I love it!! Having her let us know the home had potential (and wasn’t a terrible idea) helped boost my confidence on the home front since all of this is so new to me. ), all of the pillows and throw blankets are also from anthropologie. these ones are no longer available but they have other really darling ones here. Love the natural light! here: http://shop.yoniishappy.com/. Those chairs are BEAUTIFUL! I love, love, love that fake plant. Lovely! You will do!…  But we’ve found a few work-arounds, and we do plan to remove the lower hanging soffits (so all the ceilings will be flush at 8 feet) and bring all the air ducts that are currently inside the lower soffits into the attic. You are giving me apartment envy, these two rooms are gorgeous and so lively! We’re creating a mudroom off the garage with good storage space for shoes and coats and all the kiddo things (since we currently don’t have a good set up near any door for those things). What a beautiful apartment…colorful decor…and happy family! I love how you have balanced having white walls with tons of pops of colour. Grabbed fresh flowers for several rooms in the…” Love the vibrancy of your space, motherhood and style. Taza. Davis, who posts under the nickname Taza… Those AR, I asked Madalena to hold the door open for me whil. i love love LOVE this post and your new apartment! From $1189 . Please, it’s so warm and seems so cosy. It really speaks to my heart as I think about what may have taken place here before us, with little ones that grew to be big ones with walls I am hopeful maintained a safe space for a family to make the memories within them. Lipsense . lots of color, lots of family photos mixed in with favorite art pieces we’ve collected over the years, and more than anything else, lots of comfort. also fun: playing with conrad on the bed while wearing red lipstick! So happy you found one with all the gorgeousness intact! i love all the color combinations, i think i need more color at my home too :). Hi Naomi! LOVE this space! Dusti. I’ve loved following you guys for years now and was really praying for and thinking of you after your post when you left NYC, I’m sure that wasn’t an easy time! why they make door frames in city apartment so narrow is beyond me, but yep. Congrats on your new place! Craigslist delivers a list view, but property owners and agents can opt to post location maps and photo and video tours of the apartment. That city has my heart. Love your space and the use of bright colors!! Hi Taza, I LOVE your apartment. Oh I love this! Ohhhh I love how it turned out! We are just about to move out of our beloved little 1960’s ranch style home that we re designed top to bottom. Nearly $2000 for a set of chairs isn’t feasible for most people . just another reason why i love him. Any blessings to you and your family! same with all the old woodwork. this has given me so much inspo for my room which I’m currently redoing myself :D. It’s hard not to drool over all the architectural details in your new apartment…I can only imagine how fun it is to live there and decorate the space. I especially love the gallery wall and pops of colour in the living room. It’s so so beautiful. The vacation home comes with 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a flat-screen TV, a dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a patio with garden views. just put this here! 1 Bedroom+Den Apartment for Rent Located in Vancouver West-Yaletown Available on January 1st, 2021(maybe earlier) Mountain and water views (False Creek) 1 Bedroom 1 Bath Hardwood floors 1 parking spaces Approx. And then there’s the fun of having two toddlers often found with muddy feet most days running after a chicken or two. I LOVE this update! And a reminder that we’re all constantly evolving. What is your opinion of Love Taza? Good luck! We feel very lucky. anyway, it was a fun moment for sure. But this is great! Although renting an apartment under a lease is the most typical situation, a month-to-month rental agreement is fairly common. Where did you get your skirt ? But I feel so very thankful for this house and surrounding yard we get to call home and for the memories we’ve already begun creating in this new state and new space and new chapter of life. Naomi your appartment is so beautifull! By the way, I NEVER think tbat you post too many pictures. Probably eating take-out tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner since we don’t have a kitchen this week BUT does that even matter when we’re feeling the giddiness Christmas morning often brings as we’re starting our home renovation?! looks like the dreamiest Pinterest perfect home! Your apartment looks INCREDIBLE!! It’s so beautiful! We have been looking for a 2BR with an elevator in a prewar building for awhile. I can’t wait to see more! Thanks for sharing! Also live on the UWS with my family (husband and 6 month old!). Maybe i will send you some photos from our home renovation too! With a big yard and so many dreams to fill it!we started renovating it as much as our budget allows and hope to move in in 2 months! I wish you never ending happy memories in your new home! The green velvet headboard is to die for!! iPartment (Chinese: 爱情公寓; pinyin: Àiqíng Gōngyù), is a sitcom from Mainland China.It was produced by Shanghai Film Group Corporation and Shanghai Film Studio, aired by Jiangxi TV in August 2009, with 20 45-minute episodes.. I love your new apartment! Bless you sister. Love the mix of colors in the decor. You guys killed it with your new apartment styling! Can I move in with you guys? it was nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of. the things you do to make city living work! Occasionally muddy. They are all over Time Square right now! )….so NYC really would be extremely tough right now..but one day!! I’m super curious about this big change? We are here for your journey in growing and (re)building your beautiful new home with your kids in Arizona! Most ranch style homes have a ceiling height of around 8 feet and while that’s totally manageable, our home has even lower hanging soffits holding a system of air ducts in much of the spaces making it under 7 feet in some areas with ceiling fans like sometimes feel like they might take the top of your head off! Love the decor! A throwback to this big beautiful tree tucked in t, Adventures in spying from an open attic E, Guess we’re doing take-out tomorrow for Thanksgi, Focusing my heart on gratitude these next seven da, Always barefoot. Cheap apartments and rooms for rent in the area are available, but rent quickly as demand far exceeds supply. What a beautiful life! Where did you find the watercolor city line on the wall opposite the gallery wall? Thank you for shairing! We to have very different decor tastes and finding things we both like takes forever. Exceptional views; Spacious one, two and three bedroom apartments… wow! Happy Thanksgiving <3 We’ve always wanted a ranch so you are making my dreams come true! I’m learning that when I lean into this change, and really open my eyes to see the good these last few months have brought us, I can’t deny the immense sense of gratitude I have, knock-down walls and all. Oh if I could only get my husband to agree to a green velvet headboard! It looks so beautiful and comfy. this looks AMAZING naomi! I LOVE your decorating style!!! Please visit the orthodox monastery of st Anthony in Arizona and let me know if you would like about your visiti think you will love it! Such a bright and colorful space, Naomi! world. sure. So cheerful and welcoming. It's true you don't need a lease to live in an apartment. Happy demoing!! I feel you so much! i do miss the days of putting the camera on a timer and running back into the frame, but we gave samson the remote and he got some of the best photos ever! What a fun and colorful space!! Very exciting! You’re apartment and the decor is just perfect. Best of luck with the renovation!!! but it all turned out in the end and we’re pretty proud of her. i’ve been wanting to share a post about urban living, and how we’ve made a 2 bedroom apartment in new york city work for our family of 5. we’ve been in this space for almost 3 years, and since questions around city living seem to be asked a lot these days, i thought i’d share what we’ve learned and how we manage. while we have a separate playroom space for the kids (which i’ll share soon! I feel like it’s stimulating, energizing, and creates such a fun space. So many bright colors! 2022 N 17th ST. Philadelphia, PE Apply Now! Also, randomness – I know Caitlin Connolly and she is just as lovely and inspiring and special as her artwork. sometimes something can be really pretty, but it’s the most uncomfortable thing to sit on and we were determined to find pieces for this apartment that were comfortable as well as pretty. it’s no secret what a fan i am of all things anthropologie and we were thrilled to incorporate a few of their home pieces into our space as well as have their home personal styling team’s guidance as we brought it altogether. LOVE the bold colors and these beautiful pictures!! That yard is amazing. View. josh and i were up until about 11PM one night hanging things together and some how we didn’t argue despite it taking forever long (i only say this because hanging things up on walls has proven to be a slightly stressful issue for our marriage in previous apartments over the years). Apartment Rental Statistics Vancouver, BC. That’s a lot better than the crazy splotchy kind they had in our rancher! I carry the guilt that they passed on my watch and feel pure panic thinking about losing any one of my citrus trees. I love that Josh picked out the pink chairs! I haven’t shared a ton of words or videos or hopeful plans surrounding the house just yet since we hadn’t really started, but I’ll do my best to keep the progress up to date since we’ve begun! The second season switched into a different style approach with episodes aired online, due to its online fan base and polls for upcoming episodes. http://Www.jafinthebox.com. I have never been to NY but you make me love it from here! It is so much fun and so colorful!! I have always enjoyed reading your blog posts and seeing your Instagram stories. This massive single family home features a gorgeous brick exterior and is located in the heart of Temples off campus community. please see if you can spot all the lipstick smeared on the collar of my grey shirt in all these photos because of it. Argains out there! Peace and love. Do you think what they're doing (blogging about their children and family life for a living) is a bad thing necessarily? How fun to hear what the Davis family is up to!! This is exciting and I look forward to following the journey as I’m a fan of seeing home renos. No one will be slipping on puddles of water gathered throughout the home like we did a few months ago and Josh and I now have access to the trash bins without opening the big garage doors on the side! a couch surgeon is a real thing and you’d never know we had to saw and unstitch that lovely piece of furniture and put it back together a few hours later. Such an inspiration and place of creativity! They don’t make ‘em like they