And because of its wider user base and rich ecosystem of third-party themes and plugins, hackers can take advantage and target a vulnerability inside a plugin if proper security measures are not taken. See technologies overview for explanations on the methodologies used in the surveys. Some themes go with a wide variety of websites. However, there are many plugins that haven’t been updated for the last 7 years but still have 100k+ installations. The simple answer is that both are great platforms and have a valid place in the CMS world, regardless of how popular one is. If you want to go with some premium themes that fulfill more purposes and provide more flexibility, then themes like Appal come at $69. Let’s take a look at how both of these platforms fair when it comes to loading speeds. While some would argue that both Drupal and WordPress are equally customizable – which is true. So, if you use free themes and free plugins, then you can start a WordPress website as low as $2.59/mo. See how many websites are using WordPress vs Drupal 7 and view adoption trends over time. Admin experience: Drupal has a cleaner admin experience for content editors. Within a year, Drupal’s CMS market share has dropped from 3.0% to 2.6%. Overall, WordPress security issues can be a thing of the past if the proper plugins and themes are used. And the good thing is, you don’t even have to pay if you don’t want to, for the most of it. Let’s see which one comes out ahead. The two giants that spring to mind are Drupal and WordPress. WordPress has a market share of 35% of the websites on the internet, according to W3Techs. The themes may not be as beginner-friendly as WordPress but if you know a thing or two about HTML or CSS, Drupal’s themes could be normally more customizable. It’s easy, it’s simple and it has a large community. Subscribe to the Newsletter. I just found out they are making the sharepoint designer FREE! With the buildup of more videos on the internet than ever before, the creation of websites with a majority of videos is popping up now more than ever. Drupal also has some popular themes designed for a specific type of website. Block editors let you insert an image, embed videos to your sites with ease. If you want to add premium modules in Drupal, then the price varies from $15  to $100. You’ll also have to pay for any premium themes and plugins you want to use. This makes it lightweight and better fitted to handle sites with hundreds of pages. While WordPress has plugins, Drupal has modules. From a technical point of view, both Drupal and WordPress are designed to offer the best solution when it comes to security. It has a large and active community of independent contributors who offer great support. On the one hand, it does deliver a lot of user-facing features but also expects you to custom-code the non-standard elements. Trend Usage Market Share Time Frame Monthly Quarterly Yearly: Technologies > Content Management > Market Share Trend > Monthly Market share trends for content management … The foremost and basic terms used when it comes to customization of websites are ‘themes’ and ‘plugins’. WordPress has proven to be very user friendly. Randy A. Category Position 1 st. Drupal. As with both other platforms, most hosts with cPanel allow you to install Drupal with a single click. However, using Drupal requires strong technical knowledge of HTML, PHP, and supplemental programming languages so you can customize your content. So, you need to find a hosting company yourself. For example, here are some of the best WordPress plugins: We could go on for a whole day and still not be finished talking about the collection of WordPress plugins. However, you will need to incur some basic costs such as domain registration, hosting, security, and any premium plugins or themes. Its like they have lost considerable amount from the opensource societies all arounds. Distinguishing Features: WordPress vs Drupal. You just go to the Bluehost website, choose the plan, domain name, and submit personal and accounting info. Drupal is most compared with Liferay Digital Experience Platform, Atlassian Confluence, eZ Systems eZ Publish, Adobe Experience Manager and Magnolia CMS, whereas SharePoint is most compared with WordPress, Citrix ShareFile, Box, OpenText Content Suite Platform and Egnyte Connect. Drupal market share in the Datanyze Universe. There are several content management systems (CMS) to choose from when considering your business needs. Your email address will not be published. WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal. iii) eStore: If you are looking to start an online business, then you can’t go wrong with eStore. For now, let’s have a look at how much market WordPress and Drupal share. While Drupal does mention Bluehost in recommended hosting services, users report that Drupal doesn’t work great with shared hosting services. If you pay attention to the media, you’ll hear about sites getting hacked all the time. Drupal was originally a small news site, with a web board, where Dries and his friends could post notes about the status of their network. It offers a range of modules such as PathAuto, to further enhance your SEO and built-in coaching. Originally launched in 2000, Drupal powers 2.3% of all websites and has a 4.6% share of the content management system market. The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Speed Optimization. To make it easier and faster to build your site, WordPress offers plugins such as the Gutenberg