An all-in-one MIDI controller and audio interface. Leo Tilton Jr. left college after being two years into a four-year degree to pursue music. This unit is not bus-powered, unlike the iConnectAudio2+. But it also looks incredibly sleek and professional, which is a characteristic that is growing in importance, considering the fact it will mostly be studios and very wealthy musicians/producers who can afford such a device. We were so impressed by the sound quality that we could achieve with this unit! (However, it did work with my iPad 4.) As you may have already gathered, the 96k refers to the sample rate, offering 24 Bit Analog/Digital Conversion. Apogee is marketed as the ‘Apple’ of the audio interface industry, therefore it’s more than just an audio interface, it’s a statement of sorts! Alongside these high-quality preamps, both interfaces also include onboard DSP, latency-free monitoring with the use of dspMixFx. Alongside this, to the rear of the unit, there are 6 balanced TRS (1/4″ jack) outputs, which even provides the potential to run outputs through 3 sets of speakers simultaneously, so that you can really master your song’s/recording’s mix. Whichever method you choose, iRig Pro I/O will adapt and is ready to go at a moment’s notice. As for the usability of the Quartet, it offers a quick and simple ‘QuickTouch pad’ to select the channel, and you can then go about setting the level via the controller knob. The unit features a single XLR/TRS combination input, and has a direct connection to any iOS device, without the need for any additional adapters or connection kits to be purchased. So we’ve structured the article in a very logical format, segmenting on the main criteria, which is the number of inputs available, and then sub-criteria which is the price. Additionally, it can be used with some of your favorite DAWs including Garageband, Logic, and MainStage. None-the-less, the Duet is small in size, readily portable boasts Apogee’s impressive circuitry, utilizing a 96kHz sample rate and 24-Bit A/D conversion, this has meant that this unit sounds AWESOME! 1. We’ve featured a video demonstration of a song that has been entirely recorded using the  Steinberg UR22mkII interface, both using the iPad and Mac. It has in-build soft limit technology, which helps to prevent clipping before the A/D converter converts the signal…. At this price-point, there really isn’t anything that we would improve! It's perfect for monitoring whilst you record or even connecting to an amp or PA for live use. With the advent of powerful and portable iOS devices, there are now Audio Interfaces designed to connect to your iPad or iPhone from manufacturers such as IK Multimedia, Alesis and Behringer. Additionally, if you require more channels, you can purchase their 32-channel recording app. The Apogee Quartet USB Audio Interface has received an average rating of 4.1* out of 5 stars from 17 Amazon customer reviews. However, before you decide, take a look at the video demonstration of the Tascam iXZ when used for recording both guitar and vocals via the iPad. Then again, this is Shure we’re talking about here, the same brand that provides the iconic Shure SM-7B, so we wouldn’t expect anything less from them! This unit does not arrive with a power supply, and therefore when using it via USB bus-power, it relies on your device’s battery life…. Equally, the Duet can walk circles around other interfaces when it comes to sound quality, so this interface is suited for someone who’s looking for sleek aesthetic looks, incredibly sound, all for a premium-price tag. Anyway, let’s talk about the unit’s technical specifications so that you can see if it meets your requirements! Ultra-compact and portable, IK Multimedia's iRig Pro I/O audio and MIDI interface lets you record to iPhone, iPad and Mac with any of your gear on the go. Although it doesn’t come with suitable cables for you to get started…. As you can hear from the video demonstration down below, this sounds great on guitar, bass, and vocals!

ipad pro midi interface

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