-- Mail: Contact the U.S. -- Emergency contact: Leave your contact information with a friend or neighbor. Short-term: Throw out perishables such as milk that will expire while you're gone. Canadians have a similar mail forwarding system but pay a minimum of $52.95 CAN for four months of mail forwarding within their province. Some people leave for three months, and some leave for seven months. Stop mail service and newspaper deliveries. If you have friends and family who are willing to help you with this, you’re in luck. For more information about mail forwarding in Canada visit CanadaPost.ca. Even better, you can adjust the amount of time your mail is forwarded online. Get any leaks fixed. clean the house thoroughly prior to leaving. To create the illusion that you have a huge, hairy, and hungry guard hound inside your home, put a big dog bowl and chain (preferably beat up and warn) outside your home. Follow the instructions in this article and you’ll be truck camping cool as a cucumber. If you will be away from your home during the winter, you may want to purchase and install temperature monitors that will tell you if your house approaches freezing. Needing extensive medical treatment requiring them to spend weeks or months in hospital. Figuring out how to balance the budget for a home that remains empty can be tricky. -- Newspaper: Put delivery on a vacation hold. It also involves preparing your home for your absence. Activate Motion Activated Outdoor Floodlights. While you will hopefully not need these images, having evidence of this information can make or break travel plans. Another point that’s made is the importance of not having visible valuables in plain sight from first floor windows. An empty house is a target for crime and criminals have been known to store stolen goods in empty houses, commercially grow cannabis in abandoned homes or sell drugs from the house. But 7 … If the furnace should fail on a very cold day, water in a pipe could freeze and burst the pipe. Take any live plants you have with you. Did you remember to lock the sliding doors? It’s a nearly universal phenomenon — that moment of panic in the middle of the night before leaving home for an extended period of time wondering what loose ends you’ve forgotten to tie. Unless you have a house sitter coming to water them, you would come back to a house full of dead plants! Some are invalid if you haven’t hired a house sitter for absences of more than 21 days. I use a battery trickle charger from Battery Tender. Lock your front door. Place five-gallon buckets of water around the inside of the house. Window Blinds, Visible Valuables, and Safe Deposit Boxes. 1. Inviting them for a nice dinner before and after your trip will serve to reinforce the relationship and build your friendship. Also throw in a couple of steaks and a bottle of wine for good measure. If such an endorsement is not available, consider purchasing a separate, “vacant home” insurance policy. If you post that you are leaving your home empty for a few months, you may be sending strangers an invitation to burglarize your home. 20. Some folks also recommend putting a little baking soda in sink drains and toilets to further avoid the stagnant water stink. You can use this service for as short as fifteen days or as long as one year. Short-term: Check your pool-pump settings before you leave to make sure they are where you want them to be. If your neighbor’s house is close enough, ask them to park in your driveway to greatly enhance the appearance of occupancy. Step one, stop the green traitors. If you want your mail forwarded, you request a temporary mail forwarding for $1 USD. This will prevent algae and mildew from building up in your toilet bowl and basin. Why would someone want to watch your man cave from Mongolia? It’s also not a good idea to change your answering machine message to anything implying your absence. It’s also a good idea to have them walk through your house now and then, especially after a bad storm or other extreme weather. Make sure your security lights are outfitted with CFL bulbs, which save on energy and are long-lasting. Depending on how long you will be away, turning off the main water supply line where it comes into the house is highly recommended. Details: If you have a pool, continue to run the pump so the pool doesn't develop algae and turn green. Most of us have a home surrounded by green traitors; grass, shrubs, and trees. https://www.ehow.com/how_7543735_close-house-three-months.html With this article we asked our readers for their ideas. If they are intact, stuff stayed frozen. closing up your house for an extended trip. Also, have the friend flush toilets and run the dishwasher. You may be able to do something similar with a hot-water heating system. To prevent sewer fumes from entering your home, you can wrap your toilet bowl in saran wrap. Feel the valves underneath faucets to make sure they aren't moist. Even better, put any jewelry, coin collections, and other highly valuable small items in a bank safe deposit box. Rather than paying about $150 for cable television and internet while you’re not home, you can pay $10 to put both services on hold. No more worrying about water in the basement. The tank won't empty completely, so sponge out what's left in the bottom and transfer it to the bowl. These are readily available on the internet and are designed to have the bad guys looking for easier targets. It is preferable to not leave storm shutters on to help with the illusion of home occupancy. Stop the Mail and Newspaper Deliveries. Sometimes we forget to look up before we leave the house! “The valves in dishwashers can get stuck in the closed position when they sit around unused for weeks on end,” says Shank. Figuring out how to balance the budget for a home that remains empty can be tricky. If that’s not possible, disconnect the battery to prevent drainage (or use a battery trickle charger), and put the automobile on jacks to avoid tire flat spots. 