Baklavas Rolo: Rolled Baklava 2 hrs Ratings. It is a traditional dessert. Method 2 (layered, our favorite): Add half of the yogurt in a bowl or a short, wide glass. A delicious, light and healthier Chocolate Mousse recipe made with greek yogurt. 1. This Greek dessert is made with Greek yogurt, lemon juice and zest, and lots of shredded phyllo pastry. Recipe by: GAPGIRL Greek baklava 8 reviews . See more ideas about Desserts, Decadent desserts, Fage yogurt. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'littlecookingtips_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_6',112,'0','0']));Here’s the good news now: you don't need to cook or bake anything! If you are having a sweet tooth but looking for something more nutritious than your usual desserts this 2 minute no bake dessert … Lamb is a specialty in Greece, and I have yet to find better tasting lamb … If you never tried it before, please do it. Feb 21, 2020 - Explore FAGE's board "Decadent Desserts", followed by 9636 people on Pinterest. 2. Cool, creamy, tangy, sweet, a hint of spice… so much flavor, and only four ingredients. When baked, the cake is doused in a thick, sugary, orange-spiked syrup. Kleftiko. I get to share my life with my husband of 13 years and our beautiful, 5-year old daughter. Enjoy the creamy consistency of chocolate mousse, but without all the extras in this recipe. Add the yogurt in a bowl or a short, wide glass. Light and fluffy and with just three ingredients, … We’ve now made several different variations of this Traditional French Yogurt Cake recipe – including a Triple Berry Yogurt Cake that my daughter proudly served to out of town guests recently. 12 Tasty & Healthy Frozen Desserts To Keep You Cool This Summer, 8 Desserts To Make With Your Favorite Summer Berries. Jun 07, 2015, at 9:59 PM. While they are obviously a sweet treat, you can definitely feel less guilty enjoying these brownies which are more on the ooey, gooey side. Course Dessert. Below is our growing collection of Greek dessert recipes. Recipe ... Greek Cake Greek Yogurt Cake Greek Sweets Greek Desserts … Drizzle with the honey and sprinkle the walnuts. This dessert is made with fresh mango pulp, greek yogurt, milk and sugar. Greek Yogurt Cupcakes with Blackberry Frosting Sour cherry spoon sweet (aka vyssino glyko tou Koutaliou—in Greek: βύσσινο γλυκό του κουταλιού, pronounced VEE-see-no ghlee-KOH too koo-tal-YOO) is one of the Greek favorites, and it can be served along with a glass of water, with a cup of Greek coffee or spooned over Greek yogurt or vanilla ice cream. This dish doesn’t require any cooking. From the traditional baklava and milk pie (galaktoboureko) to regional classics like Thessaloniki’s pastry triangles and seasonal specials, this Greek desserts recipe collection has got you covered! If you are having a sweet tooth but looking for something more nutritious than your usual desserts this 2 minute no bake dessert will amaze you. Greek Dessert Recipes Enjoy traditional and authentic Greek desserts, including baklava and sweet phyllo dough pastries. 33 recipes Filter. Maitland Quitmeyer. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the lemon juice, lemon zest and sweetened condensed milk to combine thoroughly. Plus, it only takes 2 minutes to make. But you don’t have to completely cut yourself off from enjoying the sweeter things in life, like dessert. A delicious Greek semolina cake recipe (samali) infused with the aromas and blends of mastic and garnished with a lemon and rosewater scented syrup! Did you like this recipe? Oreo Greek Yogurt Layer Dessert. This -rich in protein- creamy sweet treat is a staple in Greek cuisine and it's extremely popular; us Greeks are eating this for breakfast, or snack or for dessert! The magical tzatziki, made from Greek yogurt, cucumber, and garlic is one of the Greek foods everyone should try at least once in their life. Enter your email and get more authentic recipes like this, as soon as they're published; directly in your mailbox. A few walnuts add depth, complexity and texture to the dish, making it a food for the Gods. For a sweet ending to your next Greek feast, try our Greek dessert recipes - baklava, ravani, loukoumades, galaktoboureko, rizogalo and lots more. 1 day 2 hr. Discover the secrets behind making