and sweet sighs, and playful and fitting words. But you, if you’re wise, avoid your teacher’s faults. If you see her hanging about under some portico, as if she didn't know what to do with herself, go and walk there too. But whoever you are, who want to keep your girl. whose pigment’s blacker than Illyrian pitch: if she squints, she’s like Venus: if she’s grey, Minerva: let her be ‘slender’, who’s truly emaciated: call her ‘trim’, who’s tiny, ‘full-bodied’ if she’s gross. And then she'll come grieving some pretended loss; she'll come to you with eyes all red with weeping and tell you she's lost one of her precious ear-rings. Sit tibi credibilis sermo consuetaque verba,     Blanda tamen, praesens ut videare loqui. Suppose she reads your letter but doesn't answer. THE ART OF LOVE BOOK II. And if, after you've kissed her, you fail to take the rest, you don't deserve even what you've won. whom though she can’t live without, she wishes she could. Don’t think it shameful (though it’s shameful, you’ll like it). Utque viro furtiva venus, sic grata puellae:     Vir male dissimulat: tectius illa cupit. Even the Forum, strange though it sound, is propitious to love-making. Brows unpucker and hearts expand; every tongue's inspired by frankness, and calls a spade a spade. If she flirts, endure it: if she writes, don’t touch the wax: let her come from where she wishes: and go where she pleases, too. Reice succinctos operoso stamine fusos! Standing erect will I depict thee, and urging thy warriors to the combat. You can say it was sent from your country villa. Trust me, love’s pleasure’s not to be hurried. Ergo erit illa dies, qua tu, pulcherrime rerum,     Quattuor in niveis aureus ibis equis. And he’s flighty, and has two wings on which he vanishes: Minos blocked every road of flight for his guest: When he’d imprisoned the offspring of its mother’s sin. Phalaris, too, caused the ferocious. Nil nisi turpe iuvat: curae sua cuique voluptas:     Haec quoque ab alterius grata dolore venit. 80 Kreative Idéer bog - Winnie Frederiksen .pdf. Peradventure she'll write in a huff and tell you to cease annoying her. Then if some fair one shall ask of thee the name of this or that defeated monarch, what all these emblems mean, what country this, what mountain that, or what that river yonder represents, answer at once, anticipate her questions, speak up with confidence, and even when your mind's a blank, speak up as if you had the knowledge pat. " Ecce suburbanae templum nemorale Dianae     Partaque per gladios regna nocente manu: Illa, quod est virgo, quod tela Cupidinis odit,     Multa dedit populo vulnera, multa dabit. I remember her husband kissed her: I grieved. I™ve seen the torch that™s swung about grow brighter and the still one, on the contrary, quenched. He pursues the Mænads, who flee from him and mock him as they flee, and as he belabours his long-eared beast with his staff, the unskilful cavalier tumbles head-foremost from his steed. Hic teneat nostras ancora iacta rates. A well-known story, but one that may well be told again, is that of Achilles and the maid of Scyros. Mollibus in pratis admugit femina tauro:     Femina cornipedi semper adhinnit equo. Love Between Parent and Child 3. Cum bene vitaris, tamen auferet; invenit artem     Femina, qua cupidi carpat amantis opes. The same soil is not equally good for everything. Phyllis burnt less for Demophoon in his presence: she blazed more fiercely when he sailed away. but request her anxiously to beware of chills. When he realised this, he said: ‘Now, now, O Daedalus. and glues the ends with beeswax melted in the flames. If you want to look at precious stones, or coloured cloth, you take them out into the light of day; and it's by daylight you should judge a woman's face and figure. When, then, you find yourself at a feast where the wine is flowing freely, and where a woman shares the same couch with you, pray to that god whose mysteries are celebrated during the night, that the wine may not overcloud thy brain. What’s your hurry, young man? The Art Of Love: Ovid: 9781518860911: Books Enjoy the best Ovid Quotes at BrainyQuote. Thus it sometimes happens that a woman, who has feared to yield to the caresses of a man of breeding, will fall into the arms of a worthless knave. If you ask how long you should let her lament her hurt. Quadrupedes inter rapidi certamina cursus     Depexaeque iubae plausaque colla iuvant. Illam respicias, illam mirere licebit:     Multa supercilio, multa loquare notis. Omit not to visit that portico which, adorned with ancient pictures, is called the portico of Livia, after its