Made in the USA High-performance Sandvick 14C28N stainless steel offers excellent edge-holding, strength, and hardness; stonewashed finish helps hide use scratches The drop-point blade has a strong tip and offers versatility when doing a variety of tasks--from opening packages to peeling fruit. When trying to do so, I’m horrified how coarse the edges are. Blade size. You may just want to collect knives and start with the Kershaw Skyline as well. Better camping goods manufacturers stores and sporting goods outlets have them on sale frequently. I will have to get used to the opening mechanism, I’m used to opening knives using a thumb stud. 5 Easy Ways to Sharpen Your Knife Without a Knife Sharpener, Gerber Bear Grylls Field Sharpener Review, 3 Advanced Knife Skills That Will Help You Both in and Out of the Kitchen, Kamikoto Knife Review: A Cut Above the Rest, The 10 Best Kitchen Knife Sets for Accurate Cuts Every Time. The Skyline is a very nice quality knife for a very reasonable price, it is surprisingly thin and light, ideal for EDC. But I wish someone would invest some more money and make it a flipper worth being called a flipper, leaving away the useless thumb opener dummies. Jacksonville, FL. Best Tactical Knives Kershaw focuses on how to ensure excellent quality and performance in their knives. I love the design. And guess what I’ve ordered, too? When closing the Skyline there is not much room to get a grip fo the lock but looking at the Bevy you will find that there is much more room for your thumb which also makes using the thumb stud possible. Also notable is its blade, made from Sandvik 14C28N, a high-grade steel (for this price at least) and a step up from the 8Cr13MoV (a great steel in its own right) used on Kershaw… Jacksonville Skyline Website. Sometimes a knife just hits all the right spots. A knife we compare other knives to. Kershaw blades are extremely sharp, so you need to take care not to injure yourself or others. The second thing I noted was that I will cut my thumb in pieces if I use the thumb stud! With a good return policy, you should be able to purchase another knife from the same dealer. But they are the worst way a blade stopper could be implemented. The thumb studs are a joke. They may have opted not to do that because there is only 1 liner. Overall length of the Skyline … Mavs' Donnie Nelson, Clayton Kershaw's charity on deck to redo Dallas' historic field of dreams at Reverchon Park "We struck out the first time," the … At the price you won’t find a better knife. This post contains affiliate links. Alum: At my four years in Coppell High School, I had a great time learning about the various subjects offered at this school. There have been big strides in terms of flipping action, but this knife still remains intriguing and useful to me. Here is a size comparison with the Skyline and another top shelf EDC blade, the Benchmade Mini Griptilian: This is an amazing knife that has stood the test of time. The blade and the clip has a beadblasted finish. Though most of the Kershaw Skyline Review says the blade measures 3.125-inch, but mostly it’s 3 Inches only. The 14c28n sandvik steel is also excellent for edc purposes. He grew up using pocket knives, and the decision to start the website stemmed from his fascination of all things sharp combined with a deep passion for writing. It looks as if it is too short. There are quite a few of them available all with different features. But what should I say? it wasn. You'll have to pay a bit more, as well. I have one of these, and I’ve discussed most of the same issues with it. I appreciated that CHS had many AP classes that I was able to learn form. Plus there is a limited lifetime warranty and they are all made in the USA. Kershaw Skyline Review The knife is completely made in the USA, which of course is felt from the first minute. The G10 is lightweight, feels nice and provides decent grip. I’d love to see a skyline 2 with the jimping, better clip, and improved thumbstuds. Great review. A solid knife all in all, but when you come right down to it, those who prefer Kershaw knives almost always come back for more, and recommend them to whoever they can. I agree, it’s not a perfect knife, especially by today’s standards, but I would recommend sending yours back to Kershaw to see if they will send out a new knife. Origin: USA. Kershaw knives are a special knife that have created a loyal following. The blade looks exactly the same (though bigger) and the handle design is also obiously very close to the Skyline. The hinge of my copy is too stiff to flip it open. The ergonomic of the grip is great. for $41.95. So, it’s best to shop around no matter what you do. Or in the case of offline shopping, going in person. The blade, liner, and pocket clip are all made of Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel. It’s very lightweight. I’m not able to open the knife using the studs even with two hands. Kershaw Skyline Knife. It was delivered yesterday and today I had time to look at it. The Skyline will be reviewed in another article but is another great option for a lightweight and streamline EDC pocket knife.

kershaw skyline review

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