The three new stations are Zhaofeng Road, Guangming Road and Huaqiao.. Interestingly, the stations are not in Shanghai municipality but in Kunshan city in neighbouring Jiangsu province. ... Update Covid-19 … In addition, many new lines are planned or under construction. Disney Resort. It starts at Hongqiao Railway Station and ends at Oriental Land Park. Apart from the Chongming Line, the other eight lines of the plan are Line 19, 20, 21, 23, the extensions of Line 1 and 13, the Airport Line and the Jiading-Minhang Line. Most of Shanghai's old city centre can be reached via the handy red line. Where do you intend to go? The first phase of the main line will run from Xinjiangwancheng to Hongqiao Railway Station and Hongqiao International Airport.The branch line will run from Longxi Road on the main line to Hangzhong Road. The Shanghai Metro is the longest rapid transit system in the world. Speaking as someone whose work required taking the Shanghai metro 4 or more times a day, your apartment’s quality of line can undoubtedly have a significant impact on your quality of life. As of May 2019 it currently has 16 lines. It will run in a north-south direction through Pudong, connecting Gaohang in Waigaoqiao to the Disney Resort. A new metro line in Shanghai will connect the city to Taicang, in East China's Jiangsu province, according to local news portal Shanghai Observer on Monday. Authorities in Shanghai said the interconnected payment method is expected to be expanded to more subways systems in other regions. Click “View fullsize” below to see the map. 31.2243531 121.4759159 11 satellite. 线) or Qingpu Line (Chinese: 青浦线) runs from Minhang District to Qingpu District. Here are some photos from the construction: Shanghai's Metro network is the longest in the world , with nine new lines and up to … Going to Hotel near People's Square. Line 11 (Shanghai Metro) List of express and multi-borough bus routes in New York City; 59th Street – Columbus Circle (New York City Subway) You could go to/depart from Hongqiao Airport Terminal 1 by the Subway Line 10 (Identification Color: light purple). Society Beijing, Shanghai metro launches interconnected QR code payment. Shanghai South Railway Station: The original train station in Shanghai travels mostly south of the city, and is equipped with a lot of older but slower trains. The Subway Line 10 go through the main subway station: Hongqiao Airport Terminal 1, Shanghai Zoo, Jiaotong University, Shanghai Library, Xintiandi, Laoximen, Yuyuan Garden, East Nanjing Road, Tongji University, Wujiaochang etc. Shanghai Subway Line 10. Xiuyan Road. Qixin Road – Jinhai Road. Thank you for your patience. Location: Shanghai metro line 11 - Sanlin station 5 mins from station to school! It is planned to be 40 km (25 mi) in length, and is planned to have over 30 stations. Construction on Line 17 commenced in late 2014, and the line was briefly known as "Line 20" before being renamed. Shanghai Railway Station North Square: Take Metro Line 4 to Century Avenue Station, transfer to Metro Line 2 and get off at Dongchang Road Station (50 minutes). View Location View Map. Shanghai Metro Line 11 recently opened 3 new stations at the northern end of the Line 11 branch line. For more details view the ExploreShanghai interactive Metro map or click on one of the station names below. I need it to be between Xujing West and Zhongshan Park. Linia 12 metra w Szanghaju – przebiegająca z północnego wschodu na południowy zachód 12. linia szanghajskiego metra, biegnie przez 40,4 km od stacji stacji Jinhai Road w północnej części dzielnicy Pudong, przez rzekę Huangpu i centrum Szanghaju i Xuhui, do Qixin Road w dzielnicy Minhang.Jej pierwszy, około 12-kilometrowy północno-wschodni odcinek Jinhai Road – Tiantong Lu (ang. UPDATE: the Jinshan Railway finally opened in September 2012! It is planned to be 40 km in length, and is planned to have over 30 stations. No. 29號 On the first day of the "Silent Order" of Shanghai Metro, each subway line is equipped with law enforcement teams. Inauguration was in May 1993. Other Shanghai Metro locations. 地铁) is a rapid transit system in Shanghai, China, operating urban and suburban rail transit services to 13 of its 16 municipal districts (ex Image of shirt, time, woman - 181921530 Transfer lines: Lines 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, and 12. Shanghai Metro becomes the longest metro system in the world after 15 years of breakneck growth. Is Maglev advisable? Line 11 is one of the 17 lines of the Shanghai Metro. Line 19 is a planned future subway line on the Shanghai Metro.Its termini are planned to be the Tieshan Road railway station and the Jinghong Road railway station. Extending in the north-south direction, Shanghai metro line 15 will transport between Gucun Park and Zizhu High-tech zone via 30 stations, covering around 40 kilometers (25 miles). Shanghai’s up-and-coming Metro Line 19 may feature a bullet train that would carry passengers from downtown Shanghai to Chongming Island, according to a source quoted in a Shanghai Daily repo… In … 55 RMB/one-way ticket and 85 RMB/round-trip ticket. Line 12 is one of the 17 lines of the Shanghai Metro. This is the first Disney park to open in mainland China, and it’s accessed most easily from central Shanghai via metro line … ☆Our school is on top of metro line 11, and is at prime location in a high-end shopping mall. Disney Resort – North Jiading. Shanghai is full of some pretty awesome cultural and historical places to visit; however, Shanghai Disneyland offers up some fun and excitement of a different kind. The Shanghai Metro is the world’s longest city metro network and serves much of Shanghai, as well as a few stations in neighbouring Kunshan, Jiangsu province.. Jump to: Lines / History Fares: Minimum fare ¥ 3.