3. Fill it with bottles of water so it will run more efficiently. Before you leave it’s important to verify that the phone numbers the temperature monitors you have programmed are accurate and working. You also need to pay for a high-speed internet connection while you’re away, but you may be paying for that anyway. From the threat of burglary to a failed heating system causing the pipes to freeze, the range of things that can go wrong at home are enough to keep folks up at night. Open your faucets to release the pressure. Consider a Professional Security System. Some folks wouldn’t consider leaving their house to go grocery shopping without setting the alarm system, while others haven’t locked their front doors ever. -- Small appliances, computers, televisions: Unplug these items. If necessary, you might purchase an endorsement to your policy to provide coverage for your home while it's vacant. In addition, the property can be targeted by burglars out to steal anything and that includes the radiators and other metal in the home such as pipes, for scrap. Whoo-wee! You want to do what is best for the house but hate the idea of paying for unnecessary service. We have an outside faucet that comes off our water line just after the main enters the house and before it goes on to the remainder of the building. Even though you will not be home, it’s still important to that your smoke detectors are functioning properly. Additionally, remove garage door openers and valuables from cars stored in your garage. To keep these green back-stabbers in check this past summer, I hired a local college student to mow my lawn and maintain our gardens. The answer may not be as clear-cut as you think. 6. Whatever you do, it’s important to leave a set of car keys with your trusted neighbors or home watching friends in case there’s a need to move your car in your absence. People usually leave their primary residence unoccupied for various legitimate reasons, some of which may well not be their choice. People usually leave their primary residence unoccupied for various legitimate reasons, some of which may well not be their choice. If you did you would come back and have to replace large amounts of dry wall. -- Security company: If you have one, notify the company that you will be gone. Details: Don't come home from your trip to a refrigerator filled with spoiled food. Another option is to have a neighbor or another contact who can put the shutters up if a storm is approaching. This keeps the house well above freezing and prevents the pipes from freezing and bursting. Water leaks while folks are away are one of the most common and costly damage claims for insurance companies. Be aware that there are concerns that web cameras of any kind could get hacked allowing not just you to see your house and home, but anyone on the planet. 11. It’s a nearly universal phenomenon — that moment of panic in the middle of the night before leaving home for an extended period of time wondering what loose ends you’ve forgotten to tie. You can also unplug your garage door opener when you’re away. Ask a friend or neighbor you trust to water your plants. Inform local police the house will be empty. Review your policy and talk with your insurance agent. 25. While I certainly don’t recommend leaving any doors or windows unlocked while you’re away, not everyone will feel it’s necessary to install and pay monthly fees for a security alarm system. There are 635,000 empty homes in the UK and over 278,000 of those have been empty for more than six months, according to latest government statistics (2019). 6. Just be sure to put a black X on the saran wrap to prevent an accident. While the technology exists to watch television from home via the internet, most of us do not watch our home cable television or use our home cable internet while we’re traveling. When you return home: Depending on the season of your absence, and your home climate, it may also be necessary to have someone help with snow removal, leaf raking and removal, and lawn and shrub watering. Some people leave for 3 months and some leave for 7 months. Steven Merrill takes us step-by-step through the process of preparing a house to be unoccupied during extended or long-term trip. To defeat these scanners, disconnect the receiver and use a manual garage door lock. Ensure all doors, windows, skylights, and vents are properly closed and locked. With the invention of high-speed internet, the proliferation of high quality small cameras, and the ability to see live streaming video using the cellular connections on our smartphones, it’s now possible to see a live video feed of our house and property from almost anywhere in the world. Sump pump alarms are also available in case of a flood. If you’re planning to go on a long-term trip, you need to prepare your home to be unoccupied for weeks or even months at a time. That said, you can buy and install a web camera system in your house and property that will let you see your den from Denmark and your lawn from Louisiana. There are many stories of folks leaving a house and forgetting this critical step only to return to broken