I want to receive promotions from our partners. The idea with Tyr is to just be annoying and not fall behind. You mainly are at the battlefront to constantly hit enemys. Ping or VGS him to wait if you must, it really is important. This all will come with practice, but just some ideas for situations to use your ult. Tyr Arena build [DAMAGE] The following is my personal Tyr stragedy, which works very well in arena. ROLE QUEST: MID +25 Health Stolen And Mana Restored Upon Damaging An Enemy God, 10s Cooldown TYR - Smite Super Builds Ep.46 by Zelkenon. On some solo loaners it makes sense but he has a considerable heal with his 2 by the time is gets to level 3. I'm just trying to show that some mana management and smart positioning can replace black when you go runic, but the opposite can't be said since you will build cadu (hybrid) as your first magical protection enough time to the enemy get bancroft + a defense or antiheal and destroy you. PASSIVE - Your abilities heal you for 5% of damage dealt. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This effect does not trigger on Vortexes. Is it working for you? AURA - Allied gods within 70 units have their Healing from abilities increased by 10%. Its just a fact. I was a little upset after reading this guide and i have a few objections: Actually playing on insta genuinely helps your timing more because it’s when you hit the button instead of double tapping it. This effect cannot trigger more than once every 90s. Just continue to farm, poke, proxy, invade, and proxy. Especislly since tyr ult doesn't do much damahe and often it's an engage so pridwen shield is extra protections and damage on engage. If they are paying attention to the fight in the middle of the lane, and you have vision of them under tower, you can ult over the wall in your aggressive stance, and catch a mage off guard. If you disagree that's fine, I'm not a proponent of instant cast in all gods. Smite Forums > Community > Strategy & Gameplay > Tyr Arena build [DAMAGE] PDA. It's generally hard for me to die as Tyr to a gank unless I'm already low and way out of position. I also never really use my ult unless I am looking to confirm a kill, so it is a great escape. If you are outpressured, focus the wave. The power spike you will get can be surprising if you land your whole combo. So if they no longer will fight you, just focus on clearing and proxy to rotate. PASSIVE - If you take damage below 30% health you unleash a shockwave that stuns all enemies within a range of 20 units for 1s and become immune to Crowd Control for 1s. He does a great job explaining the essentials, the core kit, and general gameplay. This item can not be used if you have taken or dealt damage in the last 3s. AURA - Enemy gods within 55 units have their Physical Protection reduced by 15%. But my build i posted for mages you can play vs practically any mage, which is why I posted it. but if you really want to learn Tyr and play him at a level where you can actually be impactful, you want to learn him on instant cast, or you will be a step behind. You can cancel your dash by hitting your 2 at any time. PASSIVE - When you take Magical Damage from Abilities your cooldowns are reduced by 3s. The 1 does more damage, but your sustain from using your 2 on 3 minions is VERY GOOD, and i rarely need to use pots, hence I almost never get a chalice. Tyr is a Smite God released in August 2013. Smite tyr Builds & Guides For Smite Game. TAKE YOUR SOUL! Like I said, you are CC immune when channeling, so keep that in mind. As you very well know, there is no static build, I almost never have the same build, so I can't provide every iteration. Warrior Tabi . He is hard to kill, so their best choice is to try and ignore you. Also, if they ever get out of position early, your looking to push them under your tower. There are 2 main build paths as Tyr, one vs. a physical, one vs. a mage, and then there are builds vs healers. 6:58. TYR is the The Lawgiver in the game Smite. But good work. With the Assassin build does not mean I want to make a Jungler build. You can reverse order if you want, or skip cad shield if you like, but its a decent item these days. Fair....again, give the build a try before shutting me down. If you're ever in trouble, just back off, and look to heal off the wave. If I'm facing a physical solo, I dont worry abouts pots because 2 and glad shield procs are sufficient. I generally like to zone out the person who is doing the best because it is hard for them to kill you one on one. Smite's The Morrigan season 6 builds page. It keeps me being a bully and also safer early. If you do this correctly, you can now begin to poke the enemy god. On Tyr, geting Trans is not a good idea. One tower shot early in the game is considerable and could be enough to make them back early, or leave them exposed to a gank, or they may have to retreat to tower, leaving them with less gold and you getting free totems. His ultimates large AoE and damage, 450 base damage, are pretty easy to hit. In arena I'm getting at least 7-10 kills a game and only about 2-3 deaths a game. so the pro move is to do your full combo in the aggressive stance, then switch stance and do the same thing again by stopping your dash early and hitting your 2. GIMME SOME KISSES, APHRODITE - Smite Super Builds Ep.47 by Zelkenon. 