The two fold goal of marketing is to attract new customers by promising superior value and to keep current customers by delivering satisfaction. Authors also provide many tools for marketers to reach to new kinds of customers, as well as describe clearly each process of marketing 4.0. Welcome back. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. If you. Just as human interaction evolved with the widespread availability of digital channels, so should the most basic tenets of marketing, like segmentation and CRM. Together with, dealing this vast information era which leads to both challenge of meeting the well-informed customers vs distracted-informed customers. Dr. Philip Kotler defines marketing as “the science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit. , use of relevant content, the offering of after sale services, and giving customers a platform to narrate their experiences and give their feedback. by Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong | 21 October 2009. Marketing Communications, Medill School at Northwestern University “No one is more qualified than Philip Kotler, the father of marketing, to document the enormous changes taking place in the field today. Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to Digital by Philip Kotler Hardcover S$28.61. Kotler has worked for many large companies in the areas of marketing strategy, planning and organization, and international marketing. Refresh and try again. This book is mostly theoretical. Philip Kotler: It would be foolish for any company to go overboard on digital media. Worth the time to read for the thoughts and ideas though. Marketing has changed forever—this is what comes next. Furthermore, you can engage your users in ways that suit their unique needs and according to the particular platform’s mode of operation. It's not that there's no merit in the book, it is well structured and covers a wide range of marketing ideas. And while many people continue to teach about Marketing 2.0 and while others think that 3.0 is the latest thing, we need to know that many theories have already changed. What do people want to see or indulge in? It raises the awareness on how all businesses need to implement their digital communication with the already existing traditional one. It should be new text book for marketers in the recent days. What I believe insofar is people like buying products, but dislike being sold. Marketing 4.0 gives you the edge you need to reach them more effectively than ever before. It also includes possible go-betweens and people who are just interested in what you are doing. For seasoned digital marketers, Marketing 4.0 provides a good structure of what we already know and have been practicing. The authors provide some actionable insights that any marketer can begin to apply immediately, including where focus should be when resources (whether money or manpower) are limited. 10. Is there an additional benefit to Marketing 4.0 that you’d like to point out? This book was required reading for one of my classes, but I am so thankful it ended up in my hands. What I believe insofar is people like buying products, but dislike being sold. The Internet is having an impact today that is comparable to what the world felt when Gutenberg introduced the idea of printing. Widely anticipated and praised by many, personally I found it all a bit dull. Ships from and sold by Amazon SG. Marketing 4.0 is a blend of both traditional and digital marketing strategies meant to embrace the best of both worlds. This book is way better than expected... it tells exactly what you need to understand how the people behave in this age and how to actually use it for better marketing strategies. She loves working in the ever-changing world of digital and is fascinated by the role content plays in today’s marketing. Nowadays, it's important to be informed and be aware about marketing (and world) changes, and this book makes an important analysis about the present with focus on the future. If I had a department of 20 and could put some newbies on some of these exercises and then examine their work, these approaches would be fantastic. Today's digital climate demands new and innovative approaches that place the consumer in the driver's seat when it comes to communication. The idea is to increase your brand visibility and engage even people that are not your target customers. I expected this book to be more inclined towards providing tactical advice so that it can be applied immediately but it was not in the case of this book. Very nice book: all the theoretical concepts are well explained with real business examples. But even though the title would lead you to think this was something new, I found it much the same as everyone else is saying. Kotler’s approach can be further expanded in four main points: This works on the fact that it is important to establish connection and engagement way before customers even access the market. Not the kind of schoolbook that would provide you the "what" and "how to". If you are exposed to byron sharp, Dan ariely or jonah berger, this book will disappoint you. We’d love your help. By word of mouth or interaction with others. From 4P’s and AIDA, we now have Kotler’s strategy, the 5A’s, which work in line with the current online technology. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Marketing has changed forever—this is what comes next Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to Digital is the much-needed handbook for next-generation marketing. Nowadays we live in a society whereas customers are channel-agnostic and we need to be able to deliver the same experience with our brand, online and offline. The book shows us that marketing evolves very fast. I also was not quite sure who is this aimed at, but suspect primarily the student market reinforced by having questions at the end of each chapter. Catherine Park is a connector with Caffeinated who help businesses find their audience online. Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to Digital is the much-needed handbook for next-generation marketing. Principles of Marketing with MyMarketingLab and E-Book Student Access Card: Global Edition. Rediscover the fundamentals of marketing from the best in the business . It's not that there's no merit in the book, it is well structured and covers a wide range of marketing ideas. As a beginner in the marketing world, I found the idea offered in this book is interesting. Please share your thoughts with your fellow readers. So this book provides tips “how to offer” and “what to offer” for increasing the productivity of people to aware, interest, act purchasing, and then repeat the purchasing activities in this vast information era. They promise to work, or at least do until they are replaced by new ones. However, these platforms are different and so should the content designed for each. Marketing 4.0 takes advantage of the shifting consumer mood to reach more customers and engage them more fully than ever before. Does the 5A’s model disregard the other ones? You need to stand up, get their attention, and deliver the message they want to hear. This book is a great starting point for those who are very new to the field of marketing. 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