pipes inside their walls. If necessary, you might purchase an endorsement to your policy to provide coverage for your home while it's vacant. Even toasters and DVD/Blu-ray players can be damaged in a lighting storm. No matter how long you'll be gone, whether a few days or several months, here are steps you can take to make your house safer and lower your utility bills. Lock your back door. When you get home, check the ice cubes. There are different opinions on the best practices with window blinds. Heating system/Electrical The heating system should be cleaned and inspected by a contractor to help ensure it is working properly, especially through the winter months, to […] If you need your mail sent to you when you’re on the road check out, “Sending and Receiving Mail on the Road“. If your hot water heater is like most, all you’ll need is a Philips screwdriver. The answer may not be as clear-cut as you think. Lock All External Doors, Windows, and the Garage. KITCHEN AND LAUNDRY • Clean each appliance thoroughly. Also, have a neighbor, friend or pool service check the pool periodically to make sure the pump is operating properly. Avoid telling the world your home is going to be empty. Details: Avoid having to call an exterminator after you return by leaving your kitchen and pantry clean. Make sure that the water supply is turned off completely at the main supply point. With a little preparation, and a dose of prevention, none of these fears should keep you from embarking on the long-term trip of a lifetime. Turn your water off at the main valve, every house has one. Most of these items (like turning off your house water) take seconds and will become instinctual every time you leave for a long trip. Provide the dates you will be gone and where you are going. Make sure you find your main water shut-off valve, and that it works. That same lighting strike will also travel through coax cable, so anything – modems, computers, televisions, etc. If your smoke detector batteries are almost dead, they may begin beeping in your absence. The last thing … Avoid Stinky Garbage Disposal Syndrome (SGDS). Outdoor floodlights with built in motion sensors are available at Home Depot, Lowes, and Amazon (among others) and do an excellent job at detecting and deterring would-be thieves. Here is the final hint to know if your stuff has stayed cold while you were gone, or if you have had a power-outage that let stuff thaw, and has now re-frozen. 4. – that’s connected to the internet via coax should also be disconnected. A clean refrigerator will be much nicer to come home to. Short-term: Mow your lawn and trim shortly before your trip. For those who are still reading paper newspapers, have you heard of this thing called the internet? Don't keep anything that is likely to go bad during the … To avoid this situation, run a half-cup of vinegar and water in your garbage disposal. One way to do this is to run the water heater until it is empty and let it refill again. To supplement your fake Fido, you can install faux alarm signs and stickers. No fretting about flooding fifty miles down forest service roads. Thankfully, stopping the mail is as easy as going onto USPS.com and requesting your mail is forwarded or held. Sources from the Phoenix area: Tom Hines, APS energy-efficiency expert; Kathleen Mascarenas, SRP energy-efficiency spokeswoman; Nathan Morey, SRP senior analyst, energy efficiency; and Linda Stanfield, owner of Ben Franklin the Punctual Plumber. The mail is often a never-ending cascade of advertising, magazines, and other solicitations – with a few important parcels in-between. This is one nightmare you can avoid. Another example (un-related) is the A/C. Also, check expiration dates of unopened items. If there is frost in your freezer, you'll want to wait until that has melted and been cleaned up before you leave. While you’re at it, make sure the dishwasher is empty. We were lucky. Short term: Set the temperature on "vacation" mode. You could even put a “Beware of Dog” sign or sticker on your door. Unplug unnecessary appliances in preparation for … Use this information as a baseline for your personal checklist. Unfortunately, leaving your blinds closed for weeks and months also says, “We’re not home” and protects the aforementioned unsavory individuals from being seen once they’re in your home. It’s no good to be programming your light timers for the first time moments before locking the door and then wonder during your trip if you programmed them correctly. First, if you are leaving a house for a couple months in the winter you should turn off the water. For mail being forwarded further distances or for even more extended periods of time, the cost is higher. If your system has a filter, change the filter. Leaving your house empty for over 3 months? Any dead trees that could fall on your home or property should also be removed. For two or more months, you may need a house sitter. In general, folks want to close their blinds to prevent the unsavory from peering in and seeing unprotected valuables. 