0. So you can auto them down. It is the safe build because you can't die, and stacking chalice with multi isn't as strong as the double hp pots. I usually take blink as my second relic because its a great engage tool, and you can ult to get out. Its not like playing a mage with different hit boxes and you can throw them out in front of you (like a vulcan meatball, or discordia 2/stun). Your source for all things Smite builds and the current meta. The embodiment of mankind’s impossible ideals. Hey everyone, I been playing a lot of Tyr lately, and I've always wanted to make a guide to highlight some of builds and things you should know when learning the character. © Hi-Rez Studios, Inc. All rights reserved. Each Assist is worth 1 stack. It helps a lot of people that are lazy like me to read everything on the same dark and small font lol. you should be in your aggressive stance, group up the wave with your 1, into your 2, then switch stance, hit your 2 to heal, then dash through the grouped minions. Smite's Vulcan season 6 builds page. Guard Stance: Tyr hits each enemy only once, passing through and knocking them up in the air. Fakeless4. At 50 Stacks Assassin's Blessing Evolves, gaining +5 Penetration, and 5% Movement Speed. I can literally 100-0 someone without the ult if I build any high power items and only have one defense item. PASSIVE - Your relics receive 40s Cooldown Reduction. Dealing damage to an enemy god provides 1 stack. If your in Guard stance and want to dash and then cancel your dash into your 2, its harder and unnecessary to not be on instant cast, its just a fact. you want to start in aggressive stance because when you finish in your guard stance, you can heal off any minion damage taken with your 2 at the end. At 75 Stacks Soul Eater Evolves, gaining 15 Physical Power, 5% Physical Lifesteal, and causing abilities to heal you for 20% of damage dealt. Upvoted ;). If you don't want to overcap, get Hide of the Urchin instead, or even Magi's Cloak if you'd like. At 75 Stacks Mage's Blessing Evolves, gaining 10% Cooldown Reduction. Tyr Arena build [DAMAGE] Printable View. JUNGLE FENRIR - Smite Super Builds Ep.50 by Zelkenon. It's very important to get to level 2 before or at the same time as the opponent or you will lose a lot of your early bully and pressure, so be aware of your jungler while he does his initial rotation and make sure you are there for the big blue buff creep. Why get crit when you can do 800 damage with an auto attack? Cooldown - 160s. Tyr Arena build [DAMAGE] Printable View. You really never want to engage late game with your ult unless your sure you can take someone out with a kill. 1.1 Pantheon; 1.2 Class; 1.3 Type; 2 Basic Attack Stats. 35 Physical … I don't level the 3 (increased power or protections) until last so it isn't relevant early since you wont have any added power or protections. FenrirIsBae2016 (2) | October 4, 2016 6:59am. :cool: You use your 1 and 2 then you swtitch to defense mode. IMMORTAL HERCULES - Smite Super Builds Ep.48 by Zelkenon. Tyr Arena build [DAMAGE] The following is my personal Tyr stragedy, which works very well in arena. Yeah, I play ullr and his three in bow stance has a weird range. Once you get more comfortable, you can advance to the more aggressive builds, because you have enough sustain with Tyr's 2 to stay in lane long enough to finish your first item and come back. I like the stacking because it can be a quick way to recover and often times I use it when I'm very low. If you are facing a magical god, or someone who doesn't have a ton of sustain, you want to focus them a bit more and bully. PASSIVE - Provides a Health Shield that gains stacks every 2s. Blackthorn caad shield pridwen, your tanky, max cooldown with bruiser early, great healing and max cooldown. If you feel safer getting boots, then do it, its not terrible, but it just means you will have to play a little different and can't be as aggressive early because you will lack the mana sustain early, even with blue buff. Press J to jump to the feed. I sometimes don't even use all 3 pots in lane depending on who I'm fighting. https://www.smitefire.com/smite/guide/justice-for-all-tyr-guide-s7-14497. 