The system picks up where you left off if you leave and then return to the car, which is a nice touch – as is the ability to see the album artwork on the screen. Such clean sound from the Dynaudio in the 2010 GTI when compared to my Fender in the 2018 R cherna. Basically, Bose car audio systems always sound good, and unlike some other choices, they do it without requiring 1,000-watt outputs (the Panaray setup doesn't even get to 600). All rights reserved. Please refresh the page and try again. The same configuration can be found in the back of the Golf. As you'd expect, DAB sounds clearer and more precise (although a little more compressed) than the vaguer, noisier FM, but they're both really listenable – great news if you happen to live in a DAB-devoid zone. Another upgrade, the navigation system, replaces the in-dash CD player with a DVD player and shifts the CD changer into the glovebox. The Fender audio system showed a new layer of echo in tracks like Master of Puppets that I had not noticed before. We put it to the test. The central element of the sound system is a 10 channel amplifier with class A/B power amplifiers and an output of 400 watts. I am pretty good at DIY installs, but would need the parts and a good set of instructions. If that’s too steep, you could go for the standard £735 Discover Navigation system, which does without niceties such as the hard drive and the more advanced 3D map system. © ... 2019 Jetta SEL Premium… Given that the car comes as standard with a dash-mounted six-CD changer and a 3.5mm in for an external source, that could well be enough for many buyers.The touchscreen is fantasticHowever, our road test car sported every extra in the book, including a DVD touchscreen navigation system (£1915 when fitted with Dynaudio speakers). The Dynaudio speakers do just as good a job communicating a big Barclays Premier League Clash on Radio Five Live as they do the charts on Radio One. The same configuration can be found in the back of the Golf. VW Passat CC GT£23,2055 starsForTerrific speed and energy to the sound; great value in its basic form; optional touchscreen is world-classAgainstNot the deepest bass aroundVerdictGreat to use, listen to and live withDanish firm Dynaudio has enjoyed a long affiliation with Volkswagen. DynAudio is working with Volkswagen to plan for the future, but exactly how to create such a bespoke sound system inside a mass-produced car will no doubt be the hardest task. Editors' Review Although the 2012 Volkswagen Golf comes with a price premium when compared to similarly equipped competitors, reviewers and owners don't seem to mind much, since the Golf delivers a lot of German engineering for the money. There are dedicated touchtabs for Radio, Media, Nav and Sound options – and there’s a neat proximity sensor, which brings up a menu bar. ‘Soft’, to us, was one of the least impressive settings, robbing music of its vibrancy and pep. The ‘Fender’ premium soundpack is available as an upgrade to the RCD 510 DAB radio system, RNS 315 navigation /DAB radio system or RNS 510 DVD navigation /DAB radio system. We streamed the same track over Bluetooth and felt the wired connection sounded more solid and substantial. Dynaudio recommends the ‘Soft’ setting for low-resolution sources such as the radio or MP3s. But, while crazily expensive supercars are just a poster on the bedroom wall for us mere mortals, the new Mark VII Golf and its Dynaudio Excite Sound System is a little more attainable... We’ll touch on the rest of the infotainment options shortly, but the Excite set-up (named after the company's Excite speaker range) brings with it a 10-channel digital amplifier, eight speakers, one subwoofer and 400W of power. genuine VW Golf 7 R Dynaudio sound system 8 speakers Subwoofer & Amplifier OEM 5G0035456 Get the best sound out of your VW Golf 7. Pyramid127. Dynaudio Premium Audio Systems Your Volkswagen ’s Infotainment can be enhanced by the optional built-in Dynaudio Excite premium audio system to deliver an amazing acoustic experience. Dynaudio has been providing uprated, high-class audio for various Volkswagens since 2002. We wouldn’t bother – we didn’t struggle to hear when using any of the other settings for hands-free. 1 Dynaudio 'Confidence' sound system in the pre-2018 Touareg Featuring no fewer than 12 exceptional loudspeakers, all perfectly integrated into the luxury interior of the Touareg – amplified by a 12-channel 620-watt digital amplifier. You will receive a verification email shortly. What Hi-Fi? This means the screen is kept free from clutter for the majority of time, only springing into life just before your finger makes contact with the screen. Can anyone comment? In the Golf you have to physically switch to this mode for hands free and then turn it off again. To guarantee high-end sound, DYNAUDIO engineers are involved in vehicle development from the beginning. ... 2016 Volkswagen CC R-Line: Review - Duration: ... VW CC Stock Sound System … The last sonic option is to customise the bass, midrange and treble levels, using the on-screen sliders. Eight speakers and a subwoofer. So when I purchased my new Volkwagen Golf R a couple of month ago, I was (somewhat) happy to learn that it comes with upgraded audio from the get go. 530 E. Jericho Turnpike , St. James, NY 11780; Parts 631-724-6721; Service 631-724-6615; Call Us At 631-724-6600 631-724-6600 The system provides a choice of four different sound settings for music playback. The system sounds hugely entertaining either way. The company's optional speaker system in the Passat, and now the new, swoopy Passat CC GT, has long been one of our favourites. Sound and Vision gave Dynaudio’s in-car sound system the highest possible score in a wonderful five-star review. We found leaving things on the ‘Authentic’ setting provided the most realistic and entertaining sound. With a digital amplifier and subwoofer, your driving playlist will sound better than ever before. Video captured in a Volkswagen CC equiped with dynaudio premium sound.
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