Program runs three times per year: July, November, and March, 18 weeks of preceptor led clinical training through multiple units, 6 weeks of independent practice supplemented with professional development courses, The program alternates rotations selected from the following units: ACE Unit (6A), Medical (6B), Stroke (6C), Joint Replacement (7E), Medical and Medical Stepdown (5A), Medical (5B, 5C, 5D) & (4N), (5N), Heart Failure (5E), Uro/Gyn Surgery (4C), Surgical Stepdown (4D), Cardiac Stepdown (4E), TMU (3D), Transitional Surgical Unit (2B), Surgical (2C & 4W), Medical Stepdown (6S), Program runs three times a year: July, November, and March, Medical Unit Rotations are selected from the following: Medical and Medical Stepdown (5A), Medical (5B, 5C, 5D), ACE Unit (6A), Medical (6B), Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, Stroke (6C), Hemo/Oncology (6E), Medical Observation Unit, Medical (4N & 5N), Wilmington ACE (8S), Surgical Unit Rotations are selected from the following: Uro/Gyn Surgery (4C), Surgical (2C & 4W), Joint Replacement (7E), Surgical Stepdown (4D), Joint Replacement Center, 6 weeks of independent practice supplemented with professional development courses, Unit rotations are selected from the following locations: Transitional and Intermediate Care Units at Wilmington (6S), Transitional Medical Unit (3D-TMU), Transitional Neuro Unit (2B-TNU), Transitional Surgical Unit (2B – TSU), Open Heart Step-Down (2E), Cardiac Vascular Intermediate Care (4E), Cardiac/Heart Failure Intermediate Care (5E), 18 weeks of preceptor led clinical training on the postpartum floors, complemented with educational workshops specific to Postpartum nursing, Graduate Nurses: 26-week program (One step-down and two ICU rotations), Program offers the following rotations for you to select from: CVCCC, MICU, NCCC, PACU, SCCC, WICU, This 26-week program runs a minimum of twice a year in July and March; program may elect to run in November as well, Emergency-specific classes taught by the nursing and physician staff, Short rotations through departments highly correlated with the ED, including Cardiac Cath, Labor & Delivery, and Respiratory, One-on-one preceptors for the residency program, Direct patient care enhanced with classroom teaching, This 26 week program runs twice a year: July and March, Learning experiences are provided in the NICU as well as collaborative areas within the women’s and children’s service line, This 26 week program runs twice a year: April and August, Current Registered Nurses from other disciplines or specialty areas, Participants must pass state boards and be licensed as an RN in Delaware or be eligible for Delaware RN licensure, The program begins with a 12 week didactic instruction, simulation, and clinical experience, Experienced perioperative preceptors are assigned to students for the clinical experience, Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be hired as a staff nurse within the Operating Room Service at Christiana Care Health System, which includes either the Wilmington or Christiana Hospitals. Average Christiana Care Health System hourly pay ranges from approximately $15.00 per hour for Home Health Aide to $34.87 per hour for Registered Nurse - ICU. We also have tremendous opportunities for physician assistants and advanced practice registered nurses. As you prepare for surgery, ChristianaCare’s new Perioperative Evaluation & Treatment Service — we call it POETS — helps to make sure everyone involved in your care has all of the information needed for a safe and successful surgery. Certified nurse practitioners, Jennifer Avedisian, RNP and Mary Joyal, FNP-C, are among the board certified nurse practitioners on the South County Health medical staff. Upon completion of this program, resident nurses will have the knowledge and ability to skillfully assess new babies and mothers as well as provide extensive care and education to the family.

christiana care nurse practitioner residency

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