02-17-2015, 05:04 PM. Use your whole kit on the jungler, he will feel it, and he probably won't want to do it again. Once you learn distances and hitbox sizes, instacast for any ability that doesn't have to aim distance is incredibly more functional once you get used to it. He is Honor. The general combo on a god 1v1 goes 1 of 2 ways, but almost always you start in your aggressive stance. Cooldown - 120s. You could also go more damage like Rune Forge or Hydra's if your feeling spunky, but not as good as the afore mentioned. +7 Power View Full Version : Arachne and Tyr builds? +75 Health Add our Discord bot to your communities' server to get the power of SmiteGuru right in Discord. So to say that I'm dependent on blue buff and totem is a dangerous way to play. PASSIVE - When hit by a Slow, you are immune to Slows and your movement speed is increased by 20% for 4s. I have semi-specific builds vs a hel, ah puch and chang'e, and most of those include runic and contagion and a totally different play style. The embodiment of mankind’s impossible ideals. Tyr Solo Build (Season 7) - My In Depth Guide. Awesome build, best build I have seen for Tyr. For example hou yi ricochet I have in normal. I hear you. I love how much damage this build lets you do so early on in the game. What do you think of the warrior's blessing, round shield, 3 health pot start, then you back to get glad shield and health chalice. If you are going to use your 1-2 combo, you need to get a feel for what direction to use it. Most of the time I don't need to use any pots at all maybe one. What if they invade your blue, your literally screwed with runic. Clear as fast as possible, then head to blue. But good look getting a totem vs a jorm. You hit a button once in comparison to twice. Since Tyr has 2 dashes and an ult, you have decent mobility in lane and definitely do not have to finish boots before getting your first item (Glad shield or blackthorn). Everyone wants to hate on the blackthorn, and I get it, except that if you notice, no other item I'm selecting offers mana. VS mage solo laners, the build is a bit different. You're ult also allows you to stay aggressive. PASSIVE - You gain +20% additional Movement Speed after leaving the Fountain. Shame it comes off poorly, but its just the truth with this god. If you have taken or dealt damage in the last 5s, their Healing from abilities is increased by an additional 15%. No, any lower would invalidate him in a 1v1 situation. Tyr. +75 Health Add the fact that once you have 2 points in your 2, your sustain is great. Browse Tyr pro builds, top builds and guides. This effect cannot trigger more than once every 30s. Only occurs once every 30 seconds. PASSIVE - When damaging an enemy god below 60% health with an ability you deal an additional 15 + 25% of your Protections from items and abilities. You can sell boots for anything you like at that point, I like things like Hide of Urchine, Spectral Armor, Void Shield Magi's or Winged Blade, or maybe a Runic or Ancile if you prefer more magical. 2 dashes of the same distance, to cones in front of you that are the same size. I've tried using the attack speed boots sometimes because people are saying its "meta" these days, but while it seems better at first, I'd much rather have the extra power since I do most of my damage relying on abilities and layering CC for the team, I'm not trying to drill people down with autos. +10 Physical Protection and Magical Protection Cooldown - 120s. He is Honor. Learn how to play a new god, or fine tune your favorite SMITE gods’s build and strategy. SmiteGuru - Smite's best source for player profiles, god stats, smite matches, elo rankings, smite guides, and smite builds. Using this item will allow you to teleport up to 45 units away instantly. +7 HP5 & 7 MP5 while within 60ft of an ally god This takes some time to get use to as they wont be in front of you like in your aggressive stance. But cones and line abilities I want on quick cast, like ravana 1 through 3. If you must, back off the wave, and position yourself between the tower and blue buff so you get the xp for both the camp and last of the first wave minions. Maybe it came off poorly, but you can play any god casually if you want, thats up to you. Breastplate early isn't going to help you, but you need mana. I can see your point however in most case (at least on pc) you either want to use instant (steroids or things like. 10:14. you can use the "smart cast" with those types of abilities if you'd like, but i prefer just normal cast in that case. He is using 4 abilities in a row generally, so much like Arthur, without some mana supplementation through blackthorn, glad shield procs, or breastplate, it will be hard to sustain in lane, and more importantly, keep pressure on your opponent. 