AKG K702. The mids are on the warmish side of things. Below an aid to help determining the sound character of headphones with relation to the frequency response. Their pads are really huge! The k712 is also a better all rounder than the K701, being adept at rock and pop music. Warum ist AKG K702 besser als AKG K701? Mit verschlaufungsfreiem Kabel? Der AKG K712 Pro bieten dank seines sehr ausgewogenen Frequenzgangs ein wirklich angenehmes und ehrliches Klangerlebnis, wodurch er sich auch zum Mischen und Mastern empfiehlt. Article navigation. Welche sind die beliebtesten Vergleiche? Marke: Markenlos. Below the K712 vs the K701 Is the K702 with K712 pads exactly the same as a K712? These are over ear headphones with open back cups that make the sound very broad. Usage: Home, Studio The K712 headphone is quite attractive in black with orange accents. Fresh pads vs somewhat compressed pads. Bass sounds ‘tight’ and tonally correct with a good integration to the mids. Efficiency: 93dB/1mW (105dB/1V) Tags: akg, akg k7xx, k701, k702, k712, k7xx, massdrop AKG K7XX, the OG Massdrop’s $199 headphones ... One of its most successful and iconic products in the 2000s are AKG K7xx series, the line of open-back reference class professional headphones which started from AKG K701’s introduction in 2004. Bass is extended enough. The K7XX has a tad more presence, the K712 is a bit more ‘laidback’ in the mids. K712 is not a K702 with a bass boost. This also points toward less refined treble in a lot of cases. 238 is a very big number indeed. Mit dem AKG K712 Pro lässt sich auch gut arbeiten. ALL measurements are made with a good SEAL on a flatbed measurement rig. Being a limited edition headphone, it is bound to have some amazing features. Brillenträger dürften erst mit sehr klobigen Sehhilfen Schwierigkeiten bekommen. As the K712 is not a high efficiency headphone this too suggests it is not designed for portable usage. The -15dB depression around 3.5kHz is not really present as would appear from the measurements and is mostly ‘filled in’ by the concha of the ear. It probably has something to do with the driver membrane behaviour. AKG K712 Pro. The headband can adjust over a wide range but isn’t padded. The AKG K7XX are unequivocally AKG in their design. Bass extension of the K7XX is marginally better on the K7XX but not audibly so. EUR 3,09 Versand. By my ears they're pretty much identical. Released earlier this year, alongside the more affordable (£149) K612 Pro, the top of the range K712 Pro are described by AKG as reference, open, over-ear headphones for precise listening, mixing and mastering. Isolation: low (open headphone) Max. 5-6 min. As a note, AKG K712 vs K702 has an impedance of 62 ohms, which is still relatively low. Pads: replaceable, memory foam with velour cloth Has passive noise reduction? Headphone connector: 3-pin mini XLR 1. has an over-the-ear form. I've read that the K7XX is basically a K702 with massdrop branding, but I'm seriously wondering if this is true because there is not much information about this around. Nicht verfügbar. Massdrop edition is tweaked particularly in its sound signature and design wise is based on 65th edition of these headphones. Mine are the original run, Austrian made, so I'm not tinkering with mine. Extremely accurate, balanced, and … It does not push hard on my head but one does feel a small contact point and the cups have a small tendency to drop a little lower in my case. Changes throughout the last ten years are real and audible, but minor. Bass extension is decent. Below the frequency response of the K7XX measured with stock foam, K712 foam and without the foam. This is confirmed by measurements from Rtings. Collapsible: no The 3rd harmonic and higher harmonics distortion is below 0.2% in the bass area which is quite good. 2,334 word post, approx. The treble is not ‘soft/smooth’ and slightly ‘sharp’ on some recordings. for a while now and it's difficult to know the what the slight differences are. vs. AKG K612 Pro. Those that are wondering what happens with the K702 when slapping on a pair of, not angled, memory foam filled K712 pads can see the effect below. vs. AKG K612 Pro. An AKG k712 has 62Ohm whereas the hd650 has 300Ohm. When you take soft, supple sheepskin and wrap it in dense, slow rebounding memory foam, you increase isolation, comfort and sound stage. Maybe much more. There are rumours that the K712 is simply a K702 with different pads and color scheme. As mentioned