—; distance-based fare system with current maximum fare of ¥ 14.—. Shanghai is speeding up urban rail construction, with 16 urban railway transit lines currently in operation at a total length of 666 km. The Line 19 part of this station is presently being built and has not yet been opened to the public. Email: [email protected], Thank you very much! I'm away right now, so I will get back to you by email as soon as possible, Shanghai Metro 🚄 All 414 Stations and 16 Lines (2020 Update), Beijing Metro Map: Discover all 394 Stations and 23 Lines, 10 Shanghainese Swear Words 🗣 (PLUS 2 Bonus Entries) to Add to Your Vocabulary, Beijing vs Shanghai (2020/21) – Your Comprehensive Guide, The opening and closing times for the first and last stop on your route, The driving distance and cost if you taxied, The direction your subway will be headed (if separate platforms), The opening and closing times for each direction, Whether or not there is a bathroom (there likely is). 线 | Shanghai Metro Line 10. Shanghai Metro Line 17 runs between Hongqiao Railway Station in Minhang District and Oriental Land in Qingpu District. For this reason, the Shanghai Metro project began to be planned since the 1980s. Line 11 is a northwest-southeast line of the Shanghai Metro network. READ MORE: Shanghai Metro Line 17 and Phase 3 of Line 9 Starts Test Runs The extension covers a distance of 19.5 kilometers (12.12 miles), with eight newly-added stations, including Jiangchuan Road, Xidu, Xiaotang, Fengpu Avenue, East Huancheng Road, Wangyuan Road, Jinhai Lake, Fengxian Xincheng and Pingzhuang Highway. The Shanghai Metro's Line Two or Green Line is the most frequently used line for the tourist or business visitor to Shanghai.. Text:AAAPrint. The system incorporates both subway (地铁) and light rail (轻轨) lines. 地铁女白领白衬衫. The city of Shanghai needed the creation of a massive transportation system capable of offering efficient transportation to its population due to its size and exponential and quick population growth. April 20, 2010 - Expo section of Line 13 (Madang Road - Shibo Avenue) enters temporary operation. For more details view the ExploreShanghai interactive Metro map or click on one of the station names below. Shanghai metro was started in 1993 consisting of line 1 from Shanghai South Railway Station to Xujiahui. Inauguration was in May 1993. ☆We are an English Training Center at CENTRAL LOCATION in SHANGHAI! Answers (1) Answered by Mike from UNITED KINGDOM | Jan. 16, 2020 19:15. It runs from Jinhai Road Station in Pudong to Qixin Road Station in Minhang District.The first section from Tiantong Road to Jinhai Road opened on 29 December 2013, and additional stations up to Qufu Road were in operation by 10 May 2014. 0 0 Reply. The total length is 35.2 km. Staf bernama Feng Gangfeng dari Shanghai Metro Property Management Co., Ltd. mendisinfeksi gerbong Shanghai Metro di Shanghai, China timur, pada 13 Februari 2020. Information on this page will progressively be improved. Not that it will likely be beach-going weather when the line opens in late December, 2011. ... See all. With 364 stations and an operating route length of 588 km (365.4 mi), the Shanghai Metro is the world's largest metro system by length. Starting with 25km and 19 stations, the line was extended by 14km with the opening of the 10-station northern extension to Jiangyang. Zhuguang Road. The line is colored green on system maps. Great location! The Shanghai Metro is a rapid transit rail network in Shanghai, China. Can anybody help me? Four of us, 2 adult 2 kids. Maglev & Metro Pass ticket holder is eligible for one way or round-trip tickets on the Shanghai Maglev and unlimited transportation on all metro lines within 24 hours after swiping the ticket at the entrance gate for the first time. Line 3, the 19-station Pearl Line, also has the main station as its focal point, but loops northwards on elevation from Shanghai South station to Zhongshan Park and terminates at Jiangwan Zhen. Line 19 is a planned future subway line on the Shanghai Metro.Its termini are planned to be the Tieshan Road railway station and the Jinghong Road railway station. Shanghai Metro Line 14 is an east-west extension line with a total of 31 stations across five administrative districts of the city – Jiading, Putuo, Jing'an, Huangpu and Pudong, and will be connected with 13 other lines. Operating Hours: about 5:30-22:30. Margot View detailed information and reviews for Shanghai Metro Line 1 in , and get driving directions with road conditions and live traffic updates along the way. The current eleven metro lines are expected to be expanded in