The line is colored magenta on system maps. East Xujing. The Shanghai Metro is the … KONE Corporation, Press release, July 16, 2019 KONE Corporation, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, will deliver 203 escalators and 65 elevators to Shanghai's newest Metro Line 15, which, once completed in 2020, will form part of the world's longest mass-transit rail system. Line 2: East Xujing — Pudong International Airport 1999 2010 63.8 30 Line 3: North Jiangyang Road — Shanghai South Railway Station 2000 2006 40.3 29 Line 4: Loop line beginning at Yishan Road 2005 2007 33.7 26 Line 5: Xinzhuang — Minhang Development Zone 2003 — 17.2 11 Line 6: Gangcheng Road — Oriental Sports … Since October 2013 Line 11 serves Kunshan city, making it is the second intercity metro in China after the Guangfo Metro and the first that crosses a provincial boundary. Xinjiangwancheng – Hongqiao Railway Station. [BETA]Shanghai Metro Line:Stations above ground Mod –EN: Shanghai Metro is one of the longest urban rail transit systems in the world, its first line, Shanghai Metro Line 1, was officially put into operation on May 28, 1993, making Shanghai the third city in mainland China operating metro lines. It runs from Jinhai Road in Pudong to Qixin Road in Minhang District. Timetable of Shanghai subway Line 2. You can take metro line 2 and it operates from 5:50. Copyright © 2013 What time is the last subway Line 2 depart from Pudong airport? With a length of nearly 64 km, it is the second longest line in the metro system after Line 11.Line 2 runs from East Xujing in the west to Pudong International Airport in the east, passing Hongqiao Airport, the Huangpu river, and the Lujiazui Financial District in Pudong.With a daily ridership of almost 1.5 million, it is the Shanghai … The Subway Line 10 go through the main subway station: Hongqiao Airport Terminal 1, Shanghai Zoo, Jiaotong University, Shanghai Library, Xintiandi, Laoximen, Yuyuan Garden, East … For more details view the ExploreShanghai interactive Metro map or click on one of the station names below. Dongchuan Special Line, Shangchuan Special Line, Chuanzhanggao Special  Line, Chuan Jin Line Middle Chuangxin RoadSurroundings: East Gaoke Road, Middle Chuangxin Road, Changxing RoadBus Routes: Shangchuan Line, Chuanzhanggao Special Line East Huaxia RoadSurroundings: East Huaxia Road, Qingyi Road, Wu Changshuo Memorial HallBus Routes: 977, Chuanfeng Special Line, Tangchuan Line, Shangchuan Special Line, Xuchuan Special Line, Nanchuan Special Line, Shenchuan Special Line ChuanshaSurroundings: Qujiagang, Chuansha Town Government, Chuansha Road, South Chuanhuan RoadBus Routes: 611, 615, 618, Chuansha Line 1 - 4, Chuanpu Line, Chuansan Line, Shenchuan Special Line, Shangchuan Special Line, Huzhu Line, Xuchuan Line, Zhangchuan Line, Chuansan Line  Lingkong RoadSurroundings: Lingkong Road, West Huazhou RoadBus Routes: 622, Nanchuan Special Line, Fangchuan Special Line, Shenjiang Line, Chuansha Line 3 Far East AvenueSurroundings: Far East Avenue, Huazhou Road Haitian 3rd RoadSurroundings: Yinbin Dadao, Qihang Road, East Qihang Road,  Pudong AirportSurroundings: The metro station is located between the two terminal buildings of the airport. Line 2 is one of the 17 lines of the Shanghai Metro. : 07:00 - 9:30; Fri.: 07:00 - 9:30 ), Evening Peak Hours (Mon. Passengers are therefore advised to allow sufficient time between flights. Are we allow to bring our luggage with us using metro… About:Shanghai Metro Line 2. East Xujing – Pudong International Airport. Shanghai Science Museum Metro Station Map, Songhong Rd., Zhongshan Park, Jing’an Temple, People’s Square, Century Avenue. La línea 2 forma el eje este-oeste de la red del Metro de Shanghái, que se cruza con el eje norte-sur en la Plaza del Pueblo.Con una longitud de unos 64 km, es la línea más larga del sistema. - Thu. Which metro line you live on evidently makes a huge difference in how long it takes to get around this enormous city. It starts from 5:50 to 21:52 with interval of 4 min. An easier way to get around the Shanghai Metro. Shanghai Metro Line 2 AC02 Series (Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park to Jinke Road) - Duration: 2:18. Xinjiangwancheng. Shanghai Metro is busy and runs regularly, especially at times that are most popular. 2. when the subway line extends farther east to Pudong Airport. The first section from Tiantong Road to Jinhai Road opened on 29 December 2013, and additional stations up to Qufu Road were in operation by 10 May 2014. Copyright © 1998-2020 All rights reserved. Discurre desde Xujing Este en el oeste hasta el Aeropuerto Internacional de Pudong en el este, pasando por el Aeropuerto de Hongqiao, el Río … 2 Company of Passenger Transportation of Shanghai Metro Operation Co., Ltd., Longyang Road, Baiyang RoadBus Routes: 975, 976, 989, Bridge Line 6, Airport Line 3 and 7, Longbin Line, Longda Line, Longpinglu Line, Longniguo Line, Dongchuan Special Line, Longlu Special Line, Fangchuan Special Line, Longdong Special Line, Longlin Special Line. SBS7661Y 15,108 views. What time is the last subway Line 2 depart from Pudong airport? Transport Hongqiao Railway Station to Pudong Airport, I am travelling to Pudong airport from Suzhou to catch a 1am flight. If you don't have changes, you may change your money at the money change counters at each stop. Update Metro Line #4, #6, #8 Opens January 2, 2008. The section between East Xujing Station and Songhong Road Station (not included) on Shanghai's busiest metro line will be closed for reconstruction for 11 days, until February 2.. 2:18. Map of Shanghai Metro Line 2 in Pudong International Airport Station.JPG 3,264 × 2,448; 1.44 MB Shanghai Metro Line 2.svg 2,175 × 785; 355 KB Shanghai Metro Line2 Map.png 755 × 613; 12 KB 1:28. Answers (1) Answered by Leo from China | … The metro line was put into service in three separate sections, with the first phase open on Sep. 16, 2012, the west extension line on Jun. All Rights Reserved. South Qilianshan Road. For different trips, the fare varies from CNY2 to CNY4. The whole transfer needs about 55 minutes. Hongqiao Railway Station Line 10 Line 17. Transfer to Line 3 or 4 at Zhongshan Park Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG) Metro Line 2. Unlike other similar resources online, this map will give you: The name of each Shanghai metro stop in English. Shanghai is a huge city with a metro system to match.

shanghai metro line 2 timetable

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