Bottom Line: Which Wusthof Knives Are the Best? Henckels: Kitchen Knives Compared, Shun vs. Wusthof: Kitchen Knives Compared. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 3. Feel: Although most cooks love the comfortable grip, some complain that it feels lightweight and cheap. Check the current prices of Wusthof Gourmet knives on Amazon. The Wusthof Classic Series is the best-selling Wusthof collection and has been for generations. All Wusthof collections are available on Amazon (links below), where you can read hundreds of reviews and check the current prices. As compared to a 12 or 20-piece Wusthof gourmet knife set, this 4-piece set is inexpensive. So, if you’re looking to purchase Wusthof knives, but aren’t sure which collection is best, keep reading. The key differences are in the manufacturing process, edge angle, and Rockwell hardness score. Wusthof Classic 14" Heavy, Wide Chef's Knife. Price: Classic isn’t Wusthof’s most expensive collection, but it carries a hefty price tag, which is not ideal if you are on a budget. The laser-cut technology is the reason behind the low cost of the set. Wüsthof Classic Ikon TR9606n Christmas Set of 2 Knives. Design. Therefore, you get enough supplies to work freely or take a cooking class of your friend. Wusthof knives are ultra-durable, razor-sharp, and hold their edge for a long time. Best Seller in Paring Knives. Wusthof Classic Knives Cutlery Set with Storage Block, 12 Piece. If the price difference worth if for a great German forged knife? Following the right honing method will make the edge sharp like never used before. Materials: While Wusthof uses high carbon steel for all of its blades, this collection’s handles are made from a specially developed synthetic material called polypropylene. Global Knives. To be more specific, x50crmov15 steel. As I describe each collection, I reference terms like bolster, tang, rivets, and other parts of the knife. So a short and simple answer is, yes, Wusthof knives are all good to use. The Ultimate Guide to Buying Japanese Kitchen Knives. Check the current prices of Wusthof Ikon knives on Amazon. Weight: Since stamped blades are thinner than forged blades, Gourmet knives are significantly lighter than all other Wusthof collections. Then not to worry as Wusthof presents an affordable 7-piece gourmet laser-cut knife set. Comfort: Grand Prix II knives are designed to feel comfortable in your hand, thanks to the textured synthetic material (Polypropylene) that encases the handle. Only 14 left in stock. Wusthof Classic is the brand’s top-selling collection. 4.9 out of 5 stars 74. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Visually, the Wusthof Gourmet collection looks a lot like the top-selling Classic line. Wusthof knife sets is home to the best brands in the world of kitchen cutlery, and the German brand; Wusthof, is one of the brands most loved by our customers. This creates a pool of confusion and makes hard to decide which knife is best in the market? 1-30 of 80 results Page 1 of 3. Ikon knives feature African Blackwood handles with smooth downward curves as you approach the butt end and a double bolster (half bolster between the handle and blade, and another half bolster at the butt end) to add to the stability. You might be wondering the difference between Wusthof Classic Ikon and Classic lines. Limited selection: Crafter is one of Wusthof’s newest collections; therefore, there’s a limited selection of products. You’ll learn the similarities, differences, pros, and cons of each Wusthof collection, including Classic, Ikon, Classic Ikon, Epicure, Grand Prix II, Crafter, and Gourmet. In addition to the classic feel, bolster adds weight and balances the blade while you’re using it. Wusthof Classic continues to be the brand’s best-selling collection, and it’s easy to see why. If we are talking about quality then nothing can beat the exceptional quality of Wusthof Classic Ikon knife block set. Kai Corporation (Shun And Pure Komachi) The Kai Corporation is a massive conglomerate and it wouldn’t surprise us if it launched even more knife … Whereas triple-riveted handles provide a comfortable grip to deal with the hardest of foods. If money is not a big issue then the Wusthof Classic Ikon knife set under $500 is perfect for you. PLATINUM TRUSTED SERVICE FEEFO 2020. This process is cheaper than forging, but the cutting performance of these knives remains being of great quality. A Quick Guide to Handling Knives … miscellaneous_services UTILITY.

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