These ingredients originate from plants (herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, leaves or seeds), Avoiding sulfates and silicones is the number one tenet of the Curly Girl Method (CGM) and is key to achieving the coveted moisture/protein balance that, Reset your curls by clarifying up to 2 times a month. In The Curly Girl handbook, Lorraine Massey never endorses the use of shampoo, she only mentions sulphate free cleansers which is very different from shampoo. Follow the same steps of the Curly Girl Method you would use for yourself, adjusting them according to your children’s hair type. If the Curly Girl Method works for you, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it on your kids too. You can copy and paste ingredient lists from websites to this online ‘checker’ So if you decide to go the pure CG method it is a really useful tool when checking product ingredients. The truth is, before I tested the curly girl method, I liked my hair routine. Polyquat? For more information on the Curly Girl method, check out some of the videos I've done or wikiHow. Also, I follow the simplified version of the Curly Girl Method most directly derived from the Curly Girl Handbook. The Curly Girl Method, ... Massey notes that most shampoo contains sodium lauryl sulfate, an ingredient commonly found in dish soap, laundry detergent, and other cleaning agents. Enter ingredients. I am a developer and my wife and I built a free web app that lets you copy/paste the ingredients of your favorite hair product to see if it is Curly Girl (CG) Approved! Find Your Perfect Match: The Curly Hair Shampoo and Conditioner You Should Be Sudsing Up With . A site to help you know what hair products are approved for the Curly Girl (or Guy) Method. Therefore we strongly recommend you avoid these ingredients. CurlScan is the first website to allow you to scan the barcode of a hair product to see if it is CGM approved. A quick Google / YouTube search will be a good place to start. 2. Curly hair tends to be super dry, thanks to sulfates, the harsh detergents in shampoo. Caution means that this ingredient may not be good in some hair care products, or for some people. How the CG Method Came About. Never heard of the Curly Girl Method? Where possible I have linked each item to a stockist; so that you are able to see the price and read the product reviews. The Curly Girl/Guy Method is a set of rules, principles and techniques that helps to restore and maintain the moisture/protein balance that produces luscious and . Hoitorutiinia voi tietysti käyttää kuka tahansa, jolla on luonnostaan laineikkuutta hiuksissaan eikä sitä ole rajoitettu pelkästään afrohiuksille sopivaksi. ... After recently learning that this ingredient is a surfactant and not a . Curly Hair Posts. app: Itchy M’s. Posted by 3 years ago. Not all silicones and ingredients with the word alcohol are bad. 5. and why should you choose one or the other? After recently learning that this ingredient is a surfactant and not a, Below is a list of some of my favorite products from 2019. For this reason, many have been swearing by the curly girl method for years and are thrilled with the results. The Curly Girl/Guy Method is a set of rules, principles and techniques that helps to restore and maintain the moisture/protein balance that produces luscious and, Trying to decide between Jessicurl cleansing products? Want to know if a product is Curly Girl Method approved? You may have seen these ingredients in your favorite products and wondered, The Is it CG? While the Curly Girl method calls for users to completely avoid using shampoo, some opt to continue using a sulfate free cleanser. Here are 5 tips to make the process, Poly-why? Oils To Use If You Follow The Curly Girl Method . app is a great way to analyze the ingredients of your, One of the major tenets of the Curly Girl Method is to use specific products, A new category has been added to the Is it CG? Finding affordable AND clean curly girl approved products almost seems like a unicorn, but lately, more brands are coming out with products that fall into this category. The Faith in Nature Natural Aloe Vera Conditioner contains active organic aloe vera and is suitable for normal to dry hair. 39. Even better, it’s also cruelty-free! Particularly, when you’re at the airport and you’ve realised you’ve forgotten your hair products (me in February!) Argan Oil Conditioner by Maple Holistics* In the Curly Girl Method, we avoid harsh Sulfates and drying Alcohols (they dehydrate the hair), Silicones, Waxes and Mineral Oils (they build up). Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is an emollient (read: moisturizing ingredient) that provides intense hydration, as well as added shine. What set these products apart? A favorite for several reasons, The Curly Girl Method, from Lorraine Massey’s book “Curly Girl: The Handbook,” is a hair care method that trades in damaging habits (like shampooing and heat styling) for a healthy curly hair regimen using just conditioner and gel. Overall, I liked my hair routine, and as a busy mom, I was hesitant to make any changes. database: Film Forming Humectants. Originally, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate was included in the list of Sulfates to Avoid. The information and app results are maintained by a curly hair enthusiast and are meant for informational purposes only. 4. The Novex Mystic Black Conditioner is also a fantastic choice.. 3. New: Curly girl ingredient checker added to the sidebar! Check in with your stylist to see if a protein rich product is the right choice for your curly hair. What is the Curly Girl/Guy method (aka CG method)? resource. 153 Likes. About How Curlsbot Works Curly Girl Ingredient List Hard Water Shampoo Bars/Soap CG and non-CG Cleansers Other Resources Non-CG Shea Moisture Products Curlsbot Ingredients Analyzer A lot of people are interested in properly caring for their naturally curly or wavy hair, but it can be confusing to find the right methods and products. Let’s take a look, A new category has been added to IsitCG? Click submit to see if it is Curly Girl (CG) Approved! Avoid means this ingredient may hurt your hair. Please let us know in the. Best Curl Enhancing Products For Wavy Hair . New: Curly girl ingredient checker added to the sidebar! In fact, by starting your girl on CG sooner, you might help them avoid a life of damaging hair rituals! Silicones, Waxes, Non-Natural Oils: When selecting a curl care product, make sure to avoid any products that have silicones, waxes, non-natural oils, or non soluble ingredients. I have been on this Curly, Pro-tip, you (hopefully) don’t need to manually type any ingredients! This web site is not endorsed by, directly affiliated with, maintained, authorized, or sponsored by The Curly Girl Method by Lorraine Massey™️. Never heard of the Curly Girl Method? This method was first made popular in December 2001, when hairstylist Lorraine Massey released her hair-care guide, Curly Girl: The Handbook. To find out if a product is curly girl-approved, you’ll need to check the ingredients. Instead, the Curly Girl Method promotes a no poo method, meaning no shampoo whatsoever. link next to, Hey There! (For the rundown on which ingredients are considered problematic for curly girls, read more here!. Enter the ingredients separated by commas. 1. Hence why it’s a popular additive in curly hair products (*cough* SuperCream and Leave-In Decadence *cough*). Shopping through these links supports the further development of Curly Girl Approved. As replacements, we look for ingredients that are mild, moisturizing and soluble for curly hair in order to minimize dryness and foster better moisture retention. Almost every consumer product has. My hair was damaged because of excessive dyeing and heating. Curly Girl the Handbook by Lorraine Massey. Some links on Curlsbot are Amazon Affiliates links. After two years of following the Curly Girl Method, I wanted to create my own, in depth guide to help fellow curly girls follow the Curly Girl Method in the easiest way possible. NueBar meets the Curly Girl Method ingredients and standards, see for yourself, copy and paste our ingredient list in When looking for hair care products, sometimes you need to take on a whole new routine instead of looking for a quick fix. Reset your curls with Clarifying Ingredients, Say no to Sulfates and Silicones for juicy and defined curls, Botanical Oils and extracts: Nutrient dense ingredients for healthy hair, JESSICURL Product Comparison: Gentle Lather Shampoo vs. The Cationic are not always used in shampoos, but can help as hair conditioners. It took me a while, but I eventually found an approach that helped the Curly Girl Method fit … How do you tell if a product is curly girl-approved? The CG method is a haircare method that is specifically geared towards curls and waves. It doesn’t always catch everything, but it already sorts out a lot. The goal is to eventually only co-wash, meaning washing with conditioner only. My Beautiful #RedCarpetCurlsRoyalty, The Curly Girl Method is a SUGGESTED guideline on how to care for your natural texture in order to improve hair’s health and manageability. We all know switching to the Curly Girl Method can get expensive as you experiment with different curly girl method products or if you're a product junkie. Archived. 3 Likes. 3. Always make sure to check the ingredients yourself and don’t rely on the ad. However, in summary, we’re told the big no no’s for our curls are: -Drying ingredients such as sulfates and harsh alcohols.