2. Graco Soothing Vibrations Swing – Lite LX Gliding Baby Swing, 8. You’ll also get a free welcome box when you create a registry today. Graco swing weight limit varies, with the lowest being 5 lbs and the highest being 30 lbs. I finally, after 2 months, got 6 hours last night, oh and he’s napping in it right now!”. But as far as I’m concerned, the ability to leave your baby sleeping in it more than justifies the price! There are a lot of swings in between these extremes and each has different capabilities and features. Check more information on Graco infant swing types and detailed introductions on Amazon if you have an interest in the item. 17" - 12" (total 29") Weight: up to 30 lbs. When the baby is facing the center, it goes from side to side and moves like a cradle. And here was her review of the Graco DreamGlider swing: “MOMS! Until recently, I hadn’t found a good alternative to the Cradle ‘n Swing that I could recommend to parents. This is good for your baby and also you as a person. The compact Graco baby swing carries a weight of thirty pounds for the smaller versions and forty pounds for the larger sizes. Stroller Weight. 0 – 10. Perfect for acid reflux! 10 soothing settings, including Car Ride, Heart Beat, Lullaby, Stroller Ride, Playful, Twinkle, Waves, Raindrops, Wind, and Bells, give you the possibility to customize your infant’s preference. What Is the Best Graco Baby Swing on the Market? And full-size baby swing design may not suitable for small spaces. Most swings from Graco can accommodate up to 25 pounds and a few can take up to 30 pounds. Motor sound can be heard but babies are seldom influenced by it. Removable head support keeps baby cozy and comfortable and it can be removed easily when the baby is growing larger to have more activity room. However, over the past year or so, another swing has been catching my attention in my Facebook group of over 20,000 members: The Graco DreamGlider Gliding Swing and Sleeper (sometimes called the DreamGlider 2 in 1 Gliding Swing). Most of the swings on the market only go up to 20 pounds. In order to meet the various demands of new moms and dads, Graco develops a series of infant swings. Graco Glider Lite – LX Gliding Baby Swing. Weight limit varies according to different swing series, but the maximum weight limit on most Graco baby swings is 30 pounds. 20 – 30. Graco swing weight limit I have one of those old-school Graco swings, "823nf" open top, with the 3 speeds, and blue corners. It's a hand me down, and I don't have the manual for it - anyone know what the weight limit is? Graco Motorized Baby Swing – LX Gliding Swing, 9. Kids II Inc. Boppy Travel Swing. Plug in and batteries options are able to save large $$ for you. If you want to get one for your baby according to infant’s sex, we have made baby boy swing reviews and baby girl swing reviews for you to choose. Each baby swing has its own weight limit. The small structure and leg make it suitable for small spaces. Baby Swing = Sleep Aid. Plush body support is removable as your baby grows, and cozy fabric of baby swing seat keeps baby warm and comfortable. Small but sturdy footprint and low seat design help save much space for you. Research has shown that this can make the baby not to breathe well. But it is not good to use the baby swings as sleep aids. 10 – 20. Here’s a video of one of our mom’s using the Graco DreamGlider for her two month old. Thanks! However they also have notoriously underpowered motors which are prone to burn out. This will make you go through a lot of batteries. Well, in rare cases, babies who have been placed in swings, bouncers, rockers or slings to sleep have suffered from positional asphyxia. Post navigation. An average one, however, carried 13.6 kilograms. In laymen’s terms, this is when the baby’s head slumps forward and rests on their chest…potentially restricting the flow of oxygen, and ultimately suffocating them. What is the Graco baby swing age range? >Click here to check the best Graco Baby Swing However, I never recommend products that I don’t truly believe in. See Prices; Graco Baby Swing 2560. Graco Silhouette Swing. When you decide to stop using it, just fold it up and throw it in any corner of your house, which is super space-saving.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'babyloveswings_com-leader-4','ezslot_10',118,'0','0'])); Just look at its small frame, then you can imagine how portable it can be. Here are a few good Graco baby swings. Metal materials on the supporting leg make it sturdy enough. Colic eBook, Blog The Graco baby swings boast the advantage of a 5 point harness. I bought this swing for my first child. In this article, we make a short list of the best readers for graco sweetpeace baby swing weight limit including detail information and customer reviews. Most of the swings on the market only go up to 20 pounds. Some other comments/reviews left by members of our group: As already mentioned, one of the best features of this swing is its speed. Graco loving hugs is the only swing on the market that goes up to 30lbs, has a very upright position on the chair, 6 speeds and choice of various classical tunes and nature sounds. The highest weight limit with any Graco baby swing that is in the market is 30 lbs. Its small frame helps save much space for you and suits any rooms of yours, even when you are cooking or bathing, you can easily keep your baby close and have an eye on its safety. On the other hand, parents need to know of any potential risks that may result from using baby swings for sleeping.

graco swing weight limit

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