Thanks. Your welcome Caroline, hope your little crested pigeon grows into the beautiful & healthy bird. Its gunna be difficult parting ways with the little critter as it has such an inquisitive temperament and almost acts like a dog in the morning coming to wake us up. I live in the country, & we have plenty of trees around here but we also have hawks & eagles, I’m hoping the chooks can teach her about them, but would hate to have anything hapen to her. Thankfully, the cat isn’t a very good hunter and had not caused the pigeon any harm. any thoughts? Best neck warmer I’ve ever had. It also seems to know when I come and go from work and will sit there waiting for food (haha creepy) If the parents leave eggs for even a few minutes they will not hatch. R.I.P jackie. What a treat to find this site. Thank you so much Geraldine. Too much trouble. Performing pigeons breeder. It must make her day very pleasant to have such a lovely team of bird friends to keep her company. Hi Caroline, I … However, knowing the nature of the birds you have mentioned, Zebra Finches would be quite okay in a mixed collection of birds and so would budgies. The photos below were also added. Because he was a baby when he met me he has no experience out in the wild. My 3 white birds have all been hand raised, and live safely with me in the house, where we have 3 large parrot cages. They just said to give him this formula until he learns to fly a little better then to let him go. The Crested Pigeon Habitat The well known Australian pigeon is traditionally an outback bird that has migrated in huge numbers to growing cities in the 1980s. Then, about 100m distance from the very spot where met, I have seen, as the bird makes a big circle, and landing in front of me for the third time. So I’ve stuck it in a basket,one of those picnic one lol does the job. he seems quite parched. {{filterDisplayName(filter)}} Duration. i will care for it well but i think it might be young, but what about the feathers??? Sie können Ihre Einstellungen jederzeit ändern. Hi Karen, Thanks. They can be totally alert in some things and completely stupid in others. But if I did it too many times, and there was no food, he’d mock attack my hand. Hello Lisa, They usually nest at this time of year – our resident Crested Pigeons are currently nesting in a bush quite close to our house. inparticular my new fledgings (theres a gorgeous little piedface which is the only one out of them all). She follows me around the house and is the most inquisitive bird I have ever known. I h o pe someone wants him or her.¤t=P7080701.jpg. You can try sticking it in a syringe or eyedropper, but I found it didn’t work. As I am typing this, I am lying on the floor and he is having a little rest time watching. She is still out there & we supplement her feed because us humans have reduce their feed supply & added a few more predators to their world. We had a guess that, they can come out easy, in case they are grabbed by the tail by a predator. Nov 8, 2014 - jenntalksnature: I had to make this post to go... - Tyrannosaur's Lair Hope Kerry gets this update soon. I am sorry if my question offended anyone. The pupil should contract, if it doesn’t then there’s a good chance its concussed. e.g. He has his place to sleep ( on the back of one of the dining chairs) he follows me around the house, he plays on the computer (he loves tapping the mouse and has navigated me away from pages that I am on), and he watches TV on top of any head that will have him. I dont understand how they can sell cockatoos etc but they can not sell crested pigeons. This is an alphabetical list of pigeon breeds. This makes me so sad Patricia. The bird followed me, flew up, and again, landed in front of me. And just as I was about to upgrade him to a new, bigger cage, he passed away. Hi Trevor, We initially fed her with a drilled out syringe filled with a ground up and lightly cooked oatmeal/canary seed/shellgrit mixture and when she was strong enough, we advanced to adding fresh peas and corn. As they were going on holidays they didn’t want to leave it outside for a cat to get! He still comes and goes as he pleases, and will often have the day out flying around the neighbourhood, but returns home before it gets dark. Discover (and save!) We live in thick bush land of NSW with many feral cats. Baby crested pigeons get cold very quickly, so they need to be kept warm all the time. He tries to fly but is unsuccessful and is just giving out very little cheeps but is very content to sit on my lap n snuggle into me. She is now a totally independent wild bird, but still comes to visit us now & then. We think she has had a family in the last few months, but we don’t know if there are any young ones with her, though she does fly with other pigeons, & they might be her family? Just