this extra syrupy Portokalopita infused with the aromas of oranges and cinnamon. Know Your Yogurt The Most Comprehensive Guide to Yogurt You'll Find on the Internet All I can remember is that I started eating Greek yogurt about a decade ago when it seemed to burst into the American marketplace as though it was something recently forged by the gods and not something that had been … Drizzle with half the honey and add half of the walnuts. Discover all the secrets behind this delicious … World Cuisine. Cake (8) Pie (2) Dessert (23) Snack (1) Total time. Yogurt is one of the most common dairy products on the market today, for good reason. In this taverna collection you'll find dozens of delicious recipe ideas that I've meticulously gathered from all over Greece ranging from delightful mezes, traditional Greek grilled meat dishes to fre… Get the baking tips for this recipe at Here are 35 Traditional Greek Dishes and Desserts you should eat in Greece! Method 1 (traditional): Shrikhand is very popular towards Maharashtra and Gujarat region, also served in Indian thalis. Great for kids, this makes a really simple but very tasty summer dessert! When I... Fluffy Key Lime Pie. All of us here LOVE this stuff as much as the folks in the States love ice cream, or perhaps the French love croissants. Galaktoboureko is a traditional Greek dessert made with a custard in a crispy filo pastry shell. Nov 9, 2013 - Who said Phyllo pastry cannot be transformed into an amazing cake? … Enjoy the comfort of this sweet cake, without the guilt that usually goes along with it. Ingredients. You can add dry or fresh fruits, raisins, craisins and any other nuts you like. A simple, filling food you can snack throughout the day. We are Mirella & Panos, aka Little Cooking Tips. 3. See more ideas about Yogurt dessert, Greek yogurt dessert, Yogurt. Drizzle with the honey and sprinkle the walnuts. @2019 - All Right Reserved. Whipping?) Top with a dollop of vanilla Greek yogurt and sliced strawberries for a healthy dessert or … So healthy and so easy! Add half of the yogurt in a bowl or a short, wide glass. Strawberry-Rosemary Yogurt Pops. John Stamos not included. This is a super-fast and super healthy combination of 3 wonderful ingredients: Greek Yogurt, Honey and Walnuts. We planted strawberries a few years ago and these tangy-sweet frozen yogurt pops are my very favorite treats to make with them! Cocoa, greek yogurt and coconut oil put these homemade brownies a step ahead in the “healthy” department. Just because you want to eat healthy doesn’t mean you have to avoid sweets and bread all together. A delicious Greek Yogurt with Honey recipe, drizzled with walnuts, infused with vanilla essence and sprinkled with fragrant cinnamon! Calories 141 kcal. 10 Most Popular Greek Desserts - TasteAtlas Enjoy traditional and authentic Greek desserts, including baklava and sweet phyllo dough pastries. Explore. Γεια σας (Yassas) and welcome! Head to to see how this recipe is put together, then start baking. This is hardly a recipe; as mentioned before, it's a simple combination of great, healthy ingredients. Greek Yogurt with Honey and Walnuts recipe (Yiaourti me meli) A delicious Greek Yogurt with Honey recipe, drizzled with walnuts, infused with vanilla essence and sprinkled with fragrant cinnamon! Cheese (3) Dairy (11) Egg (1) Fruit (2) Grain (6) Herb and spice (2) Nut and seed (11) Vegetable (1) Dish type. A pot of creamy Greek yogurt is a versatile ingredient that can be used to make dips, sauces, bakes and desserts. Greek yogurt is sweetened with white chocolate. Enjoy with a glass of milk! You can toast the walnuts lightly in a hot skillet, if you'd like, to bring out more of their natural flavor. Greek yogurt was typically made at home and has for centuries been a big part of the Mediterranean diet - from savory to sweet dessert dishes. It will become a staple in your home as well. Meal planning, label reading and being conscientious about food choices can be so hard! The texture is unique, and you won't believe how easy it is to make. Share on Pinterest Pin Pinterest Berry pretty. To make diples, dough is rolled into thin strips, fried in hot oil and then … Yep, there’s greek yogurt in these chocolate chip cookies! In my free time you'll catch me cheering for the