The staff includes librarians with a strong interest in and understanding of childrens' needs. Finally, concerted efforts on the part of the librarian to reach a large segment of the public which is now classified among the non-users will have a major influence in determining future public library needs. Although these standards are valuable in the preparation of library plans, local conditions often require modifications. The proportion of younger people in the total population is continually increasing, and is also the largest group of library users, taking between 50 and 60 per cent of the books circulated by the average library.3 Similarly, the rising ratio of retired people with both time and inclination to use library facilities will increase demand for services. The experiment is apparently extremely successful. The Cuyahoga County study bases its recommendations on the results of a local survey, which showed that in most cases library users preferred libraries located close to home. School Librarian: Jody Jones . 0000003567 00000 n 0000055718 00000 n cit., p. 412. Several aspects of this experimental program are worthy of notice. Studies conducted in 12 large cities support this conclusion. Yet, according to a national survey conducted by the American Library Association, many public libraries do not meet the association's minimum standards for total number of volumes, number of professional staff, and allocation of funds for operating expenditures. A score of 3 was given to indicate that conditions were satisfactory; 2 meant that conditions were adequate; and 1 meant that conditions were inadequate. It is important to notice that location recommendations were based, in addition to expressed preference, on the following factors: Land uses surrounding the library and the proximity to such traffic generators as shopping centers, civic centers, and schools are additional factors to be evaluated in planning for libraries. Specify the major work elements of the planning program. Another consideration in determining building size for new construction is the minimum area considered necessary to provide adequate services and justify the cost of construction. With the greater emphasis on interior convenience and comfort, there is also greater emphasis on placing the library areas used by the public for reading and browsing on the first floor at sidewalk level. The data were obtained, in part, through a questionnaire especially prepared for this purpose, which is reproduced in the appendix. Herbert J. Gans, People and Plans: Essays on Urban Problems and Solutions (New York: Basic Books, 1968), p. 98. In addition to an awareness of existing shortages, planning for library facilities requires an evaluation of future needs. A professional development plan may be created by a supervisor who works closely with his employee. 0000005140 00000 n Other important factors are the generally higher level of educational achievement and increasing leisure time. The services performed by the modern library extend beyond the simple function of storing books. Programs … This was true for both adults and children. Title II provides supplementary federal grants to both state and local bodies for metropolitan development projects, including libraries, as incentives for comprehensive metropolitan planning. A sound system plays popular music. Similarly, misconceptions of what constitutes a proper library site have caused new buildings to be located in civic centers. As has been said, generally the library should be centrally located in, or very near, a central business district or shopping center, with modifications to suit local patterns of library use. 1 year ago Lavenita Gock. Although this was true in most cases (49.8 per cent), the second largest pattern of library use was in conjunction with a school by children (17.4 per cent) and in conjunction with shopping by adults (27.0 per cent). In addition, the branches located in slum areas place strong emphasis on children's programs. 2 years ago Maura Alia Badji, M.Ed, MFA,, Freelance ... Library Program Planning palaulibraries. 52, University of Illinois, Library School (Urbana, Ill.: 1958). Traditionally, planning for libraries was the primary responsibility of professional librarians in cooperation with local boards and library consultants. With cit., p. 134. 0000001896 00000 n Standards for bookmobiles are largely determined by local needs and cannot be as comprehensive as those for library buildings. The Library Quarterly Volume 21, Number 3. 3. They should follow annual reviews. It will inform our annual operational plan and strategic initiatives which will set our more detailed programmes and projects. As a result, many libraries are not easily accessible and are under-used. The catalog is a simple and inexpensive publication similar in format to the Sunday book supplement of a newspaper. 15-30 minutes. Wheeler and Goldhor, op. It is most commonly represented in the form of a gantt chart to make it easy to communicate to stakeholders. Intended Learning Outcomes. The librarian is the pivot of this cooperative effort, and his basic function is to draft proposals based on his evaluation of the community's needs and the capabilities of existing facilities. Flora B. Ludington; Flora B. Ludington. 2. 12. The survey concludes that in order to catch up with stated needs and thus t… Always incorporate timeliness within the entire process of the library strategic plan development. Appropriations for 1968 were as follows: $12 million for planning, technical assistance, and administration; $200 million for grants and administration; $100 million for urban renewal projects included in city demonstration programs.

prepared a library development plan, a thirty year programme

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