I think he actually became that. A member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 2001, Burton's pioneering contributions have … James Burton: Oh yeah, absolutely. But he was the type of guy that once you got to know him, you understood more about his personality. The host & M.C, Horace Logan, was managing Bob and he was of course the person who put Elvis on the Hayride. J.B – Ricky & I used to go motor-cycling all the time and one day we bumped into old Gene Vincent. I was trying to make it to the limousine; well, the security guys came back to get me, they grabbed me and my guitar and threw me in the car to get away from the fans. J.B – Thank you & I’m really looking forward to coming over to Australia again playing with the band and spending some time meeting people. After years of constant, gruelling touring, and running away from his early success, Rick returned to his rockabilly roots by the dawn of the early 1980s, forming a new band led by guitarist Bobby Neal, drummer Ricky Intveld, pianist Andy Chapin, and bassist Patrick Woodward. It happened so quick I couldn't believe it. Interview with Dick Grob, Elvis' Head Of Security: Hollywood veteran Michael Hoey talks to EIN: Interview with 'Elvis Films FAQ' author Paul Simpson: "My Fast Life" Rare Elvis Presley 1964 Interview: Allyson Adams 'The Rebel and The King' Interview: Interview with Elvis Photographer Dagmar: Elvis Paradise Hawaiian Interview - with Peter Noone, Sam Thompson, Elvis' bodyguard, 2011 Interview. James Burton (né le 21 août 1939 à Minden, en Louisiane) est un guitariste américain, membre du Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.Il est cependant surtout considéré comme le guitariste d'Elvis Presley de 1969 à la mort de ce dernier survenue en 1977.C'est aussi un guitariste de studio très prolifique. First some essential Memphis musical background. He wasn’t really thrilled about it, but Bob was happy for us. Can you talk about that era a bit? (EIN Note: Neil Young’s 'Prairie Wind' CD on Amazon.com gets the review.. "With Wayne Jackson of the soulful Memphis Horns...Neil Young has previously released a lot of albums in different musical styles, but Prairie Wind feels like a homecoming, and ranks with his very best"). For Elvis fans who might not be aware, Rick Nelson first broke onto the national scene as one of the stars of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, a US sitcom based on his actual family. I have recently been watching some of those great STAX shows of you in Europe. A new record contract with Curb Records was being finalized on the day Rick and his band passed away, and we’ll never know what might have been. Turn the machines on boys!" I only wish that he had gotten a good movie role where he could have proved himself just one time. For a while there he would eat a dozen eggs and a pound of bacon for breakfast every morning. Rick also toured internationally, something Elvis never accomplished other than a few dates in Canada…. James remained with Rick for a decade, and their music includes such classic singles as "It’s Late," "You Are The Only One," "Travelin’ Man," "Hello Mary Lou," "Teenage Idol," "Fools Rush In," "There’s Nothing I Can Say," "Your Kind of Lovin," and "You Just Can’t Quit." The girl said: “James Burton.” Elvis started to laugh, and then walked her over to James, who gave her a kiss. If it wasn’t for family over here I could get lost down there! Does it register that 25 years have passed since Rick left us so soon at the early age of 45? Rick got on the phone and we talked for an hour or two. By the time he was seventeen, Rick's musical idol, Elvis Presley, was taking the nation by storm, so Rick decided that he also wanted to be a rock and roll star. W.J – To be honest with American Studios and the Elvis sessions, they were just plain recording sessions. 'The On Stage Season' FTD In-Depth Review: 'The Elvis Files Vol. W.J – Next door was a restaurant & upstairs there was kid of a holding area. Apr 15, 2019 - Explore Diane Colby's board "James Burton", followed by 706 people on Pinterest. James Burton: Rick was a wonderful, great guy, quiet, and sorta on the shy side. I reckon you might even feel it even if you didn’t know what it was because there are such energies left over from all that creativity. Rick turned out to be a great guy to be around and play music with. It doesn’t seem like it’s been 25 years at all. It worked out, I didn’t actually lose anything, and I gained another wonderful person to work with doing live shows. He had a big tone, and I had a big tone. James Burton: My wife, Louise, and I had a home in Las Vegas since I had worked with Elvis so long, and we had went to Vegas during that weekend in 1985 for New Year’s Eve. EIN - It seems crazy that your horn sound is so identifiable in all those records yet you got less than $50! So that’s what we did. One day the doctor just woke up & said “Hey, no more, that’s it!”. . It would have been the same as Elvis; whatever suited Elvis, the fans bought it, and this should have happened in a similar manner with Rick. The "Gods from Heaven" did not come down & there was no fire & brimstone either. So Ricky & I were riding around and we bumped into Gene and then also Eddie Cochran and they both said, “Hey, can we go riding with you guys?” Well, Eddie got on the bike behind me and Gene was on the bike with Ricky and we went riding all over Hollywood & Sunset Boulevard! But we were working really hard making hit records and I needed more than three or four hours sleep! You must have been “The Hardest Working man in Show business”! And why not? I loved that, so I put it together, blew, and out came a pretty noise. We played Steel Pier at Atlantic City five years in a row to incredible audiences, we would play six or seven shows a day, we would come on and do twenty minutes, then Les Brown’s orchestra would play twenty minutes, Bobby Rydell, Jimmy Clanton, Dion & The Belmonts, groups like that coming in every twenty minutes. The Presence of James Elvis Burton's profile does not indicate a business or promotional relationship of any kind between RelSci and James Elvis Burton. Sadly it is not that way in Memphis