Dodgers, cooking, baking, reading, crafting and probably watching a little HGTV! Here you will find traditional Greek desserts, as well as desserts inspired by Greek Mediterranean cuisine. Snag the entire recipe at If you have a bit more time, you can also toast the walnuts to enhance their flavor. Try using other yogurt flavors like lemon, raspberry or blueberry. This pound cake recipe has a fraction of eggs and butter, and no refined sugar or oils. Greek Dessert Recipes - The Spruce Eats 12 of the Best Greek Desserts to Make Your Mouth Water After Dinner 1. We knew you'd end up here. Greek Desserts. With just 5 ingredients, you’ll be whipping up mousse in no time (Get it? See more ideas about Yummy food, Dessert recipes, Sweet recipes. Set the processor on medium speed and let it run for about 4-5 minutes. Greek Grape Molasses Cookies (Moustokouloura) 50 mins Ratings. Mar 1, 2018 - Explore Jennifer Silveira's board "Greek yogurt dessert" on Pinterest. Quick Cheese Pie with Puff Pastry Greek Recipe 45 mins ... Yiaourtopita (Lemon Pound Cake With Yogurt) 80 mins Ratings. Get the recipe. Galaktoboureko Rolla (Custard-Filled … Not wanting to throw away leftover fruits and vegetables, rural communities in antiquity used to dry crops in the sun. Light and fluffy and with just three ingredients, you don’t have to feel guilty when eating this Peanut Butter Fluff. Photo and text by Panos Diotis and Mirella Kaloglou.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'littlecookingtips_com-box-3','ezslot_7',110,'0','0'])); This time we’d like to share with you one of the best and simplest dishes of the Greek cuisine: Giaourti (or Yaourti) me Meli, which literally means Yogurt with Honey. Large and in charge, these double-sized cookies are made with NO butter, but coconut oil and greek yogurt as a healthier alternative. Click here to discover this mouthwatering Greek yogurt cake with the aromas and blends of … You just need to get creative with how you make them! Apr 11, 2019 - My very best collection of delicious, traditional Greek Taverna recipes for you to recreate that wonderful tavern meal! The resulting cake is moist, fluffy and delicious – the kids will be so proud and you don’t have to suffer through an awful dessert just to make them feel good!. This traditional Greek baklava has layers of tender filo pastry with a walnut filling and is coated in a spiced syrup. Chances are quite high that you’ve already tried it back home in your own country since it has become world … If so, add in more Vanilla pudding mix 1 g at a time. I hope that everyone enjoys it as much as we do. More, Copyright© 2012-2020, Little Cooking Tips -, Traditional Greek Lemon Garlic Roasted Potatoes (Patates fournou), How to make Greek Whipped Feta (Tyrosalata), Greek zucchini and feta fritters (Kolokythokeftedes), Greek Traditional Pasta Beef Casserole (Giouvetsi), Traditional Greek Cretan Barley Rusk Salad (Dakos salad), Greek Υogurt beetroot salad (a Greek delicacy). Oct 2, 2019 - A delicious collection of traditional Greek desserts! Baklavas Rolo: Rolled Baklava. You don't need to double the amount of cheese, but yet the cake is filled with the creamiest texture and loaded with ... Home » Desserts » Creamy Greek Yogurt Cheesecake – A Perfect Holiday Dessert. 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Fluff. Sprinkle crushed walnuts over the top of the yogurt. Greek yogurt is a natural probiotic, and dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants. Greek yogurt is strained to remove excess moisture, which gives it a creamier taste and higher protein than traditional yogurt. Then, fold in 6 tablespoons of light cool whip. Eating healthy is a constant chore. We also have fantastic Greek biscuits to try. With keywords like "no-bake," "chocolate," and "pizza," this Greek yogurt dessert recipe is easily a crowd-favorite. Discover the secrets behind making this extra syrupy Portokalopita infused with the aromas of oranges and cinnamon. Trouvez les Greek Dessert images et les photos d’actualités parfaites sur Getty Images. From breakfast to dessert, it's great in birchers, parfaits, dips, dressings or served as a frozen treat. 