editor for content posting and page layouts. What impresses most about WordPress is the intuitive user interface that houses some of the most powerful plugins and themes on the internet. Drupal. It is also less reliant on third-party modules while WordPress sites rely on plugins for most of the functionalities. All things considered, both platforms do well when it comes to SEO. How to Choose the Right CMS Platform. A CMS will let you write your content and publish it online without the need for coding. WooCommerce Market Share. This is primarily based on what you want the platform to do and the kind of website you want to build. Market Share: WordPress has wide scale adoption and a plethora of plugins that are suitable for smaller websites. Software released under this license is free to install, use, and modify. Written in PHP scripts, Drupal lets you add, publish, and remove content from your website.. It’s developed by a dedicated community and has a market share of 3%, which is such a significant difference in reach compared to WordPress. Posted by Md Ifran April 10, 2019 Posted in Drupal, WordPress Tags: wordpress vs drupal 2019, wordpress vs drupal comparison, wordpress vs drupal market share, wordpress vs drupal security Leave a comment on WordPress or Drupal – Which CMS is better ? You can make just about any kind of website, all without having to write a single line of code. However, to get your site up and running, you will need to incur some basic costs such as domain registration, hosting, and security. Written in PHP scripts, Drupal lets you add, publish, and remove content from your website. In this guide to WordPress vs Drupal, we will dig into Drupal and get a gist of how it stacks up with the most popular CMS in the world, WordPress. Drupal. Drupal is one of the older CMS’, released in 2000. But do not worry, you are just getting started. But you won’t have access to features like plugins. Required fields are marked *. Drupal offers top-notch security and constantly posts security information on its website to keep developers on the loop. WordPress, Joomla et Drupal se sont imposés comme les leaders des systèmes de gestion de contenu en ligne. Drupal vs WordPress: An Introduction Drupal. You will rarely find someone able to hack into the core of WordPress. Drupal is great for organizations that want high security, improved data handling, and complex user permission settings. Do you want to build a great website while keeping things simple?WordPress is what you’re looking for. It is highly customizable and SEO optimized. Let’s have a look at what exactly the difference is. Drupal provides multiple content types to work with out of the box and you can add more ones easily. Let’s start with the numbers for last year. According to Sucuri’s 2019 analysis, WordPress comprised 94% of its recorded infections despite having a market share of 62%. Category Position 1 st. Drupal 7. They’ll help you create and edit your content. How to Create a Custom WordPress Login URL, A Detailed Guide on How to Create a Podcast, How to Create a Membership Site on WordPress. WordPress is a free, open-source content management system that you install into your web hosting server. Each has its own dedicated online community and a loyal fanbase. WordPress vs. Drupal vs. Joomla: The CMS Showdown By on May 2, 2016 in Tutorials Tweet This Share This If you want to build a powerful website but aren’t a tech genius, you need a content management system (CMS) to do the heavy lifting. Market share: 5.4% of CMS and 3.0 of all web; The number of live sites: 1,886,390; The number of sites in the top one million: 18,793; Most popular sites: Harvard University, Linux etc. Usage and market share. Drupal has over 2,900 free themes available on its themes project page. You might also want to look at some other popular website platform comparisons like Weebly vs WordPress, before starting your website. WordPress, on the other hand, only comes with 6 basic user roles. There are some great features that Drupal users are proud of. iv) Content types: A content type is a previously organized data type. Overall rating ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Please select number of stars. Free Demo. These advanced options are available only to their Business plan users. Premium plugins can also ask for a price of about $5 to $100. And, Plugins like Elementor in WordPress lets absolute beginners build complex pages with ease. Drupal and WordPress are two technologies that have existed side-by-side for over a decade, meant to fulfill the same purpose. The battle of the CMS's in the midmarket: Drupal vs WordPress; How Drupal and WordPress compete with Sitecore and Adobe Experience Manager; We've invested a lot of time researching this at Pantheon. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. While every CMS provides a highly secure environment to create and manage webs… Around 3.4% of all websites use Drupal, though, which is still an impressive figure. Joomla vs Drupal vs WordPress: What’s Different? With proper utilization of WordPress performance best practices, you can end up with a very fast website. Our reports are updated daily. What makes Drupal’s enterprise-level security is its strong coding standard and strict community code review process. See technologies overview for explanations on the methodologies used in the surveys. Similarly, outdated components were found to be the leading cause of website infections. 