the near future. Its termini are planned to be the Tieshan Road railway station and the Jinghong Road railway station. Line 21 will be a future subway line on the Shanghai Metro. Donglan Road. Quite a bit of baggage. The Shanghai Metro is a rapid transit rail network in Shanghai, China. Line 17 to Qingpu will also be run by Shanghai metro. As of 1pm, 19 people had been stopped and all had accepted criticism, according to Shanghai Metro. This subway line is scheduled to operate at the end of 2020, passing West Railway Station and South Railway Station. The world’s longest subway system is about to get even longer this weekend with the opening of Shanghai Metro Line 17, along with an extension to Line … 6 stops to XUJIAHUI 徐家汇(city center of Shanghai)! The Shanghai Metro system is the world's largest rapid transit system by route length. The remaining stations opened on December 19, 2015. The line begins at East Xujing and finishes at Pudong International Airport and is the systems longest at 63.8 kilometres and is served by the systems largest amount of stations at thirty.. Line Two is also the only system line which takes in both of the city's airports. How to reach metro line 11 from Shanghai Pudong airport? Line 9 did not directly connect to the rest of the Shanghai Metro network until the opening of the Line 9 portion of the Yishan Road station on December 28, 2008 [1]. Hongmei Road. Shanghai Metro – The Verdict. Line 10, planned name M1, is a rapid transit line currently under construction in Shanghai.The line will have a main line and a branch line. Hongxin Road. Beijing and Shanghai have the largest metro networks in China, each handling more than 10 million passenger trips on a daily basis, with frequent travels between the two cities. Table Lines under the Long Term Plan (2020-2030) for the Shanghai Metro Line Route Phase II of the south extension of Line 5 Nan Qiao Xin Cheng station to Hai Wan station Phase II of Line 16 Shanghai Zoo station to North Wu Jing station Phase II of Line 17 Bao Shan Industrial Park station to Gongqing Forest Park station ¯) and Oriental Sports Center (东方体育中心), crossing Pudong New Area. Line 14 will be the newest line, crossing Shanghai’s downtown area from east to west, with a total length of … A shuttle bus conveyed passengers between Guilin Road and Yishan Road stations until construction was completed. 2020-12-02 19:01:02 Xinhua Editor : ... New testing centers for COVID-19 … Shanghai Metro Line 13: Jinyun Road-- Shibo Avenue Tinycards by Duolingo is a fun flashcard app that helps you memorize anything for free, forever. Answer 11 of 14: We are arriving at Pudong Airport in December at 7am. Line 19 is a planned future subway line on the Shanghai Metro. The previous two metro services were the Beijing … Line 12 is an east-west line of the Shanghai Metro network. “I didn’t know about the regulation,” said a 74-year-old woman who had been watching videos on Metro Line 8 with the sound turned up. For more details view the ExploreShanghai interactive Metro map or click on one of the station names below. Compared with most metro systems in the world, the Shanghai metro is very cheap, very clean, and rarely suffers from delays. Shanghai Metro Line 22 will connect Shanghai South Railway Station with Jinshan, home of the closest sandy beach to downtown Shanghai. Passengers on the first day of the “Mute Order” of Shanghai Metro: Hope to be extended to high-speed rail and other transportation vehicles. Shanghai Metro Line Map near Shanghai. Hongqiao Railway Station – Oriental Land. It is unknown who will run the other lines. It … LINE. There are three lines slated for construction in the next few years: Airport line, connecting both airports. The first metro line built in 1993 coincidentally runs through the oldest parts of the city. 地铁) is a rapid transit rail network in Shanghai, operating urban and suburban transit services to 14 of its 16 municipal districts and to Huaqiao Town, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. July 1, 2010 - with the opening of Hongqiao Railway Station, its metro station of the same name on Line 2 enters operation. This resulted in the opening of line 1 on May 28th, 1993. Qixin Road. 1. At 439 kilometres, the Shanghai Metro is already the third longest metro system in the world (after Seoul and a smidge behind Beijing) and it’s … Luoshan Road Line 16. Opened in 1995, Shanghai's metro system (地铁 - dìtiě) has 12 lines and incorporates both subway and light rail lines. Tel: +886 (2) 27555007 Which metro line you live on evidently makes a huge difference in how long it takes to get around this enormous city. Life/Entertain 2020-12-01T09:59:39.773Z. By the end of 2020, Shanghai will have approximately 20 metro lines, a total of approximately 877 km, significantly improving the city’s public transit system. Shanghai Railway Station South Square: Take Metro Line 1 to People’s Square Station, transfer to Metro Line 2 and get off at Dongchang Road Station(40 minutes). Asked by Javier from MEXICO | Nov. 02, 2019 21:05 Reply. Rail transit law enforcement personnel prepare to go on patrol on Metro Line 1 on Tuesday.

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