above this dip is almost entirely compensated in level by the concha of the ear. The green dotted line is what is perceived. Those that dislike ‘sharpish defined’ mids may well like the K712. AKG K712 vs K7XX: Gaming Headphone for You. This makes the K712 audibly less ‘forward/edgy’ and ‘smoother/laidback’ sounding compared to the K702 with K712 pads. Aktie. K612. AKG K712 PRO Jetzt auf Amazon einkaufen. AKG Acoustics is an Austrian firm specialized in professional and consumer audio equipments, ranging from microphones, headphones, to wireless audio system. Der AKG K702 ist ein offener, dynamischer Referenzkopfhörer, der optisch stark an den K701 erinnert. The 712 is also less fatiguing for longer listens. There is a Kameleon filter for the K712 (and K7XX) which extends bass, lowers the treble slightly and adds a tiny bit more ‘air’.As the dip around 3.5kHz is ‘filled-in’ by concha gain the dotted green line will approximate how the K712 will sound in reality. power rating: 0.2W (200mW) AKG K7XX Shop now at Amazon. So why don’t you get the best one for yourself and just enjoy it? Updates. According to our research, it is quite challenging to choose between AKG K701 and K702. AKG K-702 VS K712 ZeroFail20 am 24.11.2016 – Letzte Antwort am 26.03.2018 – 37 Beiträge : AKG K 701 Erfahrene? Dieser Artikel wird momentan nicht online von AKG angeboten. HD599 vs K712 Pro. There may be ever so slightly more bass on the K712 even over the modded Q701. The K712 has a slightly more extended treble than the Q701. Hi friend and Welcome! The sound is very similar to that of the K7XX but not exactly the same. However, our top pick is AKG K702. Design … 14 verkauft. The orange accents look very nice to me but is a personal taste. 13 verkauft. AKG K7XX Shop now at Amazon. With a street price of around € 250 the price is about right. By my ears they're pretty much identical. This stands for a fuller overall presentation, and less upfront detail. You will probably be getting 97%+ of the K7XX or the K712 Pro from the K701. edit2: I tried them on my burson which has more current, and Metallica sounds better there, but I don't think they are cans for the metal genre. — 8.0. The mids could be called laidback as in the opposite of very forward/clear/bright. Fuck it? AKG K712 - Over-ear design maximum wearing comfort for long work sessions - Sophisticated open technology for spacious and airy sound without compromise - Improved low-end performance by 3dB for more powerful sound imaging - Revolutionary flat wire voice coil for incredible impulse and treble response . This headphone is quite comfortable and can be worn for long periods without getting too ‘hot’ on the ears. Compare AKG K702 vs Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones side-by-side. Looking for for a different sound or feel? A horizontal line shows audible neutral response in the plots on this website. This one is made (assembled) in Slovakia. According to our research, it is quite challenging to choose between AKG K701 and K702. Bass is not flabby and fairly well defined. The cable is of average diameter and coiled (3m when stretched, 1.3m when relaxed) and somewhat microphonic. So, time to adjust some goals and expectations. Beide Neuzugänge basieren auf dem Erfolgsmodell K702 (s. S&R 10.2008), das sich weithin als Referenzkopfhörer durchgesetzt hat. The fact that it has a coiled cable suggests it is intended for desktop/studio usage. Klares Klangbild und hervorragende Tiefenstaffelung sind aus der Sicht der Redaktion vorbildlich. vs. AKG K712. At 7.6kHz a wider but short lived one, this is mostly responsible for the slight ‘sharpness’. Driver size: ø 40mm You saved me from a bad purchase :) I think i'll wait untill they hit massdrop again. Home Headphone Comparisons AKG K702 vs. K712 [Definitive Guide] February 21, 2016. Final Remarks of AKG K701 Vs K702. Below the spectrum plot of the K712 (Right channel). I missed the first drop and had money to burn from a holiday bonus so I bought the AKG K712, which I've grown to love over the past month. I have a new k712, they are made in slovakia and cost a lot more retail, but they have been selling at discount in Australia where I am, you might still find on massdrop and wait if you have to save the money, which a lot. On the right the K712 driver with a softer feeling  grey foam ‘donut’. Between 10kHz and 20kHz the two resonances are visible but are also very short. vs. AKG K701. The most interesting part is