21 Best WordPress SEO Plugins to Blow Your Competitors Out of The Water, How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error on a WordPress Website, How to Do SEO – Optimizing Your Site for Google, How to Do SEO – Off Page Optimization [Updated for 2020], Definitive Guide to Using The Google Keyword Planner, WordPress SEO 101: How to Use Silo Link Structure to Improve Indexability, 149 Best Ways to Increase Website Traffic [Follow This Step by Step 2020 Guide! Usage and market share. Let’s do the math. Just like WordPress, Drupal software is also free to download, install, and use. Market Share Trends for Drupal. The software was released under GNU Public License. At the start of 2017, WordPress powered 27.3% of all websites. But we hope we made it easier. Drupal powers 1.5% of all the CMS websites on the internet and covers 2.6% of all the CMS market share. So, using free themes and plugins in Drupal, the cost comes as low as $2.95/mo. Drupal’s theme project page also has some of the best Drupal themes that are free, customizable, and attractive. You’ll have to spend money on domain names and web hosting. It’s easy to use and you do not need to have any technical skills so as to build a website. En toute honnêteté, ce sont tous des systèmes incroyables, qui peuvent créer des sites web rapidement et facilement, peu importe vos connaissances en informatique ou technologies. You’ll be able to make good use of WordPress even if you’re a complete beginner, but Drupal? The same principle applies when it comes to building a sustainable website. It comes by this market dominance fairly, courtesy of its many beneficial features. Joomla kind of meets you in the middle between WordPress and Drupal. Despite the small market share, it powers some of the largest websites in the world. There are numerous hosting services available out there to choose from, such as Bluehost, Hostinger, etc. ThemeGrill Blog provides you with all WordPress and website trend related news. Are you willing to hire one?Drupal seems the right choice. WordPress, for example, offers 50k+ plugins and over 5k themes. The reason being – it’s not resource-intensive compared to WordPress. Setting up a WordPress site is considerably cheaper, given that you can handle most of the tasks on your own. Both Drupal and WordPress are great content management systems – but not without their shortcomings. WordPress and Drupal are both Content Management Systems (CMS). So the chances of saving the cost for themes and plugins are also higher in WordPress. In fact, you may save a lot in the long-run with Drupal, if you suspect that your need will change in the near future. It has a huge and resourceful, online community that’s very supportive. When it comes to WordPress and Drupal, some will argue that they are equally user-friendly. Let’s go into the detail. WordPress is the most widely used of all content management systems with a staggering 60.1% market share of content management systems. Finally, on which platform are you planning to set up your website? Like we mentioned earlier, Drupal’s learning curve is a bit steep and some site management tasks such as keeping your site updated can be a little tricky if you don’t have the technical knowhow. While their software is free, WordPress and Drupal are both self-hosted platforms, meaning that you’ll have to find a web hosting service for yourself. We hope this article helped you in choosing your website platform. 4. Here we look at how each CMS fairs. 233 Comments. v) Greater customization: Drupal doesn’t need to turn to third-party modules when customizing a website. And don’t forget to tell us how you found the article to be. Market Share by Top Websites 1 WordPress is leading in Top 10K Sites, Top 100K Sites, Top 1M Sites and The Entire Web. Drupal also has tons of customization options. In our recent post, Drupal Rumors: What to Believe and What Not to Believe, we shared some of the most popular rumors about Drupal.One rumor related to Drupal being complex and hard to understand. Maps Marker Pro Plugin for WordPress Review. If you use a plugin that is not up to date with current security issues, then hackers can use that as an opportunity. See how many websites are using WordPress vs Drupal and view adoption trends over time. Deployment Time: WordPress is very easy to develop a site from start to finish. All you need is a reliable web hosting service, then install WordPress – and just like that, you are off the ground. That being said, for content-oriented websites, why even consider another option? Let’s go with the hosting company recommended by WordPress like Bluehost. It’s calculated that about 3% of websites globally use Drupal while its community counts as much as 1.5 million members. While both have their pros and cons, it is clear that the main advantages that Drupal once enjoyed have been limited. Speed is one area where WordPress fails to impress, majorly because of using poorly coded themes and too many plugins. The Zakra theme by ThemeGrill, for example, has a free version that users can use to try out the theme. Drupal powers 1.5% of all the CMS websites on the internet and covers 2.6% of all the CMS market share. (Explained). For easier management of users, the platform has an advanced permission system that offers better flexibility compared to WordPress. It is a lightweight, clean, and responsive theme designed for freelancers. There are better chances that you will find an appropriate one with WordPress than with Drupal. Your email address