used to! Your new home looks so warm and welcoming <3 Love all the little details and your kids drawings omg how cute!! Such a great piece. now people don’t have an excuse to not visit us. So inspirational:)))))). This combined mixture is much more real, gathering the bits of our whole life. 680 SqFt Amenities such as swimming pool, exercise room, theatre room, Bike/Kayak locker, 24 hour concierge A quite boutique sub-penthouse building with 10 foot ceiling. Congrats guys! I am looking for one :). On Saturday, Davis shared with her nearly 500,000 Instagram followers that “after two full weeks in the apartment” her family would be traveling “west” in an RV to leave New York City. you’d never know if you saw it now though, he did an amazing job. It all looks a perfect balance of colour and happiness! I adore your guys’ style! This is the exact style and color bed I have been eyeing for months! Love Naomi! Listing phot. And the best bit is that I know you and josh are both fully aware of how lucky you are and don’t take it for granted. The kids are all still sharing bedrooms and we’ve allocated a separate room for all the toys and things like we did in the city so our kiddos have dedicated and separate sleeping spaces and activity spaces. Congrats on the new apartment! She kindly walked through the home for us and even crawled into the attic to check the beams (I’d never have thought to do that). It is the English roll arm sofa. In love with the colors of your appartment… THANK YOU. While it was the only home and property we walked through, we knew with time we could make this house a home, despite the house not really being our style or aesthetic just yet (a lot of brown tile, a lot of brown carpet, a lot of textured walls which I’ve since learned is called knock-down). I always want to say hi, and a, “ you’ve got this girl!” AZ winters will make you happy, just a short drive and you can ski and play in the snow! Whether you're searching for 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom apartments, studio apartments or any other rental condos, browsing through Point2 listings has never been easier. I can tell you guys have such a happy home! LOVE ALL THE BRIGHT COLORS, MAKES IT SUCH A FUN PLACE, ESPECIALLY KID FRIENDLY.. THAT HEADBOARD IS JUST BEAUTIFUL I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR A GREEN LIKE THAT IS PERFECT.. Yalls apartment is what dreams are made of!! More Info. ... Theres absolutely nothing wrong with raising a big family in a New York City apartment and I’m sure their kids do typically thrive in such a set up. josh and i have been married for over ten years but this is our very first official headboard and we feel so fancy! Open something else we did with anthropologie was spruce up our bedroom! decorated your new place!!! WOW! We started pulling up the brown carpet a few months back because it just made all of us feel better having that gone despite not having the flooring solidified just yet (we threw down some white paint over the concrete that was under the carpet and it’s actually got us thinking about incorporating some concrete floors into the home now.) josh and i spent many hours over the summer researching sofa sleepers and sat on more sofas than you can imagine. It’s beautiful. ;). Another plus is that it’s right where the laundry is for all the pool towels and clothing changes as they’ll then have a dedicated place to dry off and change and leave their wet towels or rinse their muddy boots or whatever it might be they bring in from playing in the yard. Wow, lucky you! Rental Type Active Listings Minimum Rent Maximum It’s definitely goals! ;) Love Love Love this! The woodwork is incredible and the colors compliment it perfectly! this apartment is so gorgeous! Noemi, you are the only blogger I know who doesn’t have ANY haters!!! Thank you again for being an awesome human being. Josh and I are kind of flying by the seat of our pants here and were up wayyyyyyy too late last night with a tape measure and masking tape going to town with a little blueprint draft paper app on my phone (shout out to that little magicplan app that has changed my life and brought out my inner architect!). Hope you get a cozy fire going in there come snuggling season. This is the most beautiful apartment ever! I absolutely love love love how you Ahh, the whole space looks amazing!!! I really love old ranch homes. SO SO SO beautiful! Oh yay!!! I don’t feel comfortable or see my self in these clean, white/grey, minimal magazine cover houses lately. also, i have a lot of opinions on the matter, so get ready. Are you still planning on releasing a book in the spring? thank you again to everyone for the kind words about our new space. it’s been so much fun turning them on and off at night and i know it sounds so silly, but it really does make me feel like i’m officially an adult, having a headboard and a real light hanging on the wall beside my bed! I do have to send a big shout out to helpful people in the design world who have kindly helped hold our hand from afar with a couple of suggestions and ideas (looking at you, Chris and Fallon) and all the incredible DIY bloggers and designers out there (IHOD and Chris Loves Julia to name a few) who have helped my fingernails remain a little more intact as they share detailed specifics on DIY home projects for people like me who are like, “wait, you can do what with vertical paneling?!”