1. If they are melted, stuff has thawed and must be thrown away. Many home owners have experienced a plumbing leak at one time or another. Unless you have a house sitter coming to water them, you would come back to a house full of dead plants! On Sale Now: 2021 Truck Camper Magazine Calendar. Most newer water heaters are equipped with such a setting. Put some ice cubes in a bowl in the freezer section of the refrigerator (and also in your chest/deep freezer if you have one). For a more complete discussion, there are many additional tips to leaving a car behind which are covered in an excellent article by Edmunds titled, “How to Prep Your Car for Long-Term Storage”. Never leave wet clothing in your dryer or they will likely mildew, mold, and ruin long before you get home. You’ll be paying for that hidden draw while you’re away. If you’re on well water, turn off the pump when you leave for a long trip. -- Leaks: Check for water leaks before you leave. Turn off the water to the house at the main valve. Most of us leave at least one car at home. If you already have an alarm system installed, be sure to notify them of your long-term travel plans including a list of your most current contacts, the names and contact information of neighbors and house sitters who may be at the premises. The important exception to this would be if you’re using an internet web cam or other security system that requires an internet connection. The refrigerator and freezer I can only imagine the damage that would have occurred had the water leak gone unabated for months. We experienced a plumbing leak when we were home and were able to correct the problem quickly. Long-term: Do the same. Hiding a house key under the mat, in a fake rock, or inside a magnetic house key box stuck to the underside of an outdoor pipe is never a good idea. One exception to the main water shut-off rule is if your heating system works off hot water or steam radiators, and you are leaving the heat on while you are away. When we leave our house in cold weather, we set the thermostat for 55 degrees. In concert with other home security recommendations (light timers, helpful neighbors, police notification, etc.) Depending on how it looks, it also can be considered blight. In a similar way, we told our local post office that we would be out of town for an extended period. Never Post Travel Plans or Events on Social Media. Light timers turn household lamps on and off every evening and go a long way to help give your home the appearance that you’re still there. As an additional layer of security, we informed the local police that we would be away and asked them to keep an eye on our house. In either case, you will likely need to keep the main water line on. Besides, many appliances have an electrical draw when plugged-in and turned off. 110 posts. Mix a half cup of vinegar with a cup of water and pour down. Perhaps it’s the last thing you want to do in the midst of packing, but you’ll thank yourself when you arrive back home. Other considerations for any length of vacation. Just make sure to pause those newspaper drops while you’re away, or they may give your absence away. In Flordia, specially the humid months, you do not leave the house with no A/C. Don't leave the gutters clogged. 9. The only other option is to move out and leave the place empty so he only pays the mortgage and minimal bills on it. No matter how long you'll be gone, whether a few days or several months, here are steps you can take to make your house safer and lower your utility bills. First, check your insurance coverage by calling the insurance company or talking to your insurance agent. When it comes to a vacant house in the summertime, what temperature should you leave your house at? Whether these properties are empty because their owners are waiting to sell them, because they're second homes or because the house is in probate, the issue of insuring them can be confusing. Just be sure to inform anyone with access to your home that you have disabled the garage door system and/or manually locked the garage. Before our last trip, I installed a shut-off in the section between the line to the outside faucet and the continuing supply to the house. Clean out your fridge and pantry of … Some of the items in these checklists might not apply to your house, and there may be other items that you’ll need on your checklist that other people don’t have to consider. They're going to Florida for the rest of the winter and their toilet will not be used for 3 months. As you can see, you are relying on your trusted neighbor(s) or home-watching friends quite a bit to help keep your home safe and intervening in any disasters. Those with house plants should also make arrangements to have their plants watered and cared for. First, clear out all of the perishables. The water will … When it comes to a vacant house in the summertime, what temperature should you leave your house at? As the joke goes, everything in your refrigerator will turn into a science project if left for long enough. Just imagine what your kitchen trash will smell like after a month or two of warm summer air. On the topic of garbage, you may need to arrange to have your household garbage taken to the street, or have the cans pulled back to the house. The problem: Appliances in an empty home can also take a hit. Details: An air-conditioner accounts for about half of your annual electrical bill, says Tom Hines, energy-efficiency expert at Arizona Public Services. The thieves know about these products and tricks and look for these easy access vulnerabilities. While they are walking through, they can make sure no door hang tags, leaflets, or packages have been left at your door. You have two choices. Is the furnace still up and running? The best part of the above recommendations is the peace of mind they’ll give you if you’re away from home. Clean enamel exteriors with sudsy water, rinse, and dry. While you're gone, have a neighbor or friend turn on the water and run the faucets at least once a month.

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