To learn about user research best practice, find out: why user research is a team sport; what good user research for government services looks like; how GDS does user research … As part of the GDS design community’s efforts to improve the equity of the team, Ignacia and Leon share their research findings on inclusion and exclusion in the community. Just to recap, on 15 November the GDS team successfully launched Inside Government, with DCLG and DfT. The user research lab at GDS. At People for Research, we recruit participants for UX and usability testing and market research. For more info, read their blog post on their user research lab. Hi I’m Angela, I work in the User Research Team and would like to talk about the range of research we conducted in the run up to the launch of Inside Government. GDS clearly spell out the topics that will be covered during an assessment beforehand, so I had a good idea of what some of the difficult user research questions might be. Those departments have since been joined by MOD, FCO, BIS and the AGO. Digital by Default news: GDS unveils user research lab. Read more of How we took a user-centred approach to understanding inclusion and exclusion in the GDS design team Design profiles: DWP Digital User research plays a fundamental role in our design activity. Posted by: Andy Sellick - Frontend Developer, GDS, Posted on: 18 December 2017 - Categories: Access needs, Accessibility, Assistive technology, Code, Design, Testing, User research We look at the work the GOV.UK Publishing Frontend team have done to make their … David is a chartered psychologist specialising in user experience. Read more blog posts about our GDS user research lab. In this blog TingTing Zhao and Steph Marsh and I talk about training we run at GDS to help wholes team be involved and own the research and insight we gain about users #UserResearch . Sign up to email updates from this blog. See a spontaneous log of our lab’s story on this Twitter search. Keep in touch. At Parliament, we’re in the early stages of setting up a research lab. Telegraph: Government bureaucracy 'insanely arrogant' says digital boss (actually a positive story) Other fun stuff. Our aim is to ensure that design decisions are inclusive and transparent, taking on-board the opinions and preferences of the people who will eventually be using our technology and services. The course has been designed with GDS and was delivered by David Travis. We’ve claimed a room and are in the process of getting software and hardware that’ll let us run lab-based user research sessions. To achieve this aim we regularly host user research activities and events. If you would like to find out more about our in-house participant recruitment service for user testing or market research get in touch on 0117 921 0008 or Periscope about user research for GOV.UK Posted by: GDS team , Posted on: 3 September 2015 - Categories: Events , Periscope , Social Media , Tools , Video Watch Naintara Land, Interim GDS User Research Lead at GDS answer your questions live on Periscope about user research on GOV.UK on Wednesday 8 September 2015. User research fundamentals: a 5-day course that will change the way you work Posted by: Grant Chappell , Posted on: 23 November 2017 - Categories: People , User research I'm Grant Chappell, a content designer at DVSA, and I recently took the Government Digital Service's 5-day user research fundamentals course. Read more of How we use training to help make user research a team sport - 1 comment How GDS and the Home Office collaborated on user research Anyway, it took me a while, due to high demand, but this September, I finally got to go on the 5-day user research fundamentals course (if you're a civil servant, take a look on Civil Service Learning).