. I’m a teacher and always looking for skirts and dresses with a nice long length ! You have such fun decorating style and I love seeing little peaks into your beautiful, cozy, and fun home. I hope you all get this house just to your liking and build so many happy memories there! congrats on your new home and new everything inside! What a massive life change for you guys! I always love when you guys share ideas and suggestions with me, so feel free to keep them coming if you see something in the space you think might work or be better than our current plans! Maybe you’ve touched on this already and I missed it, but do you have plans to return to NYC? At least I have some inspiration for my own apartment, just need to find some. I love the roll arms :). The pandemic has also changed my life, and soon I will be able to create a new nest. i just wanted to let you know how much of a role model you are to me and you inspire me every day! it’s fake (found it from pottery barn), but now i can sleep at night knowing i’ll never have to worry about killing yet another fiddle leaf tree ever again! But I thought you weren’t ever going to share your bedroom because that was your personal space? i fiiiinally got around to framing my absolute favorite print a few of my girlfriends gave me last summer for my 30th birthday. It must feel delightful to have more space with the kiddies but also change the deco a bit – it must feel like a new lease of life! Right before we put the official offer in on the home, I texted the queen of design and all things home renovation. All the Best. Naomi chronicles her life on the Upper West Side with her husband, Josh, and their now-five children to her nearly 500,000 followers on Instagram. congrats on the new apartment, and it’s beautiful! So glad you are in AZ!! Thanks Josh! Where did it come from? i got so nervous!!! Gxxx. Thank you for sharing your home. You bring a light and comforting space to social media which is so refreshing, especially this year. We are saying goodbye to a lot of the knock-down textured walls so I can apply wallpaper and paint them all fun colors and make these walls really sing! We are house hunting at the moment and I am definitely going to get some for our new place. All the best for your family. ;). So bad we don’t have a real Anthropologie shop in France, maybe one day when I have all the money to afford buying the entire shop! Message me! Beautiful space! I'm definitely concerned that their apartment is way too small for their family, and why aren't the kids in school? I’m a huge color-lover myself so I always appreciate a whole bunch of fun colors in decorating! I love that you guys are still together and raising such an awesome family! And the chairs are fantastic!!! xoxo I sent you over an email this morning about a collaboration. he kept running over the camera to see the photo afterwards to see if you could see him holding the remote, but i guess he just wasn’t understanding that he could kind of hide it in his hand and take the picture each time. I love absolutely everything and the placement. :). Love what you did with the space- it has you written all over it!! Gorgeous apartment and family!! $3,900 CAD. No one could be upset in a house that just exudes so much happiness! Looks amazing! Hope you start buildimg many happy memories in this new place. I love your style and apartment!! READ MORE! ;). Slightly snea, If you’re wondering, the answer is yes. Many listings are reasonably priced apartments from smaller landlords. Hooray hooray!!! Thanks for sharing. That home renovation inspo Pinterest board isn’t what I would’ve expected from you! at the beginning of putting this wall together, we were like, let’s make a plan where everything should go exactly. I'm Naomi (but sometimes known as Taza) and this is where I share bits and pieces of life's adventures - celebrating motherhood, family, travel, good food and the simple joy's. Slightly snea, If you’re wondering, the answer is yes. Olga. 8,217 Likes, 123 Comments - Naomi Davis | Love Taza (@taza) on Instagram: “There's a new post up on my blog all about urban living and how @tiesandfries and I have made our 2…” this is ridiculously beautiful, what a fun home for your babies to grow up in. It just summarise it well for me. Just had to say that! Ahh your new place is PERFECTION, Naomi! 10.1k Likes, 69 Comments - Naomi Davis | Love Taza (@taza) on Instagram: “My tiny apartment is quiet and dark and everyone is sleeping. I am hopeful some simple maneuvers like these will help make the space still feel open and big despite not being able to raise the ceiling and expose the attic beams. <3. I’m overwhelmed like 70% of the time, especially since this renovation often feels last on our list right now with Josh’s new job here and life with kids plus schoolwork and navigating the drastic changes 2020 has brought us by way of a new state and community and chapter of life. Add To Favorites. I love how everything is centred in the middle so there’s so much space all around. ;)  (for those interested, we purchased the sofa sleeper from restoration hardware.). ), so cute and fun! I won’t shy away from the fact that being thrown into home ownership for the very first time and the maintaining of anything green has pretty much felt entirely overwhelming like, every thirty hours or so. I love how the pink ties into your NYC cityscape print on the opposite wall! Well, here we are! Also, where is your skirt from?? We looked at pitching the ceiling and taking advantage of the attic space in the main living areas, but the price (or bid as they call it) for a project like that had a jaw dropping price tag reaching six figures (and we wouldn’t be able to live in the home during that part of the renovation for 9 months or