Controllers of this range are complete and have semi-weighted keys for a better feel when playing. The keys are semi-weighted and feel good. This controller has as many keys as a real piano. Get the ideas, tools and tips you need to grow your sound straight to your inbox. You can do that right from the LCD display. var plc323276 = window.plc323276 || 0; A MIDI keyboard controller is a physical interface that allows you to control sounds or functions from devices that work with MIDI. Your all-in-one groovebox for beatmaking, remixing and more. Akai Professional MPK MIDI Keyboard Controller, Roland Lightweight, Weighted-Action Keyboard. The CME Xkey Air is a USB powered MIDI keyboard controller that connects to all your devices via Bluetooth. = || []; This isn’t primarily a MIDI controller but I had to include it. If you are a professional music producer then this is the best midi keyboard controller for you. The Komplete Kontrol S88 MKII was designed to complement it perfectly, with pre-programmed controls for Komplete software, making it one of the best MIDI keyboard controllers. The backlit pads are pressure and velocity sensitive. I've been on … Best feature: the SEND ALL button. In fact, MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) keyboard controllers allow the musically gifted to set up a mini recording studio at home. There are two unique composition functions in this MIDI keyboard. While they may not have actually manufactured the first one ever, Akai did popularize pad based controllers with their MPC line that can be found in many of the most popular hip-hop songs of the 1980s. Dedicated buttons for Play, Stop, Mode select, Tap Tempo and more. }, Why we love it: It’s a fantastic pair for Ableton users or for those of you who love pads (all of you beatmakers!). Playing a soft synth with a MIDI keyboard is pretty much like playing the real thing – for a fraction of the price. The unique feature of this controller is the quantity of assignable buttons: 36. Perfectionists with aims of making the most of the space they have in their modest home studio should understand why the Korg NANOKEY2BK 25-Key Midi Controller is in second place on our well-researched list. Notwithstanding the extra weight in this popular MIDI keyboard for professional and novice musicians alike, this model is still pretty portable. This is what Novation’s flagship controller and it’s aimed at pros. And although at number eight in our listing, skills of top DJs could be achieved with the Novation Launchkey. The aim is, of course, to increase your workflow and in music production that’s important. Akai Professional LPK25. But if you think that it’s only the more obvious array of features on this best midi keyboard controller that it’s got to offer, then think again. The pads trigger various clips in Ableton’s Session View. Of course, music makers with aspirations of making their life much more simple can take advantage of what is a very dainty piece of music communicating gear. (function () { It provides different types of controls to give you full control over your DAW, in the palm of your hand: - 5 X/Y pads - Mixer with pan, mute and solo - 27 sliders - 16 pads - DJ mixer with volume, EQ hi/mid/low, crossfader and Play/Cue switches - Keyboard with velocity sensitivity All controls are customizable to change the … domain: '' Great for recording, mixing or performing live. The workflow of the Launchkey is designed specifically for Ableton Live (but it will map with any major DAW). And just because the Launchpad Ableton Live controller by Novation is bright and cheerful, it doesn’t mean to say that we shouldn’t take it too seriously. ‘Touch Scale’ helps you generate melodies using the touch pad. These MIDI keyboard have more keys – 61 or 88 – and a better feel. This device not only hooks up to your MIDI devices or rack but also has the ability to control lighting, video, robotic effects, and even pyrotechnic displays.{ The wood panel is inspired by analog synths. You can also mess with the pitch on the touchstrip. Are you choosing your first MIDI keyboard controller? Ok this isn’t cheap. Livid Basse II is made and assembled in Texas. It allows you to switch between software instruments right from your controller – even if you’re performing without a DAW. But as most of us will agree with the notion that practice makes perfect, users of this marvel in MIDI keyboard technology should be patient when attempting to realise their music making goals.