Angora rabbit for sale in United States. Id Subtitle 829638251. The French Angora is the second most popular Angora rabbit, after the English Angora. It is believed that the French people introduced Angora rabbits to Europe. 4 are very fluffy with fine, soft hair and albino. We breed for top quality wool production and show quality rabbits. I have a pair pure of Angora rabbits for sale. Netherland dwarf rabbits for sale 11 English Angora Rabbits for Sale Las-Cruces, New Mexico. Price reduced . Dwarf rabbits are experiencing a surge in popularity as pets, and it’s not hard to see why. Contact me for more details. Related Ads. Beautiful white red eyed Angora rabbit 5 months old due to poor health having to down size my rabbits comes with hutch and play pen size of hutch is length 45in width 20in height 40in Read more >> More >> ... Three beautiful angora buck rabbits for sale . If the sale is not completed because of issues with the buyer, the deposit is non-refundable. Netherland dwarf rabbits. She is extremely cute but our daughter doesn’t get along with the rabbit hair as she sneezes a lot and I … Selling for 2+ months Active Ads 1. Angora Rabbits for Sale Angora rabbit rabbits Buyer's Advice Have you seen an ad with a phone number or email in the photo? English Angora … If so please do not contact the advertiser and instead, report this to Freeads using the report ad option. Roughly 3 years old. Sales Policies: For us to hold a bunny longer than 5 days for you we require a non refundable deposit of half. Call. The rest are males Age Age: 6 … Buy the latest copy of Country Smallholding magazine to read an article by Lee Connor featuring Lesley Hordon and Richard Grindey-Banks, who are our National Angora Club Members. Wirral, Merseyside . French Angora Rabbit for sale. The three page article covers the role of Angora rabbits in wool production and exhibition. Angora wool. We sell rabbits, fiber, and yarn. There are several varieties of Angora rabbits. Angora rabbits for sale. We offer competitive pricing and discounts for pet stores in addition to specials and new … Weight: 12 lb – 5.5kg or larger ARBA-accepted varieties: ruby-eyed white The Giant Angora is the largest of the ARBA accepted Angora breeds, having been created by Louise Walsh, of Taunton, Massachusetts to be an efficient wool-producing rabbit sustained with 16-18% alfalfa based rabbit feed and hay, and living in the standard size all wire cages used for commercial breeds. Human exposure and frequent socialization can really allow their personalities to flourish. New listings: French Angora rabbits - $85 (Grants Pass), English angora rabbits - $25 (Rexburg) It’s your “one stop shopping” for all things angora. Where is angora wool extracted from? These adorable bunnies aren’t just ridiculously cute, they’re also gentle, affectionate, and love being around their Netherland dwarf rabbits. 3 Photo(s) Dwerg Hasies R150 . The German Angora rabbit is bred mainly for its wool, making it an excellent option to buy. Top Hat Angora Rabbitry specializes in 3 breeds of rabbits: German, Giant and English Bunnies. Find Angora Rabbits for sale near you or sell to local buyers. Read more about The 6 Most Loved Rabbit Breeds. Flemish x Angora & English Angora Rabbits 4 Sale Beautiful, intelligent, well socialised, friendly, gentle, giant Flemish x rabbits 10 weeks old $25, 6 weeks old $40. THE BEST Breed for COMMERCIAL ANGORA PRODUCTION, I can Help You set up Your top Angora Herd. Quick facts. GERMAN ANGORA RABBITS Bred for top Textile quallity wool and Easy going Attitudes Click on picture for "LINK" to facebook page. If you want to ask questions about Angora Rabbit care, diet, health, harvesting fiber, or other Angora Rabbit related questions please feel free to contact us we will be glad to discuss our rabbits. Even if you’re not a hand spinner, Angora rabbit wool is always in high demand and costs as much as $10-$12 per ounce. The ideal weight of a French Angora is 8.5 lb. If the sale is not completed because of issues that are mine, or those of my rabbits then the deposit will be quickly and happily refunded. Unless you happen to be a hand spinner yourself, you’ll need to find angora rabbit wool buyers. I have for sale 6 Beautiful angora x lionhead rabbits. French Angora Rabbits available for sale We usually have French Angoras available. margo. Email field should … Had being let out in the garden once a day for exercises and being fed very well. Welcome to the home of Windsor Farms Rabbitry. It also does not the mat or requires any grooming. Email. Angora rabbits are lovable, loyal and docile pets with the potential to pay their own room and board by producing high-value fiber. Angora rabbits, enclosures, runs, hutches, supplies, 1 chinchilla Satin Angora buck ($100)1 French Angora Buck ($150)Enclosures are also for sale I have a very large run for $80A large dog crate for $30 (pan is a little messed up, priced accordingly)Ultimately I will have a few carriers/small crates for sale as well. They are bonded and must go together. Weight: 5–5.5 kg (5.5–12.1 lb.) Similar breeds – English Angora and Giant Angora Rabbit; Size – Medium to a large rabbit; German Angora rabbit lifespan: 7-12 years; Body type – cylindrical; Origin and history. Find Angora Rabbits for sale in Leicester near me. Our Goal: Our goal and is to provide Hand Spinners with excellent quality wool for spinning and felting. A fully-grown rabbit can weigh anywhere around 7.5 to 10.5 pounds, making it a large breed. 2 short haired rabbits are female, plus 1 female long haired. Angora rabbit Cromer, Norfolk ... Lovely white male rabbit for sale 8 months old very friendly. Also raising Belgian Hare and Mammoth Donkeys. These rabbits are natives to Ankara in Turkey, which is also linked to the origin of the Turkish Angora cats and goats. Fortunately, with increased interest in hand spinning, ethically raised angora is in high demand. So please contact us for availability as it is constantly changing or look for more frequent litter updates on our Aboundingful Farm facebook page. Angora rabbits are one of the oldest breeds of the domestic rabbits and are commonly known for their long fur which is harvested for high-end wool. RABBIT SHEARING You can bring Your Bun`s here, $20.00 a rabbit or I`ll take the fleece-s for payment. Angora Rabbits For Sale & Rehome in UK. View More. Size and Appearance. Their docile personality makes them a good option for pets , … Angora wool refers to the soft, long fibers often harvested from the various Angora rabbit breeds (which includes the German, English, Giant, French, and others)..