more). And your house is to die for!!! So exciting! We seriously love your bright style! Love it and all the details. I am enjoying learning about your transition from NYC to Arizona. :) Thank you! You’re such an amazing mother and role model for all women! And also, well done Josh on those chairs! gorman and something that josh bought by himself in santa fe, new mexico, long before i knew him. the old children’s desk by the window is something josh found out on the street when he was a college student in the city years ago. i’ve always loved your style and have been following you on instagram since elanor was little, can you believe it? Love the bright colours in your living room. I have been following you on Instagram for about 7 years and I absolutely love your content. The property is filled with mature trees and shade in a neighborhood zoned for all kinds of animals in a fully fenced-in space. Gorgeous! I’ll share videos on my instagram (there is already a highlight saved with some renovation progress) and if you’d like, you can check out all my home pins to see some of the inspiration for our project. Taza. Enjoy you home with your sweet little family. Love your home posts as I always get so many inspiration ideas that I may be able to get past my husband. We’ll be doing a full kitchen renovation (we are SO excited about this! Like, sink…” So lovely. Glad you guys didn’t fight over it this time!! It feels a little bit old-school-newly-wed-Harlem-days in our studio apartment circa 2007, though this time we’ve got 5 extra bodies to tuck in each night beside us! Aftr moving with my hubby to the country from a big town, after 13 years of marriage and 7 kids,2 months ago we bought our first house. Your gallery wall turned out amazing. Your apartment is really vibrant and colorful, great choice leaving the walls white so the woodwork and colors pop. This vacation home has free private parking, a 24-hour front desk and free WiFi. This might be too aussie, but you should check out the BuildHer Collective and Design School Master Class. :-). ), it’s always been important to josh and me that every room in our home is kid friendly. Love this look! Perfect, perfect, PERFECT! I can’t wait to see more rooms as you get them done! Love the color combos! also, see my fiddle leaf fig tree behind the sofa? Keeping five kids alive and healthy and thriving is one thing, but adding trees and grass and a home to the mix (where I can’t just call my landlord/super to help with a water leak or help me with a door hinge that’s busted and hanging)… it’s been a learning curve for sure. Naomi Davis is a New York City–based parenting blogger and influencer who has been blogging at Love Taza for many years. It makes the space so lively!! It feels a little bit old-school-newly-wed-Harlem-days in our studio apartment circa 2007, though this time we’ve got 5 extra bodies to tuck in each night beside us! And also, ultra-randomness… my family totally knew Josh back in the day and I remember as a teenager watching you two whenever you were at stake youth activities and being so envious of your amazing style. We hope to add larger windows throughout the back side of the home to bring in more natural light, too. It’s really beautiful! Much love from London, Julie That’s awesome. I’m looking for one for my Canon 5DIII. I always feel our house looks flat without any greenery but I’m sick of wasting money on things that are just not robust enough for me! Perhaps the old bedroom wasn’t one you loved? I’ve been waiting to see what you have done with that space! I'm Naomi (but sometimes known as Taza) and this is where I share bits and pieces of life's adventures - celebrating motherhood, family, travel, good food and the simple joy's. There is a garden in the corner where Conrad has sprinkled many seeds and a hammock between two grown elm trees where you can usually find Eleanor with her nose deep in a book. i want to start with a little home tour of our living room (and josh’s and my bedroom at the end of this post), because i feel like all my home design dreams came true with this space and every time i walk into these rooms, i still can’t believe it. If you ever are in need of some Red lipstick that wont rub off while playing with ur little or even kissing on them. Love the headboard and accent wall btw. I love your style Naomi, its so authentic and colorful, with different styles mixed together. I’m so happy and excited for you guys. I love all the bright, fun colors! but i love that here in nyc there is always a way! The apartment is beautiful. I also LOVE your yellow piano- so bright and cheerful! So much fun! We realized if we put a back door in by the laundry room, it could be the kids’ main entry point from the pool and since we have a water hook up already in that space, we can create a small half-bath right there for them as well. Love it especially the wall full of kids Picture drawings . another favorite piece in the living room is this bright idea floor lamp. So happy for you guys!!! Maybe you’ve mentioned it before, but I’m wondering why you chose to move to Arizona? Xx, SO MUCH COLOUR!!! The home is an old ranch style home, with 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. We have many NYC watercolors and other prints we would love to have you promote. It’s incredible. can’t wait to see the rest!!! I wish I could pull off that style but I’d probably flop hahah. Because you are just authentic and show the world — that love wins at the end of every day, no matter how hard the storm might be.

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