25 Good-For-You Yogurt Desserts These light and delicious yogurt desserts make it easy to indulge.. Tart grapefruit and lime are balanced with a bit of... Yogurt-Ricotta Cheesecake. Head to for the full recipe and a few more healthy ideas! Honey, vanilla, plain and lemon greek yogurt with fresh blueberries–– these are all you need to create healthy and refreshing yogurt bites! Creamy Greek Yogurt Cheesecake is the most deliciously rich cheesecake with cheese-like filling. With keywords like "no-bake," "chocolate," and "pizza," this Layered with an Oreo crust, a creamy filling, chocolate pudding, and whipped topping, but for a fraction of the macros as the traditional recipe! Jul 8, 2015 - Looking for a traditional Greek Orange cake recipe? Greek Recipes .. Remove the lemon zest with a microplane, zester or grater, and set aside. Put all the frozen fruits in the processor, along with the vanilla extract, honey, and Greek yogurt. Instructions Wash the lemon. Designed and Developed by LifeAsMama, We Want All These Spring Manis And We Want Them Now, 5 Tasty Dinner Recipes The Whole Family Loves, How Eating Healthy Carbs Can Support Your Workouts, 5 Apps & Resources To Support Your Child’s Education, Identify Your Life’s Purpose With These Simple Steps. Discover the secrets behind making this extra syrupy Portokalopita infused with the aromas of oranges and cinnamon. Strained yogurt, Greek yogurt, yogurt cheese, sack yogurt, or kerned yogurt is yogurt that has been strained to remove most of its whey, resulting in a thicker consistency than regular unstrained yogurt, while still preserving the distinctive sour taste of yogurt. Choose high quality Greek yogurt and a good wildflower (or thyme) honey for this dish. Fresh strawberries make a great decoration and give a brisk taste to the dessert! Yogurt is a creamy, tasty addition to lots of meals. You may also substitute your favorite herb for the rosemary—or simply omit it. We’ve rounded up some delicious Greek yogurt desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth, but won’t impact your waist line. I didn’t add any … Add the yogurt and whisk to combine. Jul 12, 2016 - Traditional Greek Yogurt Cake with Orange Syrup (Portokalopita) - My Greek Dish If you liked this recipe, we recommend another quick and easy one, that's also served in a glass, a sour cherry no-bake cheesecake. Try the highest-rated yogurt recipes from BBC Good Food. Serve alone, with coffee, or as a topping on yogurt, vanilla ice cream, tarts, or other desserts. Treat yourself to a … Repeat with the rest of the ingredients on top. If you ever visited Greece, you may have already tried this, as it's often served in taverns & restaurants in tourist destinations. Now that’s my kind of dessert! Spoon the yogurt into a small dessert dish. The honey variety, is usually thyme or wildflower honey which combines perfectly with the subtle sour taste of the Greek yogurt. Our company is inspired by the age-old traditional ways, based on … Greek Dessert Recipes Enjoy traditional and authentic Greek desserts, including baklava and sweet phyllo dough pastries. Lemon curd & yogurt fool. You really need whole milk Greek yogurt for it to taste dessert-like. Samali is a traditional Greek dessert which falls under the category of ‘Siropiasta’, which means syrupy Greek desserts. Jul 13, 2020 - Explore Rita Sud's board "Vanilla greek yogurt" on Pinterest. Browse our collection of Greek yogurt recipes for everyday inspiration. Shrikhand is a traditional, famous Indian recipe which is served with pooris (indian fried puffed bread). Yogurt is one of the most common dairy products on the market today, for good reason. Choisissez parmi des contenus premium Greek Dessert de la plus haute qualité. Panna Cotta – An Ancient Greek Yogurt Dessert. Hangop may also be made using … A nutty, chocolaty base of dates, almonds, and cocoa powder pairs with a creamy filling that's part cream cheese, part Greek yogurt, and a dash of zest. It’s sweetened with Stevia and made moist and delicious with greek yogurt! Plus: FREE printable PDFs for your kitchen with the seasonal veggies & fruits and more! Baklavas Rolo: Rolled Baklava 2 hrs Ratings . … At this time, you can taste and see if you’d like this layer to be sweeter. Juice the lemon. After all these years it is still a family favourite. and enjoying it as a delicious dessert. 45 ratings 4.8 out of 5 star rating. 