The rubberized grip on the handle is pretty good but if the knife experiences abuse, that rubberization will come off so be careful! If you use a knife regularly, you definitely will want to pay attention to the wear resistance rating of the steel used. H1 is probably the best material for use in salt-water as it has best-in-class anti-corrosive properties. In addition to our five factors of grading criteria, these seven knives stand up to our standards for: To help you find the best combat knife possible, we’ve narrowed our top picks down to knives that are best for a tactical setting. Since it is a larger knife, it may be cumbersome to carry. Blade Length: 3.30 Inches All in all, this is an easily-deployable personal protection tool as well as a great alternative to a Karambit. You see, seasoned outdoorsman and survivalists all have one thing in common. On the flip side of that, some knives notorious for being easy to sharpen and/or have insanely thin and sharp blades wear extremely quickly and often end up with short overall lifespans. The deep finger choil allows you to get right up to the blade for maximum precision and control. Since elk hunting season has started, I know you must be eager to go and hunt down some of them. Blade Steel: 420 High Carbon Steel Total Length: 11.14 Inches This blade is made of CPM-S35VN steel, which, as we’ve mentioned before, is premium-quality steel. The Godson has an automatic deployment. Weight: 7.8 oz, Intended Uses: Hunting, camping, self-defense, combat, survival, general outdoors use. You wouldn’t go out and buy a new truck without knowing its off-road, towing, and performance capabilities and you should have the same mentality for knives. Blade Style: Clip Point However, if a material is too hard, it can end up becoming brittle, which is why certain alloys are made not just with hardness in mind, but tensile strength as well, which is the ability not only to resist deformity but to allow a bit of playback and forth without breakage. The blade itself will either be a single-edge, which is sharp on one edge and has a thick spine on the other edge to keep the blade strong; or a double-edge, which is sharp on both sides with the spine running down the middle of the blade. Some people like this, some people don’t, so make sure that is a style of grip that will work with how you like to hold a knife. Blade Style: Clip Point The 4.52-inch blade consists of American D2 Tool Steel and comes in at a huge 62 HRC rating which is rather hard compared to most other knives. Black Legion Triple Knife Set (Atomic Red) 4.3 out of 5 stars 401. This blade is made of CPMS35VN steel. The SK-5 steel version is an absolutely incredible deal and the best value overall. Carpenters and woodcarvers will love this small fixed blade knife. The inward curvature makes it good for detail work, with a fat-ass belly that gives you loads of leverage right where it counts. The tip of a tanto blade is thicker than that of a normal blade due to the angle. With premium-grade steel that will last ages and a tough, durable, neutral-colored handle that will withstand the hardest jobs, you’re sure to get your money’s worth out of this knife. All in all, it’s hard to recommend this knife for any specific purpose other than just having a really sweet looking fixed blade. Boker has outfitted this knife with an excellent sheath, one of the best I’ve seen included with a knife in this price range. CPM S30V is considered premium grade stainless steel because of its high durability, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. Trailing-Point: This blade is a bit similar to the straight-back but instead of a straight-back it has a spine that curves slightly upward and brings the point up slightly with it. Handle Composition: Anodized Aluminum That’s why we’re sharing our picks for the best tactical knives on the market. Blade Steel: 1095 420 High Carbon steel is notoriously hard and strong and so long as you don’t plan on using it often near saltwater, it will serve you nicely as it’s rather easy to maintain and is well-rounded across durability categories. As far as cuttability, this knife primarily focuses on versatility for an EDC knife, with a sharper tip and thicker base. This could not be further from the truth. With a drop point and straight edge, this knife is still great for combat applications and will provide more utility in a survival setting. This knife just speaks to me as an “I don’t care what happens or how it happens, I want the job done” kind of blade. I especially like the root saw on the reverse edge of the knife. Many sawbacks can be difficult to use, but with the teeth spaced like they are on the Glock Field Knife, you will find that it is easy to use to cut through small shrubbery, brush, and stubborn roots. This handy knife is 3.75oz, with a blade length of 3.44″ and an overall length of 8.28″. Remember, this knife is insanely small and for a lot of people like myself who have large hands, this knife will feel a bit uncomfortably small. And when your knife is resilient and sturdy, there’s nothing that can harm you in the woods. The Infidel was never thought to have been highly versatile as you move from task to task on a farm but more so to be carried on you through tough times and not-so-friendly lands of uncertainty. When shopping around, you’ll likely see ratings of HRC. Weight: 12 oz The fact that it lacks lashing holes to make a spear in survival situations and an insulated handle isn’t a big deal to me, but again, it really all depends on what you’re looking to get out of your fixed blade knife. Yeah, the belt clip sucks though, so maybe grab something else for that if belt carry is important to you. One of the Marine Approved favorites in terms of Tanto’s is the Benchmade Nimravus which we review in this guide. With 20 years of reliable function to vouch for its functionality, this knife is safe, durable, reliable, sleek, and easy to use. Weight: 7.2 oz. San Mai is really just a cool name for steel that they made to be slightly harder than traditional VG-10 without sacrificing VG-10s excellent corrosion resistance.