that the resonances shift a bit because the ear/driver distance changes. The pads are velour and have memory foam inside. andythiing I understand skipping and PF - your arches can tire doing that. Maybe much more. The AKG K702 and K712 are both quite bulky but very light with 235 g of weight and comfortable large suede-like padded cups. Not overblown but also not bass-light like the K701/K702. Tags: akg, akg k7xx, k701, k702, k712, k7xx, massdrop AKG K7XX, the OG Massdrop’s $199 headphones . The K712 PROs are reference, open, over-ear headphones for precise listening, mixing and mastering. The difference is subtile but audible. The cups of these headphones are neither foldable nor swivel and have no hard carry case to take with safely and comfy. The lower frequencies are quite well damped and ‘stop’ fast. vs. AKG K712 Pro. They're close. The K712 Pro is smoother than the HD650 on the vocals removing the edginess. Strange that there is such a big difference between the K702 and the 65th annie version. This plot looks quite nice. Below the K712 vs the K702Bass extension is (inaudibly) and slightly better extended on the K702 (same mechanical/cable construction) obviously is a lot ‘clearer/forward/brighter’ sounding. vs. AKG K275. The 2nd harmonic distortion is probably lower than 0.1% around 1kHz as limits of the test rig are around that level. Driver type: dynamic It terminates in a 3-pin mini XLR which means balanced amplifiers can not be used. Große Muscheln. 乁( ◔ ౪◔)ㄏ, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Impedance refers to electrical resistance or rather the amount of power your device needs to play. The biggest difference between these models (aside from the price and colors) is the 5dB difference around 1.5kHz which is audible. The biggest distinction between an AKG k712 and the Sennheiser hd650 is the impedance. AKG K702. AKG K271 MKII vs AKG K702. The tonal balance is hardly affected by this. The narrow treble peaks are clearly resonances. Subbass is slightly subdued but present. Below the frequency response of the K712 measured with stock foam, K7XX foam and without the foam. Max. Below the frequency response of the K712 (Left, Right) Another giveaway for the left cup is the cable entry. This lowers the 6kHz peak just enough so it does not stand out any more yet still sounds detailed enough. I don’t think this is detrimental to the sound. Massdrop’s AKG K7XX are made in China as most of the standard version ones you buy from amazon today. AKG K712. I also feel it doesn't sound as faithful as hd600 which people have compared the midrange to, so may not sound great with all musics, e.g. Whether you play music or simply talking with your mate, headphones are absolutely necessary for everyday matters. The k7xx also has problems if the music isn't very well mixed and mastered. Check out our other options! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Acorn Audio UK - ZMF/Acoustune/HEDD Audio, amps O2, Burson Conductor v2, Perreaux SXH2, Crackatwoa. The cable terminates in a 3 pin TRS jack with a 6.3mm screw-on adapter. Dem AKG K712 PRO dürfte eine sehr hohe Lebensdauer beschieden sein, sofern er nur einigermaßen pfleglich behandelt wird. Velvet Ear Pads Cushion für AKG K701 K702 Q701 Q702 K601 K612 K712 Pro Headset. Type: On-ear, open or something. The AKG K7XX are insanely comfortable if we take the headband out of the equation. The AKG K712 is an open over-ear headphone. AKG K702 - Mit dem K702 hat AKG einen offenen Referenz-Studiokopfhörer im Programm, der in Mix- und Mastering-Situationen eine möglichst präzise Klangwiedergabe sicherstellen soll. There seems to be not much (if any) difference between the K7XX and K712 foam. They have a wired design for use with high-res audio and an amp. "AKG says that it has improved low-end performance by 3dB over their predecessors, the K702" Funktionen; Spezifikationen & Support; Zubehör Kundenbewertungen; Fragen und Antworten zum Produkt; Over-Ear-Design Maximaler Tragekomfort bei langen Sessions. I am looking for an open back (need to hear surroundings) headphone that ideally has good bass without piercing treble to replace my DT770. The most interesting part is that the resonances shift a bit because the ear/driver distance changes. The AKG K702 share the same style and build as the AKG K701 and AKG K712 PRO. The models have close similarities in design and sound performance. While the K712 is AKG’s third iteration towards a more