The full, pass-through tang construction allows you to beat on the knife with little fear of breaking and lets you use the knife as a chisel. All SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Reviews All Customer Product Reviews Related Products to SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Pillar Knife 4 models SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Terminus XR Flipper 2.95in Folding Knife $59.95 (Save $5.00) $54.95 This was entirely my fault, as I was caught up in the exhilaration of using a well-designed tool. No problem. I love the steel, especially here, but it did chip in one place. Their mid priced and budget lines, conversely, have received a heaping helping of praise, sometimes earned, like the case of the Mini Aegis, and sometimes not, like in the case of the SOG Flash I. The micarta handle fits perfectly in my palm, with a nice cutout near the blade guard. It absolutely destroys the leather number that came with the Bark River Bravo 1 LT and the nylon junk that comes with a lot of other knives. Food prep? But, oh no! At $190, the Pillar is the most expensive fixed blade I’ve used thus far. Unfortunately, we have not figured out how to make a knife that doesn’t dull. Any knife being used regularly will need occasional sharpening. Kindling prep and feather-sticking? They forgot to bring a knife. But the more I thought about it, the easier this decision became. On occasion I used the knife in my workshop to score and mark cuts, but it was too big to do this regularly. It’s fun, intoxicating, and a little scary. It’s not a huge deal, but certainly something to keep in mind. It also spread peanut butter, butter, and tomato sauce for camp pies and camp pizzas made in a camp iron. Based around superior CPM S35VN steel, SOG's USA produced knives offer improved toughness, better edge retention, higher resistance to wear and edge chipping while maintaining ease of sharpening. This move has been painful for knife knuts, as year after year SOG released stuff that made no one really jump up and cheer. ( Log Out /  It has micarta handles and is built with a full, pass-through tang construction. The SOG Pillar is a USA-made tactical fixed blade featuring a resilient no-nonsense build. 4.5. Here’s their blurb on sharpening: “Knives, multi-tools, gear, and other sharp pointy items should be maintained properly with routine cleaning, oiling, and sharpening… SOG knives are designed and made to be used. The bronze and brown finish of the LTD edition offers a color scheme unrivaled in any other SOG knife. Recently, I was able to add a new fixed blade to my “arsenal.” This blade is an SOG Pillar fixed blade knife.Right from the unboxing, this knife exudes quality. If you’re not into aggressive designs, then this one may not be for you. This blade has really high levels of toughness, great edge . The SOG Pillar is a premium fixed blade with a great steel, fabulous design, and a higher than normal price tag for a SOG. The canvas micarta handles are very comfortable, and the knife feels natural and balanced in the hand, though it is a tad heavy on the back end. The SOG Pillar leans more towards the tactical/combat side over a survival/bushcraft blade. 0.1 in. To see SOG, a mainstay of the knife industry for more than twenty years, fade into irrelevance with ever cheaper overseas made knives was a bit disappointing. The good news is that, because of its razor sharp factory edge, the cut was painless and quick-healing. The SOG Pillar is a leans more towards the tactical/combat side over a survival/bushcraft blade. This is why Chris Reeve purposely leaves his a bit below the max HRc. The Pillar has styling that makes more like SOG’s lesser fixed blades, something almost weapon-y about it, but then it has smart touches that make me think that it is REALLY intended as an outdoor tool—the pass through full tang design, the choil, the micarta handles. The premium SOG folders are some of the most unsung knives on the market. It has micarta handles and is built with a full, pass-through tang construction. Preppers: Are You Stockpiling Chemlights? I've been disappointed in the Taiwan era of SOG knives. Read quick reviews below of the best models from our test, then keep scrolling for buying advice and in-depth reports on these and other great options. A knife that you can really rely on. The belt attachment is equally good–sturdy, easy to use, and quick release. Sheathes are hard. Retention is excellent, and the screws are easier to adjust than those on my ESEE Izula 2. But, consider the humble ESEE Izula-2 (for which I did pay). Live Chat Contact Check Order Status. I discovered the locking mechanism right after I posted the review. And this, in my mind is a good thing. They have truly elite grinds, nice handles, and okay prices. All of that is a formula to make knife enthusiasts smitten again. Durable S35VN steel and a canvas Micarta handle make up the bulk of this rugged knife which is crafted with quality and care in the USA. The knife also comes with a kydex-type sheath and a very high end belt attachment point. I am going to knock it one quarter of a point, because I found the spring button to be susceptible to the occasional inadvertent press. The aesthetics, maybe. They’re also a pretty a patient lot.

sog pillar review

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