anymore. Elvis was an incredible person to work with. J.B – Well, nothing was planned! It was very exciting. But one night his mother came home with a trumpet for her 11 year-old son. EIN – There’s a very scary story about how an Otis Redding overdub saved your life? There really was a guy with an automatic rifle on the roof in case of something bad happened - especially after Martin Luther King died. See more ideas about James burton, Burton, James. They had a number one instrumental smash called, 'Last Night.' Elvis came in and said, "What is that?" EIN – I think that lot of fans don’t realise how hard you were also working in those early 1970s with other important stars like Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris along with The Hot Band. Hier sah James Burton einen 53er Fender Telecaster und war fasziniert von dem Instrument. EIN – Booker T & the MGs along with the Mar-keys was a great mixture of soulful black & white musicians. James stayed on as the lead guitarist for the TCB Band until Elvis passed away in 1977. Rick appreciated his dad’s opinion and ideas, but Rick thought that to do the type of music he really wanted to do, he didn’t want to get too close to his dad’s big band sound. Ozzie wanted to film a lot more songs and show-related stuff, but we got homesick and wanted to return to Louisiana and be home for the Christmas holidays. But, as Springsteen pointed out, it was a double pleasure “it’s not everyday you get to sing with Roy Orbison and play the guitar with James Burton”. We only got paid strictly Union rates. EIN – It must be hard because in that fixed format you don’t get enough space, as you must know that Elvis is about to start singing again? Matter of fact, when we recorded the solo for "Fools Rush In," Ozzie came to me, and he said, "Boy, that solo you played was so good, man, that reminded me of a solo my saxophone player would play in my old orchestra.". -Copyright EIN April 2011 - DO NOT COPY. James played with Elvis as a member of the TCB band until Elvis' death in 1977. EIN – With the new ‘Roustabout’ song being found there is always new stuff turning up so you never know and that would be a great find. My first taste of Sweet Medicine." NOTE: For more information about Wayne Jackson's autobiographical books, discography, historical journey & photos go to his website "Sweet Medicine Music". EIN – Thank you so much for talking with us and make sure that you enjoy the rest of your birthday. It’s my day off between recording sessions and you are right, today is still my Birthday! Subscribe to EIN's FREE online newsletter, - To read the complete interview with even more historical photos and Rick Nelson stories -. Did you ever end up playing with Elvis on the Hayride? While the majority of fans only recall James Burton's work with Elvis, it is appropriate that the 25th anniversary of Rick Nelson’s death turn the spotlight back to James’ early collaboration with one of his best friends. I don’t know if Jerry Lee would have liked that, it would be like working with Elvis, you wouldn’t want to go onstage with somebody before Elvis’ show, it wouldn’t look good. J.B – Oh my God! Packed out every night! It’s a beautiful song. I had to make a tough decision to go with Elvis when he called and asked me to put a band together and go to Vegas with him, because I didn’t want to lose all my clients. I love writing songs so I formed a publishing company called "Sweet Medicine Music." An obscure one is "The Nearness of You," a really cool standard on the Rick Nelson Sings "For You" album in December 1963. I don’t think I made a remark, maybe I was thinking it would be cool to say, "Gee, that sax player had pretty good taste." We met them and we played a little bit for them, and Ozzie loved it. Sun Studios is probably the most important place in the world for Rock’n’roll and you can certainly feel that something very important happened in that room. To us it was just "family" but we had craziness & screaming fans all along the way. We’ve been going through the RIAA website and we’ve found 60 platinum rated records that I played on that the record companies haven’t awarded me yet! But that all happened before I got into the business. Q: Where were you when you received the news of Rick’s plane crash? Andrew & I were supposed to go out to beef-up their sound but we had to stay and do the overdubs on ‘Dock Of The Bay’. Steven Gaydos ... Elvis Presley, and the Queen of Country Music, Emmylou Harris. Now that is not good! The first time I actually heard Elvis sing ‘In the Ghetto’ however I was quietly sitting with my horn and looking at the music. I knew that it was going to be a landmark record for Elvis because it was about such a current topic. When you look back at the great songs that he sang, like ‘In The Ghetto’ and ‘If I Can Dream’ he was a truly great singer. We were young and things were going fast, with a lot of things happening. Everybody said, "Yeah, sure, why not?" [Author’s Note: This iconic drummer was later inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame]. We’d never been to Europe before and me being a country boy from the sleepy, cotton-town of West Memphis (Arkansas), even Memphis was a big deal. Immediately, his first single, a cover of Fats Domino's ‘I'm Walkin', reached #4 on Billboard's Pop Chart, no doubt helped immensely by a performance on an episode of Adventures. Elvis was also a great gospel singer because he loved it and truly believed it. J.B – I’ll be doing that and nowadays, even when we do ‘Elvis: The Concert’ I like to change the solos around a bit for interest. The second book in the series, "The Memphis Horns" deals with Memphis in the 70's, Stax and even more glimpses of Elvis. Elvis is standing there & says “I want to do this new song. What an amazing gang! While the majority of fans only recall James Burton's work with Elvis, it is appropriate that the 25th anniversary of Rick Nelson’s death turn the spotlight back to James’ early collaboration with one of his best friends. Our management hollered, "Get off the stage, get off the stage, go get in the limousine!".

james burton and elvis

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