will not be published. For this, Drupal also has some of the best modules to keep your website stronger. But if you want to go with enterprise-level hosting, the price will spike to about $141 with Acquia. Beginners may somehow manage to create a website with Drupal as it follows a similar and easy process like WordPress. Source: W3Techs: Usage of Content Management Systems for Websites. July 25, 2016 September 19, 2016. A password reset link will be sent to you by email. And if you choose a dedicated hosting service, the cost will spike to $79.99/mo in Bluehost. And succinctly: Drupal has more features that are brilliant if you know how to use them, but useless and confusing if you don’t. Total 419; 226; 193; If you’re thinking about building a website or blog, you should consider using one of the best CMS available in the market. With just a few transitions between pages, submitting information, you can create a WordPress website. Furthermore, let’s say you need to hire a developer because you want to build a very complex website. Website security is a paramount concern for every site owner. 40 characters minimum. Being a content-based system, WordPress allows you to create, edit, and manage your website via an intuitive interface. Despite all these, it’s not like Drupal sites are 100% secure. You can enhance your site and let your site do more without having to write a single line of code. Plugins like Everest Forms, Yoast SEO, and themes like Zakra and Colormag keep up with recent security requirements and have active support. Drupal CMS is older than WordPress, although the market share of this CMS is quite low compared to WordPress. Overview. Drupal v. WordPress for EDUs. Just as with WordPress, Drupal is an open-source platform. It is a great theme for putting up an attractive website for designers and developers. With millions of users, there’s a good chance that someone out there can help you out when you have an issue. Many factors account for the fact and we’re going to discuss them one by one in this post. Market Share 1.40%. The speed with which your website loads its pages is an outright necessity, especially if you intend to keep visitors on your site or rank well in search engines. CMS Market Share: 50.0%; Live websites using WordPress (Global): 27,000,00+ Live websites using WordPress (USA): 10,190,000+ Percentage of websites using WordPress in the top 1,000,000: 37.59%; Sites using WordPress: The Walt Disney Company, Guggenheim, TechCrunch, BBC America Considered the behemoth of popular CMS’s, WordPress continues to lead the market by a … As a WordPress advocate, you’ll be… Plus, each theme has a support forum, in case you need help with anything. WordPress and Drupal have different ways of doing different things. Your site is now live for the first time., on the other hand, requires you to find a web-hosting service provider as well as a domain name. The stats presented below is taken from W3Techs CMS Market Share reports. WordPress has over 56,900 free plugins in the WordPress plugins repository. You’ll then need to do some basic customizations to your site. 2 Despite its recent growth, Drupal 8 is still behind WordPress in all market share … A CMS (content management system) helps you create, manage, and modify the contents of … vi) Content Editing: WordPress’s Gutenberg editor makes it easier to put your ideas into your website. In most instances, you’ll need to locate the extensions, install them, and set them up on your own. WordPress is something beginners can easily pick up. There are over 7,700 free themes in the official WordPress theme repository. One huge benefit of using a content management system is so that you can make it easy to build and manage your website even without any technical skills. The answer to this is also WordPress, which is beginner-friendly and provides a rich user experience. You can go to security module page of Drupal to see more. Why not head over to our ultimate collection of best and most popular free WordPress themes? Just like WordPress, Drupal is a free, open-source content management system distributed under the GNU General Public Licence. You can download, install, and manage content for free with WordPress. Drupal and WordPress are two of the main players in the CMS world, together taking up over 60% of the market. Drupal Vs Wordpress: The Better Choice For Your Startup. Drupal is not something for absolute beginners with no coding background and no intention of hiring a developer. It’s built with PHP and with even more options and controls that you need to create your content. [Quizzes] and How They Can Flood Your Website With Traffic! Let’s say you’re creating a WordPress website with Bluehost. So in a sense that plugins and themes are easy to get and easy to use, WordPress offers a better customization option. Alternatively, you can opt for managed WordPress hosting. On the other hand, Drupal occupies a very small part of the market, which has been decreasing in the past year. According to a statistic from W3Techs, WordPress leads the table with 60% market share by February 2018, while Drupal is on the third place with only 4.6% market share, behind Joomla. So, you’ll be able to publish content created with text, images, videos, and more, without the need to write code. WordPress is still on the top when it comes to popularity. WordPress’ market share isn’t just “still growing”, it’s actually been consistently growing at roughly the same rate for as long as we have data.