modern, well-rounded signature, I still find the Sennheiser to be more well-rounded and emotional while the AKG is still aimed at space and detail. vs. AKG K702. current: 56mA Beyerdynamic DT990. Colour: black with orange accents EUR 28,00 Versand. They're more than close. This creates a good seal and a pleasant fit despite the clamping force being somewhat higher than ‘neutral’. Earlier headphones almost sound cold and uninviting, while the touch of bass added to the K712 makes it much more approachable. The new Chinese ones? From what I've read, the K7XX's seem to fit the requirements pretty well. AKG K7XX headphone is a stylish headphone and its design is simply mind-blowing. I personally wouldn't invest anymore money in the Q/K7XX. It does not sound rolled off nor ‘scooped’ in the upper mids. Fresh pads vs somewhat compressed pads. The higher peaks are unattenuated but are not detrimental nor ‘sharp’. It really helps the site get noticed and is much appreciated ? vs. AKG K702. vs. AKG K712 Pro. Above 300Hz the distortion stays below 0.5%. The boost comes into play for everything below 1kHz. Most AKG K7xx headphones have some issues with up-front sounding drums and vocals. Der … Know that you should invest in an amp with either. Design. This plot shows the impulse response/clarity is lacking somewhat. Guys at 32 struggle to play AFL, guys at 47 probably stop doing PBs. They're close. For around €250 to €300 this is a good quality and pleasant sounding headphone that can be used for monitoring, mixing (when speakers are no option) and music enjoyment. AKG K712 PRO. AKG K7XX headphone has an open back and that makes it all the more unique as compared to other headphones. Press J to jump to the feed. It does require a bit more voltage than most low impedance headphones. The AKG K712 has a ‘neutral-ish’ tonal balance. Filling in that ‘measurement error gap’ with a boost filter leads to a really strangely bright and incorrect sound so the measured dip should not be boosted. A great audio quality and awesome comfort, that’s AKG K7XX headphone for you. I never see anybody ever really put it into these terms but the K701 is the beginning of the line. Clamping force: medium/low The open back ear cups are large and circular and covered in a suede-like padding that gives the headphones a premium appeal. AKG K7XX is a Massdrop exclusive headphone. The Q701’s sound-stage is a bit more open/spacious, and airy. K7XX is a reconfigured version of AKG’s 65 th Anniversary model; K702 and the main purpose was to improve low frequencies and … I have K702 and K712 and prefer the K712 for rock and metal. edit: forgot to add treble is not nearly as strong as dt880 which I own, I can tolerate the k712 treble but not the stock dt treble without eq. On a higher output resistance amplifier the output level will be considerably lower. K70 RGB is from Massdrop AKG K712 Pro also from MD Not pictured but also at my desk from Massdrop RooRtech Flush Recycler and Auber RDK-200 Enail. voltage: 3.5V : 116dB The models have close similarities in design and sound performance. The K712 Pro emphasize space while the HD 650 emphasizes timbre. Akg K7xx Cable. AKG K712 PRO Shop now at Amazon. vs. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. Accessories: 6.3mm screw-on adapter, carrying bag. The headphone is light in weight. Below the K712 vs the K7XX. The construction, pads and headphone connector is shared and (possibly) the same driver but damped differently. My sound impressions of the k712 are, power hungry so need high gain setting on my amp. Why is AKG K271 MKII better than AKG K702? 2dB in the K7XX and about +1dB in the K712. Aus Großbritannien. AKG K271 MKII. Ende des Jahres stellte der österreichische Hersteller AKG eine neue Familie von Kopfhörern vor, die drei Hörer umfasst und zwar den K612, den K712 und das Topmodell K812. The output resistance of the used source/amplifier has NO practical influence on the sound. The K712 and K701 have the same bass extension. The efficiency is not high but also not problematically low nor ‘hard to drive’. Around 2kHz there is a little lingering but very low in level and short lived. The foam does increase the response below 1kHz by approx. NO SMOOTHING is applied to the shown plots. Seine leichte Bassanhebung macht dabei auch noch Spaß und somit eignet sich dieser Kopfhörer ebenfalls für HiFi-Enthusiasten, die es nicht klinisch sondern warm mögen.
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