leaving it to its own devices might be the easiest as it is possibly used to caring for itself. I am wondering if it will still be content and healthy living as a pet, or because it is a wild bird that it should go back to its natural habitat? Thanks trev, The Crested Pigeon is one of several species which has successfully made the transition from a common inland bird to a common urban bird. Featherless baby birds have no feathers to keep warm. If it’s lasted a week, I daresay it’s been looked after to some extent. we say he because he is very naughty and cheeky just like most boys. Feeding was so hard, he wouldn’t eat by himself for 2 months. The other thing is, she is now use to being free, so I wouldn’t think she would like it in a cage again. Currently have a crested pigeon we’ve adopted when found at a very young age. It’s quite funny though, at the moment he thinks I’m his “mate” and e\if he feels ignored he makes catching him VERY hard and won’t talk to me. Can you give me some ideas on what to feed a baby piegon? (My interest is mainly in wild birds. Tonight my cat scared a crested pigeon into the house and so i caught it. The only problem is we are going to be moving & we are a bit worried about who will be living here when we are go. One person recently became very irate with me for “censoring” his comments because he wanted to shoot Willie Wagtails because they kept him awake with their calling at night! If we had him on the table during dinner, he’d roll onto one side and flip a wing up. You can get some baby bird food, for seed eating birds, from a pet shop. Hope everyone else’s birds are going strong! Does anyone know where I can purchase a male Crested Pigeon ?? Good luck. I have no experience with birds but I spotted this one as a cat was playing with it in my back yard. I found this site looking for info on crested pigeons as friend found one apparently fallen from nest or abandoned. I rang WIRES and we got some parrot rearing formula and your info about feeding, your video and others found on youtube will be very helpful. I found a baby crested pigeon on road last sept s.e. I can’t let my crested pigeon back to the wild because he is totally fearless he let everybody close to him. I’m not talking about integrating with other native birds & animals, like any other wild bird has to deal with, but the risks of dieing from garden poisons, cats, or the fact that we, as humans, have taken most of their feed growing areas away from them. Thanks for your comments Gabi – and for Geraldine for answering. I tried a brief online search but without success. I wasn’t sure if it was okay, but he seemed to love them. If he doesnt get well enough to fly is it ok for me to take care of him?? 1. Your email address will not be published. I have raised many Doves & pigeons before with most being released back into the wild (except one pigeon who adopted us many yrs ago & lived for like 8yrs! Once an egg is out of a nest it is probably too late to rescue it. But it’s happy living in our bathroom (can’t let it loose in the house as our house is too open & we have cats) currently as it always gets attention whenever someone goes in and now that it’s winter it has the bathroom heater so much warmer then being stuck out in a tree! She contracted canker about a week in but we were able to save her, and was just preparing to move her from her smaller cage out into the aviary when the canker returned and in our attempt to save her she must’ve overdosed and we had to put her down. We thought that it must have found mum and taken off. I was so wrong in my thinking at the time, lost her forever, and a heavy burden to think she may not have survived. I have just watched the video, and that behavior with the wings is quite normal, mine used to do that and he was well. Sorry your bird died, but by the sounds of it, it was to far gone to be able to help him. Dear Trevor We can still go up to her & pat her & she will still sit on our shoulders. I was surprised to see it had survived the night. your own Pins on Pinterest The caged bird trade is highly regulated in Australia – as it should be. I really appreciate it. He didn’t ‘woo!’ very much. I’ll try and get a picture of it on my carer’s blog this weekend. Some will even supply you with cages and other supplies. . Use those two fingers to hold the bottom beak, and use a finger from your other hand to lift the tip up. I ended up opening it’s mouth, taking a pinch of the seed mash, squishing it into the bird’s beak, and then using my fingers to run down the sides of the beak and helping the food further into the back of it’s beak. he is cleaning himself at the moment and wooping contently siting on my chest, loves his back rubs too, he wouldn’t get that in the wild. Everything else seems fine, she is eating but can't stand. These