A suspicious Rafiki decided to follow him and witnessed him meeting with Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed at a dry water hole. The Lion King Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Zuzu reluctantly agrees, then flies away to find Ahadi. Later, after Taka is feeling better, Rafiki tells him that he'll be sore for a few days, and that he'll carry a scar for the rest of his life. But Boma questions him, obviously not keen on the idea of sharing. As time went on, Scar grew jealous of Mufasa. Ahadi, the Lion King, loved both his sons, Mufasa and Scar. 15 resultados. A Tale of Two Brothers (Disney's The Lion King) (Disney's The Lion King) by alex simmons and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.com. The last watering hole, Rafiki realizes with a jolt. Movies Lion King. Ahadi and Rafiki talk all day, and when night falls, Ahadi offers Rafiki a place to sleep. He then looks deep into the cobra's eyes, filling his head with calm, friendly thoughts. Banzai sighs, and says that he wishes it wouldn't be so hot around the Pridelands. Page 1. As the world begins to plunge into darkness, Rafiki watches the Pridelands, the Zuberi River gleaming like a silver stream in the darkness. He then begins to race back towards Pride Rock, Rafiki still following him. A Tale of Two Brothers is the first book in The Lion King: Six New Adventures. It was produced by Mega-Books, Inc., and released in the United States and the United Kingdom in 1994. But Taka merely dismisses it as "a change of plans". Simba begins to question Rafiki, but the baboon interrupts, and tells Kopa to listen to a story about "a king, a prince, and a great enemy". Kopa then comments on how amazing Ahadi and Mufasa had been, and Rafiki says that Uru was amazing as well, for she discovered a lake on the western edge of the Pridelands, saving many animals from thirst. Rafiki comments to Mufasa, who was sitting nearby, that he likes to sleep under the stars and to talk to "the wise ones of the past". But soon things get down to business, and Taka tells the three that Ahadi was looking for them, warning them to lay low. Share - Disney S The Lion King a Tale of Two Brothers 1 St America Edition. Thank you for reading. Ahadi chides the hyenas, telling them that they had already eaten and that it was against the rules of the Pridelands to hunt for sport. But then he remembers Zuzu. Directed by Felipe Calvo-Montero. Mufasa was older and would someday be king, so Ahadi spent hours with him, teaching Mufasa what he would need to know. Taka was nowhere to be seen. But Taka lifts up his paw and releases his long claws, making the hyenas, who are intimidated by this threat, hastily agree with him. This is MY version of this story. Snow Lands :: Library Categories :: The Lion King: Six New Adventures :: A Tale of Two Brothers . Shortly into their conversation, they are disrupted by the arrival of Simba and two of his loyal helpers, Rafiki and Zazu. Kopa had never known Mufasa, but had heard wonderful things about him from all the older animals and from Zazu, the king's majordomo. Then Ahadi broke a promise to Scar. And not until the crisis had subsided. The next morning, Rafiki sat down to eat breakfast at the top of a tall tree. Then there is a flashback from The Lion King. But before Mufasa can respond, Taka comes up from behind Boma and roars. Ahadi promises to take care of them later, but is interrupted by the ostrich. Mufasa agrees, then turns to talk to a pacing leopard. The three prepare to charge at him, when there's a strange trumpeting sound. But when he returns, Ahadi is facing a crowd of shouting giraffes, zebras, warthogs, and other African animals. https://www.mylionking.com/w/index.php?title=A_Tale_of_Two_Brothers&oldid=4652, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Show White and the Seven dwarf (1977) Story with 12 roles. The snake begins to sway from side-to-side, then slithers away down the side of the rock. Frederik (12) and Albert (16) are very close brothers who play in the forest every day. Mais relevantes. Mufasa, appalled, asks Rafiki how he had down that. All of them depict either the adventures of Kopa (Simba and Nala's son) or a story told to Kopa about past events in the Lion King universe. Though originally based off Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, Lion King’s Mufasa and Scar are unintentionally reincarnations of Incan brother princes, Huáscar and Atahualpa.This article details more on the similarities between Huáscar and Atahualpa and Scar. Intrigued, Taka agreed, and he promised to deliver the hyenas leftovers from his hunt for their help. But Banzai is confident that things would change; and for the better. Shenzi comments that Ahadi would not live forever, and if something was to happen to Mufasa, they would be top dogs around there. Zazu adds that his family had been immensely proud of Zuzu for securing them positions as stewards to the monarchs of the Pride Lands. He accepted, choosing to sleep next to Ahadi's eldest son, Mufasa. Long ago, Rafiki was a wanderer who happened across the kingdom of the Pride Lands. Happy to oblige, Ahadi welcomed Rafiki as his newest follower and declared that a new era was beginning for the Pride Lands. Ahadi attempts to calm a crowd of disgruntled Pride Landers. CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. Rafiki then overhears Mufasa asking Taka if he's ready to hunt. He can also smell Taka. He tells them to not be so dramatic and comes over to join them. He