23 Greek Yogurt Desserts That Are Actually Delicious. We really can't stress enough how good this is! The traditional Greek Yogurt has a high fat content of 8–10% as well as a high protein content, and is often made by evaporating milk to increase protein levels before fermentation (produced by removing the whey by … Frozen strawberries and mangoes require a longer churning period, while bananas disintegrate quickly, in less than 2 minutes. I have always liked Italian ricotta cheesecakes, but they have too much sugar for me. Replace buttermilk in the traditional recipe for a delicious biscuit that won't weigh you down. Don’t skimp and use lowfat yogurt, I tried one batch with 2% yogurt and it just isn’t the same. You might want to make two pies—the slices will fly off … Sour cherry spoon sweet is always served with a glass of cold water. What is it: Basically, this is a festival dessert dish often made during events like Lent, Easter, and… This traditional Greek dessert consists of layered or torn phyllo sheets that are blended with a creamy, orange-flavored yogurt custard. … Today. Share on Pinterest Pin Pinterest Get the recipe. Find great baking alternatives like this one at Keep in mind one thing though: since this is a very simple dish, the quality of the ingredients is critical. Note: If you plan to make Vyssinatha (non-alcoholic cherry cordial) that uses the sour cherry syrup, add an extra 4 cups of sugar to this recipe to increase the quantity … No-Bake Greek Yogurt Fruit Tart. Portokalopita is a classic that comes in different versions and often incorporates semolina, cinnamon, vanilla, … Pinterest 1. Food And Drink. It's actually so common here, we don't even have to publish this recipe in Greek as we do with all our posts. It's our favorite place, too. The options are endless. Combine greek yogurt, honey and peanut butter and enjoy with fruit or crackers for a snack or appetizer that won’t make you feel so bad when you eat half the bowl. The range of authentic Greek ice creams, authentic Greek yogurt desserts, authentic Greek flavored yogurts, authentic Greek puddings, and some more exciting products in the range to fulfill your daily dietary and nutritional essentials with an astonishing taste of Greece. Dec 14, 2013 - Looking for a traditional Greek Orange cake recipe? While they definitely take more time to put together, involving a minimum of a three hour chill time before baking, you can rest easy knowing these are probably the “healthiest” cookie around. Quick Cheese Pie with Puff Pastry Greek Recipe 45 mins Ratings. These frozen treats are perfect as an after school snack or a refreshment on a hot day. Tart Cherry Frozen Yogurt 2 cups Almond Milk (other milk can be used but will change the macro count) 1 box Chocolate sugar free/fat free pudding … Ingredients. You can eat the … We will provide the instructions for the way we make this for ourselves, but feel free to adjust the dish to match your personal preferences. Sprinkle the yogurt with cinnamon and drizzle with honey. Method 1 (traditional): Add the yogurt in a bowl or a short, wide glass. Yogurt is a creamy, tasty addition to lots of meals. Diples. Greek Yogurt Dessert Greek Yogurt Muffins Greek Yogurt Recipes Greek Dessert Recipes Greek Yogurt Brownies Greek Yogurt Cupcakes Yogurt Bowl Yogurt Parfait Cinnamon Cake Greek Yogurt Cinnamon Coffee Cake Muffins - Ilona's Passion You can also use any low fat Greek yogurt. Introducing Greecania; Greek in India. Servings 12 servings. All of Instagram will be jealous. Nov 9, 2013 - Looking for a traditional Greek Orange cake recipe? Get Our FREE Tastes of Europe Cookbook Which European country will inspire your … See how easy this recipe is by visiting 2. Whisk together 1 1/3 cups Greek yogurt with 13g of vanilla sugar-free/fat-free pudding mix. Join us on our culinary journey, as we share our traditional, Greek and Mediterranean recipes with touches of flavors, aromas and spices from around the world. Method 2 (layered, our favorite): Glyka tou koutaliou, which translates to “spoon sweets” is a type of traditional Greek dessert strongly connected with the countryside. 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traditional greek yogurt dessert

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