foundress. A patron but a little while ago, he would now rejoice to be a client. Dixit, et ingenti iamdudum de grege duci     Iussit et inmeritam sub iuga curva trahi, Aut cadere ante aras commentaque sacra coegit,     Et tenuit laeta paelicis exta manu. He alone will be wise, who’s well-known to himself. holding a weapon, or carrying nets on your back: I don’t order you to bare your chest to flying darts: Yield to opposition: by yielding you’ll end as victor: Condemn what she condemns: what she approves, approve: She laughs, you laugh: remember to cry, if she cries: she’ll set the rules according to your expression. Quassanda est ista Pelias hasta manu. Tantum ne noceant teneris male rapta labellis,     Neve queri possit dura fuisse, cave. Ecce, parat Caesar domito quod defuit orbi     Addere: nunc, oriens ultime, noster eris. a thing of naked strength and brutish body: woods were its home, grass its food, leaves its bed: They say sweet delights softened savage spirits: they had no teacher to show them what to do: Birds have mates to love: in the midst of waters. Nec tellus eadem parit omnia; vitibus illa     Convenit, haec oleis; hac bene farra virent. Quas Hector sensurus erat, poscente magistro     Verberibus iussas praebuit ille manus. Scit bene venator, cervis ubi retia tendat,     Scit bene, qua frendens valle moretur aper; Aucupibus noti frutices; qui sustinet hamos,     Novit quae multo pisce natentur aquae: Tu quoque, materiam longo qui quaeris amori,     Ante frequens quo sit disce puella loco. "Ovid - The Art of Love" translated by Rolfe Humphries, narrated by Tim Lundeen. Ipsa novas frondes et prata tenerrima tauro     Fertur inadsueta subsecuisse manu. "Then," said Busiris, "thou shalt be the first victim offered to the god; thou shalt be that stranger-guest to whom Egypt shall owe the rain from heaven." Ut fugiunt aquilas, timidissima turba, columbae,     Ut fugit invisos agna novella lupos: Sic illae timuere viros sine more ruentes;     Constitit in nulla qui fuit ante color. Quo magis, o, faciles imitantibus este, puellae:     Fiet amor verus, qui modo falsus erat. Shun not the Temple of the Cow of Memphis, who persuades so many women to play the part she played to Jupiter. "Stay yet awhile," she said entreatingly, when Achilles, eager to be gone, had laid aside the distaff to seize his valiant arms. Calvin Blanchard. The quarry that I was hot upon hath fallen into my toils. Ut voto potiare tuo, miserabilis esto,     Ut qui te videat, dicere possit 'amas.' I gaze at the dazed eyes of my frantic mistress: she’s exhausted, and won’t let herself be touched for ages. Parthe, malum iam nunc Mars tuus omen habet. Publication date 1929 Topics Incantations, Incantations Publisher London, W. Heinemann; New York, G.P. I’ve given you weapons: Vulcan gave Achilles his: excel with the gifts you’re given, as he excelled. Ecce, suum vatem Liber vocat; hic quoque amantes     Adiuvat, et flammae, qua calet ipse, favet. The Art of Remedia Amoris: Unlearning to Love? and set the wreathe of myrtle on my perfumed hair. She heard all this: She saw Cassandra for herself: the victor the shameful prize of his own prize. Institor ad dominam veniet discinctus emacem,     Expediet merces teque sedente suas: Quas illa, inspicias, sapere ut videare, rogabit:     Oscula deinde dabit; deinde rogabit, emas. Even in the cradle he proved himself a worthy son of Jove. Tergaque Parthorum Romanaque pectora dicam,     Telaque, ab averso quae iacit hostis equo. Et tibi, Palladiae petitur cui fama coronae,     Candida si fuerint corpora, turpis eris. Sed bene celetur: bene si celabitur index,     Notitiae suberit semper amica tuae. What could you have harder than a rock, or less hard than water? Dum sequitur Bacchas, Bacchae fugiuntque petuntque     Quadrupedem ferula dum malus urget eques, In caput aurito cecidit delapsus asello:     Clamarunt satyri 'surge age, surge, pater.' Time itself erases all faults from the flesh. No law orders you to come together in one bed: in your rules it’s love provides the entertainment. There are no cowards guarding this standard. Songs are praised, but its gifts they really want: barbarians themselves are pleasing, so long as they’re rich. Mozley, sometime scholar of King's College, Cambridge; Lecturer in Classics, University of London. What lover of experience does not know how greatly kisses add. Lose your pride. Directed by Esmé von Hoffman. A few characters written on an apple led the young Cydippe astray and, when she had read them, the rash girl found she was ensnared by her own words. Leave such foppishness as that