then asks if he had been lying there long, and Zuzu replies that he hadn't. Categorias Livros (14) HQs (1) Custo do frete Gratis (3) Pagamento Illustrations and Beta-Read By: SteelLark. Kopa just responds by saying, "creepy". After being ordered away, the three run off. Taka seems angry at this, but Shenzi tells him that he should get even with Mufasa, and have revenge. Ahadi then turns to Rafiki and says that it would be much easier to learn about the little problems before they become big ones, then turns around and goes off to deal with the hyenas. Ahadi gently tells Taka that instead of hurting them, he had nearly gotten himself killed, and that the scar would serve as a reminder of his foolishness. The animals protest that it doesn't matter who the king was if the whole land was starving. Rafiki then says that it rained a few days later, ending the drought. Zuzu is honored and immediately accepts his offer. Intrigued, Ahadi invited Rafiki to come to Pride Rock and discuss the kingdom's troubles with him. See More. But Nala just licks him, saying that she can see anything that moves on the plain from the top of Pride Rock. But the baboon surprises Simba by saying that he agreed with Kopa, since great kingdoms had suffered because of broken promises. He then states proudly that he'll one day rule the Pridelands, since his father, Simba, was the lion king. Kopa quickly agrees with him. 0 comments on The Lion King: A Tale Of Two Brothers. But Ahadi wanted the Pridelands to thrive and to be led by a wise king. Before departing for the hunt, Taka told Mufasa that he had something to do first. by kjbranch Follow. Taka didn't do much of anything, and didn't get along with his father or his brother. AbeBooks.com: A Tale of Two Brothers (Disney's The Lion King) (Disney's The Lion King) (9780717283484) by Alex Simmons and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great prices. Instead, the enemy had a scar down the side of his left cheek. Meanwhile, Taka is trying to escape the buffalo, but the three are showing no mercy towards him, and are continuing to slash him with their horns. With Taka healed, Ahadi met with Mufasa, Rafiki, and Zuzu on the peak of Pride Rock and revealed that Boma's herd had agreed to share their water with the kingdom. When night at last fell, Rafiki was invited to spend the night with the pride. Mufasa swallows hard, and tells Boma that he must share the watering hole until the rain comes. At Boma's words, Mufasa realized that Taka was being attacked by the other cape buffalo in Boma's herd, and he bravely threw himself between the herd and his severely injured brother. Confused, Mufasa looks out into the distance and sees Taka rolling on the ground in laughter. The cape buffalo eyes them coldly as they approach. The cape buffalo whirls around and asks what he's doing. Just then, Zuzu joined Rafiki and commented that she had been aware of the kingdom's many problems before they had come to Ahadi's attention. She tells him that he looked tired and suggests he sit down in the shade. Rafiki asks if Mufasa liked him, but Mufasa indirectly answers the question by saying he looks after his younger brother. Simba, Nala, and Zazu all immediately know that Rafiki is talking about Simba's uncle Scar, the tyrannical lion who had murdered Simba's father, Mufasa. Ahadi heartily agrees, then proclaims that he could already feel the wonderful times coming ahead. She asks when he would do it, and he says that he would take care of it right at that moment. Rafiki asks Mufasa what he's doing, and Mufasa says that he is trying to help his father by asking Boma, the cape buffalo, to share the water with the other animals. A Tale of Two Brothers is written by Alex Simmons and is the first book in The Lion King: Six New Adventures.. He thinks that if the animals began arguing over something Mufasa did, then they would lose faith in their king and his firstborn son. Ahadi welcomes Rafiki as his new royal adviser. Taka yawns, obviously bored at the prospect. This page was last modified on 10 March 2014, at 17:59. He asks to be called Scar from then on, as another reminder of his terrible decision. Mufasa, his eyes widened with horror, wants to help his brother, screaming Taka's name. But as Mufasa and Rafiki near a fallen log, Rafiki knows he won't make it, and bravely tells Mufasa to go on without him. Kopa thought that Simba was a good king too, even if he was really busy and didn't have a lot of time to spend with his son. Nala explains to Kopa that there has been another disruption at the water hole, but Kopa ignores her and bounds over to Simba, declaring that he is ready to visit the summit. In the midst of his meal, he spotted the same three hyenas who had attacked him before – Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed – gathering together at the base of the tree. The Six New Adventures were not written by those people who created the canon film. Rafiki doesn't know where to go, so Zuzu points him towards Five Stones, then flies away. As Taka passes Rafiki, he asks if he had any trouble sleeping the past night. A Tale of Two Brothers  •  Nala's Dare  •  Vulture Shock  •  A Snake in the Grass  •  Follow the Leader  •  How True, Zazu? Finally, Taka stops at a dried up watering hole. Mufasa is sitting at his father's side, while Taka is lying a few feet away. Personal Critics: Brasta Septim & Nala-Nay. Rafiki says that he slept fine, and is often undisturbed when sleeping.

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