are very high protein mixed with grain and vegetables. Hi there, Every wildlife centre we took it to told us to ‘knock it on the head’. Thankyou for the information. Why my bird has started becoming aggressive, Ok it’s basically slapping You because it’s not Your mate or partner is there someone that the bird likes because I have one and she is My partner or I am her’s she hates My man but loves Me they are gorgeous birds but wing slapping is normal…P.S Your bird is HORNY , Ok yes he usually likes me but does prefer my son and 2 grandchildren but has started wing slapping me and my daughter….Does this ever stop cos at the moment I’m tempted to open up the door and let him fly away, It won’t stop “maybe a little” but they have chosen the mate they like and the ones they do not like it’s a natural thing and not much You can do about it just keep feeding and have a chat he/she will be OK and so will You . He let everybody too close to himself. We are in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney. he/she is very quiet and lets you handle it. We rescued him 5 days ago, and getting an aviary tomorrow. Karen is certainly right in deducing that it is someone’s pet, because the behaviour is certainly consistent with a bird that has been used to being handled. Thanks for sharing your experiences again Denise. She ran towards me, not usual pigeon behaviour. Hi Sue I have a female crested I raised from a chic and she is residing with 2 white doves she wing slaps them if they are annoying her but seem to get along fine. I once upon a time let My girl go also BUT a week later she flew down to My head again from a tree starving bleeding and pecked to bits so I mended her fed her and she will NEVER be set free again EVER she is happy pretends I am her mate and lays an egg in the seed dish I take her off the nest and throw the egg she gets over it…..Baby is now 3 years old I hand raised her from a tiny chick who had been blown out of the nest. What an amazing experience! But I don’t like the chances it could return just be on the lookout. He is eating great his feathers are growing rapidly. I also found a baby crested pigeon, i found it near the road, and it can’t fly yet. The biggest thing, if you’ve never cared for a bird, is to remember the UPPER part of its beak opens upward. he is about 8 months old now and has the run of our house. Thanks Jane. i would be so upset if I lost my crested pigeon. April, I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your pigeon. I will stay in touch and hopefully I will come back with some good news. That is great, glad to hear that he is back in the wild, if you are lucky he might come back and say hello sometimes. I also kept the pigeon and he/she is really the most wonderful pet. Hi again Kris – no offence taken – Sorry if my reply seemed a little abrupt – it’s what happens when one is pressed for time and tired! Hi there Liz – sorry for the delay in replying to your question. Good luck. What about a budgie or canary, or finch? Scooped it up looked at it poor little bugger had a big fat eye closed shut and blood nose thing happening. Also depending how old it is, it will like budgie seed, crushed cracker biscuits and clover, good luck , hey Trev & Jane You need to search for a site that sells pet birds. Birds are smarter than we realize as well as having range of emotions… love, happiness, fear, temper. She was fully feathered but quite undersized and not capable of feeding herself. It can fly but not for long, it’s wings and legs all appear ok. Please read through the comments above and see what other people have done. good luck and I hope the little fellow survives. I have known so many people who have reached for the honey jar to feed wild birds it’s not funny. I really love this bird but i am not sure if i should keep it as a pet or i should let it go it still has to be hand fed and all of the other birds and its parents have rejected it so if anyone has any ideas on if i should keep it or not plz let me know! I can’t see any nests around so I an not sure where he has come from but he looks fine he is fledging on my finger and doesn’t try to fly. That is very beautiful. Just an update on the bird i found. She didn’t sit on them, but it was a relief to know her gender at last. I wouldn’t like to keep her in a cage all her life ether. Bugger me it was alive. I picked her up, she cooed and closed her eyes. (non-crested) This baby was late and I am not going to breed until next spring, the hawks are really getting on my nerves right now and it's very cold here in Texas so I have halted breeding. My email address is listed above in a previous comment. If they are hand raised and released chances of him serviving are minimal , Wing slapping is a normal defence to these beautiful birds… & I can live with that.