to the effeminate priests who wail their Phrygian chants in honour of Cybele. Calling ‘Icarus’, he saw the feathers on the waves. Thus far my Muse, borne in her chariot with wheels of different height, has, told you, would-be lover, where to seek your prey, and how to lay your snares. save Save Ovid - Art of Love PDF For Later. Crede tamen speculo, quod te negat esse iuvencam. Wherefore, Deidamia, wilt thou retain with pleading tones the author of thy downfall? Using various techniques, he tells men how to comport themselves in a way to be desirable to women. Book I is addressed to men and concerned with the wooing of a woman. the man half-bull, the bull who was half-man. Quid magis est saxo durum, quid mollius unda? Cuius equi veniant, facito, studiose, requiras:     Nec mora, quisquis erit, cui favet illa, fave. Primus sollicitos fecisti, Romule, ludos,     Cum iuvit viduos rapta Sabina viros. Ye far-off countries of the East, to our laws shall ye submit; and you, ye arrogant Parthians, shall be punished as ye deserve. Elle nous donne tout de suite en résumé la quintessence de son exposé, dont les aspects principaux sont développés dans les chapitres suivants. But don’t forgo sex: all peace is in that one thing. Here you will find women to your taste: one for a moment's dalliance, another to fondle and caress, another to have all for your own. Quod refugit, multae cupiunt: odere quod instat;     Lenius instando taedia tolle tui. Per Styga Iunoni falsum iurare solebat     Iuppiter; exemplo nunc favet ipse suo. hasten to the goal together: that’s the fullness of pleasure. and makes you lament, as she is lamenting. Ariadne was wandering distraught along the lonely wave-beaten shores of Naxos. and she afraid to sleep alone in an empty bed. In it you should tell her how you dote on her; pay her pretty compliments and say all the nice things lovers always say. Every woman taken by force in a hurricane of passion is transported with delight; nothing you could give her pleases her like that. Gather it up, and take special care that nothing soils it. for me, matured in the cask, from an ancient consulship. Nevertheless, don't be too rough with her and hurt her dainty mouth. not often the winds aid the boat in trouble: What delights a lover is little, what pains him more: many sufferings declare themselves to his heart. Si doctus videare rudi, petulansve pudenti,     Diffidet miserae protinus illa sibi. Si tamen a precibus tumidos accedere fastus     Senseris, incepto parce referque pedem. The Art of Love ; Title page of a 1644 edition of Ars amatoria, published in Frankfurt. The Objects of Love a. Brotherly Love b. Motherly Love c. Erotic Love d. Self-Love e. Love of God III. Hippolytum Phaedra, nec erat bene cultus, amavit;     Cura deae silvis aptus Adonis erat. New York. So saying he leapt from his chariot lest his tigers should affright her. there, trust me, is the place where grace is born. Casus in eventu est: licet hic indulgeat ausis,     Consilium tamen est abstinuisse meum. Ille quidem pennas velociter excutit udas:     Sed tamen et spargi pectus amore nocet. Begin by saying the sort of thing people generally do say on such occasions. Pleasure’s no joy to me that’s given out of duty: I like to hear a voice confessing to her rapture. And do not miss the festival of Adonis, mourned of Venus, and the rites celebrated every seventh day by the Syrian Jews. Ovid - Art of Love PDF - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. p. 122. p. 123 p. 124 p. 125. Et nihil emineant, et sint sine sordibus ungues:     Inque cava nullus stet tibi nare pilus. Ille quidem ferus est et qui mihi saepe repugnet:     Sed puer est, aetas mollis et apta regi. This work may be freely reproduced, stored and transmitted, electronically or otherwise, for any non-commercial purpose. You can wear through an iron ring by continuous friction; the ploughshare wears away every day against the soil it cleaves. Sic coeunt sacro nupta deusque toro. a noxious herb, my judgement is its poisonous: or mix pepper with the seeds of stinging nettles. let yours be the hand that does what she allows. There are those who don’t like being served with shy kindness: while love fades if there’s no rival around. Once she herself is well involved, she won't give you away. Automedon was a skilled charioteer and knew how to handle the flowing reins; Tiphys was the pilot of the good ship Argo. Pugnabit primo fortassis, et 'improbe' dicet:     Pugnando vinci se tamen illa volet. Putnam's Sons Collection inlibrary; printdisabled; internetarchivebooks Digitizing sponsor Kahle/Austin