-Non-water-soluble ingredients that build up on the hair such as silicones, waxes and oils. Close. On first appearances, you would think Cantu products were Curly Girl friendly, however looks are deceiving, so I have weeded out the good from the bad.The two must have products of the Cantu range are the Curl Activator Cream and the Define and Shine Custard The following products are approved Moisturizing Curl Activator CreamComeback Curl… I tried my best to include high quality conditioners for all curl types, and included budget options. Later on I learned about the curly girl method and I was very excited to start the cg journey. This, Below you will find some recommended CG Styling Tools! The Non-Ionic Surfactants and Amphoterics are most commonly used in milder shampoos (and accepted in this method). A site to help you know what hair products are approved for the Curly Girl (or Guy) Method. No sulfates, silicones, waxes or soap sets the pH balanced NueBar range apart from 90% of the other shampoo bars on the market.Our gorgeous Certified Organic oils add nourishing goodness to curly locks. Curly Hair (287) Poly-who? If you follow "The Curly Girl Method" by Lorraine Massey, she states that because silicones are made to repel water and forms a seal around the cuticle, it will: Prevent the absorption of water, ultimately drying out the hair since the hair can't be properly moisturized. The Curly Girl Method (CGM) originated from the book, ... Joleigh added that, ultimately, water is the magic ingredient for curly hair. 1 min read. Curly girl method on kehittynyt eräänlaisena voimaannuttavana vastalauseena suoristusmuodille ja siksi sen nimessä esiintyy myös sana girl, tyttö. How To Give Your Curls The Protein Stretch Test . … Botanical Oils and Extracts. My name is Lisa and I am the Curly Girl behind the Is It CG? Unless you are really well-versed in chemistry, chances are, you don’t know all the names of silicones, sulfates, and so on. Remember, what works for one curly girl might not work for another. I like using this curly girl method ingredient checker for getting a first impression. This means the only ingredients I look to avoid are sulfates, silicones, and drying alcohols. Enter the name of the product. Welcome to Curly Girl Approved. Considering the ingredients listed on most packaging is extensive, I’ve checked it out so that you don’t have to. A new category has been added to the Is it CG? The Curly Girl method, created by Lorraine Massey in her book Curly Girl: The Handbook, is a way of treating curly hair that eliminates damaging products. You’ll notice that each link has an Is it CG? Hair Cleansing Cream, 5 tips for learning what ingredients work best for your Curly hair, Ingredient Update: Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate is okay. Welcome to Curly Girl Approved. A quick Google / YouTube search will be a good place to start. I bought all my products from Curlyholic because it’s a stress-free shopping website, you already know everything they sell is approved so you don’t have to worry about the ingredients. I was able to quickly blow dry my hair and easily straighten or curl it depending on my mood. The list of formal ingredient names below will help you to stay on track and avoid purchasing products that are not suitable for optimal curly hair health. Although I have done my best to be accurate, be aware that ingredients do change. resource. 1. Faith in Nature is a very popular Curly Girl brand as most of their conditioners are CG friendly. How to follow the curly girl method: Please watch the addendum video for more information and clarification about sulfates and silicones: ... Usually google can tell you more about an ingredient if you can't find it here! And with the right dry shampoo, I could go up to a week without having to wash my hair. But if you do want to follow the CG Method, you need to watch out for the below ingredients. One easy way to check a product is to put the ingredients into an online analyzer. Watch out for the below ingredients, especially the ones in bold. web app. This is a necessary step to remove oils and product build-up from your hair, Figuring out the best products and ingredients that work for your hair can be frustrating and confusing. If you're following the curly girl method, then you know you need to use a curly girl approved conditioner!In this post I'm listing the BEST curly girl method approved conditioners out there. In the ingredient descriptions: Good means that I like to see this in a product's list of ingredients. Shopping through these links supports the further development of Curlsbot. … Ingredients to Avoid in CG Method. Here in Red Carpet Curls, we work to give you all the information you need to make a well-informed decision for YOUR specific hair needs. Okay means this product appears safe for a curly person like me to use. Please check back of the pack for up to date ingredients.Some links on this site are affiliates links, these do not add any extra cost to the customer.