8:26. Jump to: navigation, search. Its predictable for your team to know where they will be and layer CC or damage onto it. Once you have enough to finish your first item (glad shield, blackthorn, boot), back and come back to lane and immediately look to poke if they haven't backed yet. Plus, I sell glad shield late anyway, and don't pick up blue buff late game, so Mantle, BP and Pot is 40%. I've played both, and most gods I don't play on instant cast. SMITEFire is the place to find the perfect build guide to take your game to the next level. Try to look to improve at poking the wave and the enemy god at the same time with your dashes, as the poke is decent and the frustration will increase and force bad plays. Which mana is almost irrelevant in solo due to having the mana buff. Those are very daring assumptions. The health and power mix helps you punish them for picking mages, and with your 2, you have enough sustain. Im on console so it's a comfort factor. Immediately ult if they are a little below half health. A lot of people don't realize how much distance the 1 has, so if they are 2/3 of the way down your lane, you can knock them up with your 1, then your 2 may be able to push them into your 2. +25 Physical & Magical Protection you should not proxy unless you have full boots and another other like blackthorn or gladshield, or you are asking for trouble. Damage/brawler tyr build. To your first point about pots, that's fine too. This can only occur once every 30s. SmiteBuild. If you'd like to play that Tyr (many think hes a bad god) you have to play aggressive. If you are not confident you can hit the cancelled dash into the 2, just use the dash, then walk to the wave and use your 2 to heal off and clear some of the wave. So blackthorn is still a good item. Once you can do this, your hitting them with 4 hard hitting abilities at once, and you will be almost full health, and they will be disoriented generally. At 50 stacks Guardian's Blessing Evolves, gaining 4 Gold Per 5s. See my situational items above and grab what you like from it. 05-05-2016, 06:00 PM. You should be hitting your dashes more often than not, and if you're not, much like Camazots 1-2 or Thanatos scythes, you're really not going to be that good. This consumable heals 250 Health over 25 seconds. ROLE QUEST: SUPPORT +30% Damage vs. Notes: Assault Damage: 40/90/140/190/240 (+50% of your Physical Power) Usually I need some sort of anti heal in the solo lane, and for the team, so I go pestillence as my one magical dedicated magical defense item. In season 6 it was meta, now its useless? Give it a try, then tell me it's bad. My next items in the build are cad shield and pridwen. The embodiment of mankind’s impossible ideals. It depends on the matchup. This effect is not interrupted by damage but is interrupted by hard Crowd Control. Archived. But your assuming your going to get totem vs a jorm or thst you'll always have your blue. Tyr Lore Tyr. But if your not playing Tyr on instant cast, your handicapping your top end. Stick to the squishies (ADC, Mage, Jungle). Great! I understand your point, but try to understand mine and the build as a whole. Obviously it's not ever scenario, but if your not getting chalice early on tyr, I think you can avoid it altogether. 1. Using this item removes Crowd Control Effects and makes you immune to new ones for 2s. Fineokay has even mentioned overcapping by 10% isnt a huge issue if the items are worth it, and mantle has saved my bum many a time. :cool: You use your 1 and 2 then you swtitch to defense mode. He is Justice. Smite Item Builder is in beta and is being actively developed by one person in his spare time for free. 02-17-2015, 05:04 PM. If they are doing a lot of damage or are way ahead, 1-2 them in aggressive stance AWAY from your team, then use your guard stance to get away if need be. Comes with 3 uses that are refilled if you enter the Fountain, sells for 0 gold. THANATOS - Smite Super Builds Ep.49 by Zelkenon. Depending on the enemy might swap out a item for Stone Cutters--Not for the pen necessarily, but for the movement speed to setup stuff easier. Agree completely. I then go into BP to get cooldowns maxed early (10 Glad, 20 BP, 10 Blue Buff) You may overcap later when you get a Mantle, I like mantle more for the passive and heavy prots, less worried about the overcap of 10%, but some people really get mad about overcapping. At 15 Stacks Warrior's Blessing Evolves, gaining +15 Physical and Magical Protection. PASSIVE - Your abilities deal an additional 2% of the targets maximum Health as Physical Damage. By full build, your tanky and you have heartseaker and max cool downs, so you can fight anyone, but you shouldn't waste time with tanks anyway unless they are good ad CC'ing your squad. If you ever get hurt, just play safe, fall back, dash away, find a wave or camp to heal off of, pop a pot, and your good to go again. SMITE Item Build and Counter Building Guide by Izcanbeguscott This is a match I played recently. Please verify that you are not a bot to cast your vote.

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