Foundation Contributor Internet Archive Language English; Latin. Don’t be put off by the fretfulness of the patient. Laurel was in his hand, laurel wreathing his hair: ‘Professor of Wanton Love,’ he said to me. Wherefore, mirror in hand, dost thou follow the wandering herd up to the mountain top? Wine fills the heart with thoughts of love and makes it prompt to catch on fire. You’ll often endure rain pouring from heavenly clouds. Truly now it is the Age of Gold: the greatest honours. Ovid's gift is to make young women famous with his poetry. Thinness, too, is an index to the feelings; and be not ashamed to veil your shining hair beneath the hood. Praise either in song: and they’ll commend. Is her dress dragging on the ground? Art works when its hidden: discovery brings shame. I’d swim the Stygian waves, if Styx offered me a path: Trouble often sharpens the wits: who would think. Fragile as ice, a woman's anger is a transient thing. The righteousness of our cause shall overcome the Parthians; arms shall drive the victory home, and so to Latium's riches, the wealth of the Orient shall my young hero add. Make war with the Parthians, peace with a civilised friend. Blanditias ferat illa tuas imitataque amantem 430     Verba; nec exiguas, quisquis es, adde preces. This is the field,’ (he drew the field), ‘that was dyed. she’s captured by my art, she’s to be kept by my art too. Hence, ye narrow frontlets, insignia of chastity, and ye trailing robes that half conceal the feet. If you launch the ship then, you'll be lucky if you're washed ashore clinging to a spar. And thou who seekest out the object of a lasting love, learn to know the places which the fair ones most do haunt. The sky road still remains: we’ll try the heavens. feels ill because of the unhealthy weather. The keener his arrows, the fiercer his fires, the more they stir me to avenge my wounds. People don't resist the temptation of new delights. Hactenus, unde legas quod ames, ubi retia ponas,     Praecipit imparibus vecta Thalea rotis. Thy sacred cause shall triumph o’er the perjured foe; justice and piety shall march beneath thy standards. Quid referam Baias, praetextaque litora velis,     Et quae de calido sulpure fumat aqua? Ali, my fair ones, look with indulgent eye on those that give themselves a lover's airs; the love, now feigned, will soon be love indeed. Wherefore, since a lie should pay for a lie, let woman be deceived and let her blame no one but herself for the treachery whereof she set the example. Generally heads are swollen with success. Paris, the guest, at night, was taken to her warm breast. A man catching fish, with quivering rod, saw them. nor Marsian dirges mingled with magic chants. Quickly bring up a footstool to her elegant couch. Don’t think it a disgrace to suffer curses or blows. Books Hello, Sign in. Spectatum veniunt, veniunt spectentur ut ipsae:     Ille locus casti damna pudoris habet. What your father is to your mother, that will I be to you." and hang the roses, from your head, outside. At quae cum posset cogi, non tacta recessit,     Ut simulet vultu gaudia, tristis erit. numero cedet harena meo. She’s in the country, says: ‘come’: Love hates a laggard: if you’ve no wheels, travel the road on foot. Every one turned pale, terror spread throughout the throng, but it showed itself in different ways. he end of “The Art of Loving”. Quisquis ubique, viri, dociles advertite mentes,     Pollicitisque favens, vulgus, adeste meis. Fingers will find what will arouse those parts. Wherefore dost thou for ever range thy hair? Scarce has he essayed to wield his arms, and yet he proves himself a skilful leader. Nevertheless, the Romans carry off the women, sweet booty for their beds, and to many of them, terror lends an added charm. dixit, cum iam properaret Achilles;     Fortia nam posita sumpserat arma colo. Vis ubi nunc illa est? With men and women love is more restrained, and passion is less fierce. Now Icarus delights in the strange journey. Insere te turbae, leviterque admotus eunti     Velle latus digitis, et pede tange pedem. Nunc quoque qui puer es, quantus tum, Bacche, fuisti,     Cum timuit thyrsos India victa tuos? And, then, how often it has happened that the man who begins by feigning love ends by falling in love in real earnest. he said: ‘Minos, the Just, let my exile end: And since I couldn’t live in my own country. Dinners and banquets offer easy access to women's favour, and the pleasures of the grape are not the only entertainment you may find there; Love, with rosy cheeks, often presses in her frail hands the amphora of Bacchus. Ever since those days, the theatres, faithful to this ancient custom, have always been a dangerous lure to loveliness. If Minos still doth hold a corner in thy heart, cease this adulterous love; or if thou must deceive thy spouse, at least deceive him with a man." A woman always knows how to exploit an ardent lover. how they move, as a bird teaches her young nestlings. What’s safe, when adulterers give out her name. and the oak-tree provided food and shelter. Many women long for what eludes them, and like not what is offered them. Iuppiter ex alto periuria ridet amantum,     Et iubet Aeolios inrita ferre notos. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Consistes, aciemque meis hortabere verbis;     O desint animis ne mea verba tuis! heaven and earth and sea were created one: soon sky was set above land, earth circled by water. You would have hurt her in the struggle, you say? the salt-green sea closes over his open lips. and how scandalous delays had prolonged the war. O it’s good if that babbler Tantalus, clutching at fruit in vain. And white hair will come to find you, lovely lad. on Fortune’s Day (it’s little enough to pay): and the maid, on that day when the hand of punishment fell. Share. Ordered to appear in town, make sure you arrive. Iustus uterque fuit: neque enim lex aequior ulla est,     Quam necis artifices arte perire sua. and the wolf whose custom is to raid the timid flocks. Siquis idem sperat, laturas poma myricas     Speret, et e medio flumine mella petat. Tunc neque marmoreo pendebant vela theatro,     Nec fuerant liquido pulpita rubra croco; Illic quas tulerant nemorosa Palatia, frondes     Simpliciter positae, scena sine arte fuit; In gradibus sedit populus de caespite factis,     Qualibet hirsutas fronde tegente comas. Howbeit, if you cannot manage to squeeze out any tears--and they won't always flow just when you want them to--put your finger in your eyes. then drop down head-first through the open roof: She’ll be glad, knowing the chase itself is risky for you: that will be sure proof to the lady of your love. She spake. It was written in 2 AD. Night and winter, long roads and cruel sorrows. Iam deus in curru, quem summum texerat uvis,     Tigribus adiunctis aurea lora dabat: Et color et Theseus et vox abiere puellae:     Terque fugam petiit, terque retenta metu est. Have a clean tongue, and let your teeth be free from tartar; and don't slop about in boots that are two or three sizes too big for you. Penelopen ipsam, persta modo, tempore vinces:     Capta vides sero Pergama, capta tamen. Then they'll keep on asking you to lend them money; and once they've got it, I wouldn't give much for your chances of getting it back. . Theseus conquered Ariadne without troubling about the way his hair was done. I give in! The common herd, the austere judge, and those superior people, the senators, are not the only people who are moved by eloquence. To the heedless billows she was crying wildly for her Theseus, and tears flowed in torrents down her cheeks. cogere noli:     Tu modo blanditias fac legat usque tuas. Mother of Love, smile on my undertaking. I give in! But it is especially at the theatre you should lay your snares; that is where you may hope to have your desires fulfilled. But don’t gaze at the Bear, that Arcadian girl. This circus, where an immense concourse of people is gathered, is very favourable to Love. Bookmark File PDF The Art Of Love Ovid and men in the skills essential for mastering the art of romantic conquest. Ut redit itque frequens longum formica per agmen,     Granifero solitum cum vehit ore cibum, Aut ut apes saltusque suos et olentia nactae     Pascua per flores et thyma summa volant, Sic ruit ad celebres cultissima femina ludos:     Copia iudicium saepe morata meum est. His example should lend us courage. Neptune: Venus runs to Paphos: Mars heads for Thrace. Every time she wants anything very special, she'll have a. birthday. eat those, and eggs, eat honey from Hymettus. on the Gauls, they deluded by maids in mistress’s clothes. Conveniat maribus, nequam nos ante rogemus,     Femina iam partes victa rogantis agat. Ingenium caeleste suis velocius annis     Surgit, et ignavae fert male damna morae. Et lacrimae prosunt: lacrimis adamanta movebis:     Fac madidas videat, si potes, illa genas. So long as Ilion was plunged in mourning, her warriors kept the Greeks at bay; it was when she was rejoicing and making merry that she received within her walls the fatal horse with its armèd freight. Fix well thine eyes on her and so confirm the message of thy love.
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