After you pay $45 USD to port your report, you will have 24 hours to port to any additional Regulatory bodies at a discounted cost of $23 USD per additional Regulatory Body. JavaScript is disabled. If further assessment is needed, the College may ask you for more information. The number of hours of required nursing practice is different for each nursing group and province. The process for appeals can be found by clicking here. You may require more assessments and courses depending on the regulatory body you choose as they each have their own requirements and timelines for registration. there is no need to port a report to the same regulatory body since they have access to the report until it’s expiry date. Quick and easy. •       Any other legal name change documents (if applicable). •       See the Application & Other Fees page for details. 1. You have already worked as a nurse in Canada. If an applicant has multiple reports issued in the last year, as a general guideline NNAS suggests porting the most recently issued report and maintaining the nursing discipline. NNAS will send you an email when the Advisory Report is issued. I have been "ready for review" since MAY! You cannot change your name online. Is her work as a nurses aid licensed or unlicensed? NNAS has a contract with Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) International in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. National Nursing Assessment Service Then your work experience section might look a bit different, something like the above example. The regulatory body will also decide if you need additional assessments or will have to take additional courses. Here's how to write a great cover letter with no experience. 2. For more detailed information, please refer to the  Applicant Handbook. Porting a report is essentially the sharing of an exact copy of your originally issued IEN report and supporting documents to another Regulatory Body for the remaining time that is available to the original Regulatory Body. It will be valid for two years. It’s a non-for-profit organization that conducts assessment of educational, foreign license and work experience documents to determine the eligibility of an IEN to obtain a nursing license in Canada. When you have successfully completed a language proficiency test (if required). (For more detailed information, please refer to pages 5-7 in the Applicant Handbook.). You may port a report for up to a year after the original report was issued. 6. Supposedly it will be done by September 11. A step-by-step guide through the application process. Many of us work flexibly. Toronto, ON  M5G 1Y8 Apply to Customer Service Representative, Processing Assistant, Patient Services Representative and more! It’s more challenging to prove your value when you don’t have a series of professional accomplishments to back up your claims. It fits in with our family or other commitments. The date of your test scores must be no older than six months prior to the date of your Main Application order. It may however take longer to process your application if you request a change. There are two ways to check on your application status. When your documents have been translated (if needed). See the Application & Other Fees page for details about additional fees which you would need to pay. All documents that are submitted become the property of NNAS. They include: The following documents must be sent directly from the issuing authority to NNAS: Note: If the issuing authority no longer exists, you must contact the organization that is authorized to store the documents to forward them directly to NNAS. All notarized copies must include the date of notarization and the signature of the Notary Public or lawyer. Any US nurse who had NNAS experience. The NNAS Advisory Report is issued about 12 weeks after NNAS has received all the required documents and determined that your application is complete. If her past work is not considered equivalent to a licensed/registered practical nurse, her work experience will not count as proof of recent nursing experience. Transcripts and licenses must be sent directly to NNAS from the schools, licensing authorities or organizations authorized to store those documents. Please refer to the Applicant Handbook to confirm which documents are needed by the specific regulatory body that applies to you. Its definitely a slow process. NNAS does not accept transcripts for non-health care courses or degrees. The regulatory body that you apply to will determine how long the Advisory Report is valid. Note: Please do not send any documents to the corporate (Toronto) address, this may delay your application. It appears horrible. Are you looking for a real NNAS advisory report sample? A deferred MBA program is a way through which an undergraduate student or a graduate student without work experience may reserve their seat and can later commence their studies after a couple of years gaining some work experience in the corporate world in the meantime. There are no fixed hours and you’re free to turn down work when it’s offered. I like to connect with you too.. Hi! How long it will take depends on: 1. Certify that each nurse’s file has all of the documents needed before they are sent to the Canadian nursing regulatory bodies. No. There is no way for you to become a nurse in Canada without going through the NNAS process, unless you start in the beginning and complete an entire BScN at a Canadian university. If you have already set up a NNAS Applicant accountclick here to log in. Learn what you need to have and do before you apply. Note: Unless your regulatory body has more requirements or you are changing nursing groups, you will usually not have to re-submit your information and documents for re-evaluation and pay the relevant fees.
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