughout the lifetime of the equipment. A two year old refrigerator is on its last leg. (Did they not notice that the refridgerator door closes fine?) informing me that they received the repair status form the Dial Appliance and decided it is not cost effective to invest any further in repair cost towards the old microwave, instead they offered me the new replacement at 50% of the cost since it was 10 years old.